Using your Photo Book Credit – FAQs

We know that credits can seem a bit complicated, so we’ve put together this little FAQ to make life that little bit easier for you.

How do I use my credits?

To use your credit, all you need to do is create the product that you purchased the credit for. There are lots of different book types available; so do double check that you’re creating the correct product for your credit.

I opted for Premium features – How do I get them?

When creating your product, remember that if you added any premium features to your credit such as premium page weight or logo removal, you need to add those to the book yourself and the cost will be taken off once you reach the basket. These options can generally be found at the end of the creation process.

How do I use my credit if it is for more than a 26 page photo book?

If you have purchased a credit for a 60 or 100 page photo book, you still need to start with a standard 26 page book and add the pages manually as you go, again the cost of these will be removed once you reach the basket.

What happens if I want to have less pages than my credit?

If you want to use less pages than your credit is for, don’t worry, that’s completely fine and won’t stop you using the credit.

What happens if I want to have more pages than my credit?

If you’d like more pages than your credit is for, you are more than welcome to add extra pages but remember that these will be charged at our standard rate.

Is postage included?

Postage is not included with a credit, you will still need to pay for postage when you checkout after creating your product.

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