Welcome to Wedding Season!

It’s here PhotBox-ers! It’s time to don your best frocks, finest suits and have that confetti at the ready to watch friends and family say ‘I do!’

So you have the outfit, the bag and the multiple shoe options for the day (depending on the appearance of sunshine.) But what about the gift. Wedding gifts are hard work. We get it. What type of spoons do people like, shall I just give them money? How many forks are too many forks… etc. This is where we come in.

A personalised gift can mean so much more to a couple on their wedding because well, it’s personal. Gifts like these can help show family and friends how much they mean to you and are a great way to highlight the best moments from their relationship. After all, wedding days are all about celebrating the love (cue the aww). We’ve compiled a lovely little list to show you some great ways to give the best in personalised wedding gifts. So, when you give your gifts this year, you can sit back and bask in the knowledge that you’ve gotten it all delightfully right.


Our Retro Canvases are the latest addition to the PhotoBox Canvas family and we’re big fans. It’s a lovely way to capture a snapshot and you can even add a bit of your own text (choose the font too) at the bottom. They’re pretty cost effective too (if we do say so ourselves) meaning it’s easy to order 3 and create that perfect little story. Here’s some inspiration to help you on your way!

Retro Prints - wedding gifts

We nabbed some snapshots from our friends’ favourite and most memorable moments as a couple and created this lovely little story to commemorate the day they met, the day he proposed and their best holiday. Wrap them up in some brown paper with a ribbon, a heartfelt note and there you have it – wedding gift perfection!

Start creating your Retro Canvas


Wedding Gifts Cushions 2

Our cosy cushions come in 3 varying sizes and are a great way to add a personal touch to a living room or bedroom. There’s a whole range of layouts and themes to choose from so it’s pretty easy to pick the right design for the perfect wedding gift. Again the storytelling option is a great idea. Capture 3 of the couple’s favourite moments and print them on 3 different size cushions – perfect for personalising their lounge. Or, if you don’t think they’ll fancy having their faces on them you can even go for landscape shots of their favourite holidays or locations.Cushions wedding gift
Start making your Photo Cushions now

We used some lovely landscape shots and a bit of artwork too and created this lovely trio of cosy cushions. They can then all be displayed around the house as perfectly personalised reminders of their romance (aww).

Photo Books

This is one of our favourites. There’s not many better ways to truly capture a story then by putting it on paper and our Photo Books are no exception to the rule. There’s so many to choose from depending on the couple you’re buying for meaning there’s always a Photo Book for every celebration.

After something romantic and personal? Our Love heart Photo Book would do just nicely. Or are the lucky couple photography fanatics? Perhaps one of our Lay Flat Photo Books would suit them. Have a little browse of the full range here.

Photo Book wedding gift

We opted for a Square Lay Flat Photo Book, the high quality paper and Lay Flat style in the binding means it shows of every aspect of every photo – the panoramic shots looks great too! Prices start from £35.99 for 36 pages and there’s always the option to add more. How did we get the photos? We saved them from the couples Facebook page of course! (Probably best to get their permission first though.)


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