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Well I promised you a hall of fame to give all our 24LIVE winners their moment of well deserved glory. One of our winners, Cezare White with his superman shot, came to my rescue and created this for us. Thank you Cezare, it’s great to look back at them all together. It went by so fast and in the wee small hours things became a bit of a blur!




Hope you’ve all had a chance to recover now for our rollercoaster of highs and just the odd hiccup. Can only imagine how much coffee we all got through in the process, although the hints are there in the coffee break challenge. Thank goodness we’ve a bank holiday weekend on the way.




Comments have been pouring in so here’s how a few of you have summed up the competition. Emma Rachel Sealey said ‘I am truly glad we did this, cos I have had the best prize ever…..working together with my husband and kids doing something as a family and everyone getting involved.’

Our holiday winner Victoria Dixon joked, ‘My house looks like a bomb has hit it – there are various photo props and scenes set up around the house and I didn’t even do an all nighter!’




Ian Graham wrote us a whole essay including, ‘For me, this was in all honestly a great learning experience, I had to use my camera in ways which I had seldom done before, I learned that people staring at me because I was standing in the middle of the street in my PJs taking a picture of the sunrise – was less important that getting the shot I needed! I also leaned that – READ,THINK,SHOOT doesn’t always work with these challenges READ,THINK, READ AGAIN,THINK MORE, READ ONCE MORE, DOUBLE CHECK IDEA THEN SHOOT is a better option. I don’t claim to be a photographer, I simply own a camera and I enjoy the chance to use it, I’d like to get better at using it too, this was a perfect, if not somewhat extreme, step on the way to doing so.’




Last but not least…. exciting news…..Alan Sparrow, Picture Editor of the Metro is busy making the final decision on who wins our big £3000 cash prize and is crowned our overall winner. Who’s your favourite?

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