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Share your story this National Story Telling Week

January 31, 2017
Credit: @margauxlcllo Instagram Life is full of stories. Each and every one is unique. Whether it’s a story of sisterhood, parenthood or coming of age, we’ve always got a story to tell. Tell yours with a Photo Book. Travel bug Have you been on a trip of a lifetime? Creating a Photo Book is a lovely way to keep all your travel moments in one place. If you’ve got your friends round and your trip comes up in conversation, go grab your Photo Book and show them just how amazing the experience was. Credit: @ellievandersteen InstagramCredit: @jodiemelissah Instagram Baby’s first year Baby’s first 12 months in the world is full of firsts! We love capturing those little stories on our phones to share with our friends and family. But how about creating a keepsake to keep all those ‘firsts’ in one place so that we can cherish them forever. Sometimes we lose our phones and end up losing all our precious memories. Make sure they’re carefully curated into a Photo Book. Credit: @sarahtoms16 Instagram Credit: @lebenvaerk Instagram ‘The story of us’ You and your partner deserve to be the protagonists in this story. Do you have tons of photos from your wedding day and not sure what to do with them? No problem. We have Photo Books from 26 pages up to 160 pages. If you ever feel like reliving that special day, it’s great to have it all in one place to flick through with your partner, friends or family. Credit: @till_I_DIY Instagram Keeley Fitzpatrick Hobbies Perhaps you want to share the story of your other loves, a hobby perhaps? Whether you aspire to be the next Great British Bake Off winner or you spend your weekends exploring the country roads on your bicycle, tell your story in a Photo Book! Credit: @dottles_lm InstagramCredit: @guyfarrow1 Instagram Tell your story and create a Photo Book today today.

The Art of Hygge- Photobox style!

January 23, 2017
By now you’ve probably heard or at least seen the word hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). Hygge is the Danish phenomenon that hit the world in 2016. There is no English translation for the word however; in essence it means cosiness or the appreciation of cosiness and the nice things in life. Sitting by the fire on a cold night, wearing big matching pyjamas and woolly socks, whilst enjoying a cuppa- surrounded by candles. That’s hygge. Watching TV under a blanket, eating homemade food. Having friends over and drinking wine. They’re all hygge too. The Danes regularly rank top of the list of the happiest countries in the world. So they must be doing something right? Well, our customers know how to hygge too. With help from some of our customers, here are some tips on how to hygge. Check out their cosy creations below. Dim the lights and embrace the glow of candlelight (real or pretend) Retro Prints Standard Prints Add texture using soft furnishings (get yourself a cosy blanket and cushions) Photo Cushions Take time to enjoy your cuppa Photo Mug Take up a cosy activity Photo Jigsaws

New Year Resolution: Get Organised!

January 4, 2017
So a new year has started, 2017 is here. This only means one thing. Resolutions. We don’t like to be too hard on ourselves with our new years resolutions, however we do like to be realistic. Like eat one piece of fruit a day. Cross one city break off the list. And become more organised. Being organised brings many benefits. Ones that we can all take advantage of. You will be able to be more focused on what you want to get done. Therefore you will become more productive and manage your time more efficiently. Especially if you can visualise it in the little book you carry in your bag. Organisation all starts with a diary.For all those who still need to put pen to paper to really cement those plans into your head why not get inspired by our personalised photo diaries? Make them truly one of a kind by creating your own front cover and add your favourite moments with friends and family to every week of the year. You can even add your own very own text.Our diaries come in large or standard size and you can even choose the option to have it leather bound (with faux leather). Start 2017 off right!  

10 ways to save your best moments of 2016- from our customers

December 30, 2016
Have you ever tried to find that special photo from Nan and Grandad’s diamond anniversary or baby’s first birthday? Don’t leave them lost amongst the pictures of your friend’s cat or last night’s dinner. These precious moments deserve pride of place. Make printing some of those moments a New Year’s resolution. They don’t need to be standard photo prints- perhaps a cushion for the sofa or a photo block for the mantlepiece. Be inspired by 10 customer creations below! Classic Canvas by @3m11yyRetro Prints by @goldenviiviPhoto Block by Lesley GrahamKeyring by @lindokuTimeless Framed Print by Christina WattsFramed Poster Print by @almas_mammaA4 Wall Calendar by @oddpicnutPhoto Cushion by Rachel Larkman Square Lay Flat Photo Book by Amelia Czapla Photo Journal by @hey_coconut  

Download our free Christmas gift tags

December 20, 2016
So round about now, you’ve spent lots of time finding the right tree, transporting it back home, putting up this tree and decorating it. Now it’s time to get wrapping. Scissors and tape at the ready! Once all your presents have been beautifully wrapped, you realise you’ve forgotten about the gift tags. Those fiddly little things that make all the difference. Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Check out our 6 custom made Christmas gift labels for your presents. They are downloadable and totally free. Just follow these 4 simple steps. 1. Download our free gift tags Click on this link to download our printable tags. If you prefer empty labels with no text that you can 100% customise yourself, download the labels from this link here. 2. Print your labels to actual size If you have any kind of thicker paper (180 gsm minimum, 250 gsm is ideal), glossy paper is also a nice material to print these labels on. However, if you don’t have any of this, that is fine too! Make sure you print to actual size when you click print. And don’t forget to print in colour for maximum effect! 3. Cut out your printable labels Use a pair of scissors to cut neatly around the lines. Then if you have a hole punch, use the hole punch over the little circular shape at the top of the label. Now, you can pull some string through it to secure it onto the gift. 4. Add a personal message to the recipient of the gift Lastly, you can write a little message on the label using a normal biro pen or lighten it up with colourful felt tips. If you like our printable labels, why not try our printable Photo Booth Props? Also free to download, add a bit of fun to your Christmas photos this year. Merry Christmas!