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We’re officially into wedding season! For those of you who are off to weddings over the next few months, this is for you. I’m pretty sure you’ll be taking your camera with you as weddings are packed with great photo opportunities. With that in mind we’ve put together some top tips to help you take fantastic wedding photos.


Wedding photography


Wedding photography is a job best left to the professionals, but while the official photographer is busy taking time consuming group shots you’ve got the perfect opportunity to capture the more candid moments. Exactly the kind of images your bride & groom are bound to love.

Read our photography tips and feel free to share your wedding photography tips right here – you can never have too much good advice!

Happy snapping

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  • Vince says:

    Just want to say that’s some great advice. Especially about the Pro photographer not knowing all the relationships at the wedding. The one piece of advice I’d add is to vary your height and angles, but try not to take photos of small children from above – get down at eye height (or lower) with them. Let the photos how the world as they see it. And you’ll also catch more of their expressions and less of the top of their heads!

    (Couple of examples in this post )

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