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Create a photo gallery with your holiday snaps

Is anyone else suffering from the post-holiday blues? You’ve had an amazing summer holiday and you’ve returned home with a bump. Probably a soggy bump thanks to all this rain in the UK! You’re back to work and it’s almost as though your holiday never happened. Those memories of sipping cocktails at sunset and swimming in the clear sea are starting to fade already.

Don’t let the post-holiday blues get to you and make sure you keep those memories fresh by printing out your holiday snaps and displaying them around your home.

Thanks to affordable cameras and mobile devices we all take hundreds of photos while we’re on holiday. We plaster them across social media and send them to our mates to make them jealous, but how many of us print them out and cherish them?

It’s time to get those photos printed and enjoy your summer holiday all year round!

One of the best ways to display your holiday photos is with a gallery wall. This current trend is a modern and fun way to decorate your home and it will bring back happy memories every time you enter the room.

What you’ll need…


A large, blank wall

It’s time for a bit of DIY and clutter removal! Most of us don’t have large, blank walls in our homes because we’ve crammed the space with shelves and tables and other bits and bobs. Have a serious de-clutter and rearrange your furniture so you have a blank wall without too much distracting clutter.

I think a white, painted wall with black frames works best but anything relatively plain will work well.

Your favourite photos

This is the hardest part about creating a gallery wall – selecting which photos you’d like to use. Try to stick to one theme or one particular holiday so all the photos are tied together and don’t appear too random.

A huge variety of wall decor

You now need to get those photos printed in a variety of ways. Opt for a mixture of canvas prints, poster prints, framed prints and mounted prints. My favourites are the Timeless Framed Prints for a really affordable but professional looking finish.

Make a plan

Before ordering your wall décor, take a piece of paper and make a plan of how it will look on your wall. This is to ensure you’re ordering the correct size and it all fits perfectly. Get creative here. Some people will prefer to display their pictures in a completely random way while others will prefer a more uniform collection.



Even if you’re going for the ‘random look’ when hanging your pictures, make sure they’re all straight and securely hung. You’ll need a tape measure, a level, a pencil, a drill or screwdriver and a few pairs of hands to help!

High quality vs. low quality photos

Most people will have a mixture of photos taken with their phone or taken with a camera. The camera photos will undoubtedly be of higher quality so print these out as big as you possibly can. Large framed photos look brilliant on the wall and make a real impact.

You can then accompany the large photos with smaller ones you’ve taken using your phone.

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If you have very low quality photos, look for creative ways to display them. PhotoBox’s retro prints look fantastic for small photos – particularly for Instagram shots. You can connect your PhotoBox account to your Instagram account so you can quickly and easily upload your favourite Instagram pictures.

Top tip #1: Avoid adding filters to your photos taken with your phone. They look great on your phone screen but this lowers the quality of the photo and it can look grainy once printed.

Top tip #2: Pay attention to PhotoBox’s quality guide. When you upload a photo it will tell you if the quality is good, medium or poor. This is particularly important if you’re printing a large photo as it will look grainy unless PhotoBox gives it the thumbs up as a good quality image.

Photo editing tips

Before printing your photos it’s a good idea to edit them slightly to make sure they’re the best quality they can be. Don’t be tempted to over-edit as they’ll look unnatural.


Shop for Framed Prints

I suggest upping the saturation to make colours pop and upping the exposure slightly to make it brighter. It’s amazing what a difference these quick fixes can make! Most cameras and computers come with basic editing software and this is all you need to make these simple changes.

If you’re editing on a mobile device, try the app VSCOcam. It’s a free app and has lots of features to help improve your photos.

Keep adding to your wall

One of the best things about a gallery wall is that you can keep adding to it. You might start small and with every holiday you take you’ll have extra photos and more memories to add.


About the author…


Hi, I’m Monica, otherwise known as The Travel Hack. The Travel Hack is a blog about affordable luxury, weekend escapes and finding the best deals when you travel. It’s more recently become about travelling with a baby and decorating a travel themed home.
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