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It’s no secret that the PhotoBox team like a biscuit or two – and we love free biscuits even more, so we were most intrigued when we received an email from Hywel Jenkins at The 100 Project offering us just that.

What intrigued us even more was the amazing work that Hywel and friend, Naomi Turner have been working on over the past year, we certainly couldn’t turn down their offer to get involved with their project – read on to find out why.

 Naomi & HywelThe 100 Project founders – Naomi Turner & Hywel Jenkins

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that’s never been truer than for The 100 Project team. Set up in October 2013, the aim of the campaign was to raise money for cancer research and to support relevant charities. Hywel and Naomi decided on a simple way to make this happen – setting out to photograph 100 people who had beaten or were beating cancer, and to talk to them about what they like and dislike.

To set the wheels in motion, Hywel created a simple website and a Facebook page, asking for people to step-up for a portrait, which graphic designer and photography enthusiast, Naomi, took charge of.

The 100 Project’s fundamental goal is to show the world that cancer is indiscriminate in who it affects – regardless of age, lifestyle, fitness, gender or wealth, cancer has the ability to alter lives.

The 100 Project recently reached its goal of meeting 100 brilliant survivors – from toddlers to teenagers to twenty-somethings, grandparents and even an Olympian!

The campaign has been made even more special for co-founder, Hywel, whose beloved father Geoffrey Jenkins passed away in 2013 after a stoic fight against Myeloma. Hywel said: ‘’We’ve met some truly amazing people. We feel like we know them even though, in some cases, we only met them for half an hour. They’re full of hope, excitement and are looking forward to their futures.  Their lives are full and interesting but many of them are scared, all of the time.’’

Geoffrey Jenkins

Geoffrey Arthur Jenkins

The 100 Project is such a simple idea, but Naomi and Hywel believe it’s so effective because it is one of the first that shouts at the world ‘’Hey! We’ve had cancer, but just look at us now – we’re awesome!’’.  As well as portraits, the team has also created ‘Plushis’ – incredibly cute knitted toys that are sent to children who are undergoing cancer treatment. Later in the year, the team will have people cycling and running in a variety of events, such as the London Bikeathon and the Cheltenham Half Marathon.


With interest from cancer survivors in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia, we have no doubt that The 100 Project will continue to grow and grow through the strength and determination of all those affected by cancer.

The 100 Project will be displaying their amazing portraits at Maggie’s Centre in Cheltenham on 17th July. PhotoBox has printed the 100 portraits on our Enlargement Prints.

 If you can’t make the exhibit – never fear! Keep your eyes peeled for our follow-up blog featuring photos from the event. You can also find out more about the project, here or through the Facebook page.


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