The world’s best views and how to capture them

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Jayne NYC

This week award-winning travel blogger Jayne Gorman returns to share with us some of the mesmerising city views she’s captured during her travels, along with tips to help you take better travel photos too. Jayne still continues on her mission to blog, photograph and tweet her way around 40 different countries before she turns 30.

New York

Jayne NYC

Many New York visitors race to take in the view from the top of the Empire State Building but the result doesn’t look quite right without the city’s iconic tower in it. This photo was taken from the top of the Rockefeller Centre. The Top Of The Rock attraction has shorter queues (you are allotted a time to go up and can go away and come back again in-between) and offers superb views of the Manhattan skyline. As we were lucky to have a relatively clear day you can just about make out two other famous landmarks in the distance of this photo – Brooklyn Bridge to the left and Lady Liberty on the right.

Kuala Lumpur


If you book your hotel wisely you may not have to pay to take in the best views. I booked the Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur as I had read the rooftop bar had spectacular views of the Petronas Towers. I received a surprise when I visited the hotel gym though – this view was waiting at the end of the running machines.

Cape Town

Cape town

Sometimes the best way to capture a city on camera is to get out of it. Cape Town’s Table Mountain was recently named one of the New Natural 7 Wonders Of The World but to see why I needed to get out of its shadow. This photo was taken from Robben Island, also an area of interest due to it housing the prison that contained Nelson Mandela for 18 years.



Due to the elevated position of the Sacre Coeur in Paris everyone was focusing their camera away from it, intent on photographing the Parisian rooftops. Instead I turned around and focused my lens on the stunning architecture that stood behind us. Sometimes the best views might not be the ones in front of you.



As with many aspects of photography, capturing the best view is often a matter of timing. We hadn’t set out to watch the sunset in Havana but as we enjoyed a drink at our hotel’s rooftop bar the sun started disappearing below the dishevelled looking buildings and turned the whole city a heart-warming shade of red. Luckily I had my iPhone on hand to capture the moment forever (this view now sits on my mantelpiece as I turned it into a Photo Block!)

Where is your favourite view to photograph located? Do you have any tips for capturing the views on camera?


All photographs © Jayne Gorman


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