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I wanted to give you all some further feedback on the most common issues being raised, and our progress in making improvements.

Firstly, a number of small fixes have been made in response to your requests and feedback.

Album changes

Photo names are now displayed in albums above each thumbnail. These are visible when you are viewing the medium and large sized thumbnails. Hopefully that will make your photo selection easier.

We have also turned off the marquee-select feature which we got very negative feedback about. Customers were having the problem that if they clicked outside of a checkbox it would de-select any photos they had previously ticked. Now fixed.


We had to do quite a lot of chasing with our friends at Picasa, but this is now working ok. You can now use Picasa to upload to us as an alternative to the in-browser method or our desktop uploader.

Blurry thumbnails and shared albums

I reported last time that a number of you were seeing blurry thumbnails. This was due to the images from our old site being smaller than the new site and image stretching was making them look strange. We had several hundred million photos to regenerate and that process is now completed.

We have also now migrated all of the PhotoBox members who shared albums and so there should not be any further problems in seeing the albums you were expecting. If you still have a problem please contact customer services for some further investigation.

Pro galleries

I have seen some concerns in the blog comments about pro galleries. To re-state what my colleagues have previously posted, we are still running the original pro gallery service and this will continue to run until the updated version is ready. Pro gallery owners are still able to create new albums/collections, upload photos, set products and prices and modify all gallery settings.

Yesterday we put in place a change so that any sales generated on pro gallery are automatically transferred over to the new site, to be used as credit for purchases. Or alternatively you can request payment exactly as before.

And the big changes yet to come…

I would like to confirm that due to strong feedback the old FTP upload method will be reinstated by the end of May. To be honest we thought that with in-browser uploads (Active-X and Java, the same method that Facebook uses) and with a desktop uploader and with Picasa, FTP was no longer required. But clearly it is a popular feature so it will be brought back.

We are working on an improved print ordering journey that addresses many of the comments received so far. We have had agreement from some of the customers posting on this blog to review the new feature and give their feedback. That will happen towards the end of next week. Depending on the level of adjustment required we hope to have this live during the week after.

Clearly performance is still an issue and be assured we feel your pain! We are working as fast as we can to rewrite some parts of the website that are causing the biggest performance bottlenecks. I wrote quite a bit about the history behind this and the U-turn we are making in my last posting. You will see significant improvements by the end of May with further improvements during June.

A few words about production and customer services

I have seen some postings here about order problems (items delayed or not delivered). There is no reason why orders from the new site should be any slower than orders from the old site. Since the launch of our new site we have dispatched over 95% of our orders on-time and we expect to get this back up to our target of 98% in the next few days. Mark can give you a further update on service levels in his next posting.

During this time of changeover to a new site, we are seeing higher levels of calls and support emails than normal, and that means that there is a slower response than we would like. But we have increased the size of the customer services team and response times are returning to normal.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to give us feedback. I realise that in most cases you give us this feedback because you share a sense of ownership of the service and care about what direction it takes. We are working hard to get past any problems raised and show you the real benefits of our new platform over the next few months.

I wish you all a very pleasant weekend.


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  • Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. .

    Jason Rakowski

  • StuFF mc says:

    Nice to hear about FTP upload, the mac software is not the best I’ve seen :( By the way I’m coming from pixdiscount and I recently sent a mail to complain about different things (like, for example, wrong currency or no ways to know how much photos I have to take out to avoid biig shipping costs) and I have received no answer almost after 1 day. Calling the phone number does not help either. Added to that, my brother once ordered for 37 eur of photos and never saw them :( I have been happy with Pixdiscount for years, I hope I can say the same again from Photobox :(

  • Rosie says:

    Like the new site, still love Photobox. A few teething problems though – it never remembers me now, I can’t see when my album has been viewed and BRING BACK THE GUEST BOOK!!

  • Mike Floate says:

    The new site looks great but does not work as smoothly as the old one.

    I have a number of issues – the albums which display are not as suggested ones I use most, I have to click to albums for these and wait what seems ages.

    Buying is not easy – I used to have a default to the size photo I want.

    Paying defaults to my visa card when I want it to default to paypal.

    If these issues could be resolved I’d be delighted.

  • john wheatley says:

    Having just read the latest blog, where it has just promised that I can still use, and upload to my existing pro galley. Guess what – I cant, because it seems I’m operating an Apple Mac through Orange’s network. I cant even log in. What is going on? this is a commercial disaster. I was very happy to recommend the services that you offered, it was very good. I’m already looking for an alternative, along with crowds of others, it would seem. Admit you made a mistake, and reinstate the previous software…..

  • Chris says:

    Am I alone in being an exisiting customer who can still upload photos and fill my shopping basket but CANNOT checkout? Everytime I click on ‘checkout’ I am re-directed to the home page. Customer services seem unwilling to help via email (as I cannot access my account during weekday business hours) and won’t speak to me at weekends. Can any other customers come to my rescue? I don’t want to take my business elsewhere but after trying now without success, or help for a week, I’m getting pretty fed up! Cheers in advance to anyone who has the answer.

  • Emma Wharram says:

    Can you tell me when we can view our quotas once again I am sitting on a lot of photos to share and no one can tell me what my quota is

  • Jennifer says:

    Hugely disappointed that the copy and paste function has been disabled on the new site. I’m two photobooks into a large series that includes a diary to accompany the photos. I cannot continue my order and had at least another three photobooks to prepare. What an enormous waste of effort and time.
    Are you likely to reenable the feature or do I have to find another provider?

  • DH says:

    So you’re deleting critical comments now are you? Doesn’t look good.

  • Darren says:

    I’m struggling with the new site because my business now depends on it. I can see its potential though and I’m so glad your listening.

    I was about to order a batch of mini books today – they look really good BUT can you PLEASE remove the photobox branding from the back? Until then I can’t order because it looks really unprofessional.

    If the new listening Photobox listens to that, I’m with you all the way!

  • Sarah says:

    Just a small point to make, above when talking about the FTP upload facility you say “To be honest we thought….”. In hindsight it might have been worth Photobox asking their customers rather than assuming. I think the vast use of Photobox and it’s importance to it’s customers has been seriously under-estimated in planning this upgrade.

    Also, are all your customers 100% migrated or are you stopping migrating any final batches of customers while you fix the problems you’ve already encountered during the launch? I ask as my account is in limbo at the moment – no longer on the old site properly but not yet ‘allowed’ to log in to the new one using my existing details (for 2 days now).

    I hope once I am able to get in it won’t be a disappointment having read all the negative feedback so far.

  • I have been a Photobox customer since their launch back in the day where Graham and the team numbered 3 people. I am very dissapointed with the new site. It takes too long to perform any commands and the order process is impossible. Before, the thumbnails in the basket were big and you could make changes re cropping etc, now the thumbnails are just too small and the process is too slow. I actually hate the site that much that I am looking for a new online print site. I am sure I am not the only one to recognise this problem and hope that Graham can look at this and change it back to the original order/basket format. This is a huge problem for myself and collegues that use Photobox. I hope this problem can be sorted as the service prior to the site change was second to none. I also had an order not arrive for the first time ever this week………..

  • Gavin says:

    I would consider myself pretty computer literate but I’ve found the new site really difficult to use and dread to think how some elder relatives might be getting on!

    The “please be patient” message is absolutely infuriating. I don’t know of any website that gives you this between every page.

    When (finally) opening an album, the intuitive thing is to click a picture (surely!) to view it. The cursor even changes to a pointer, i.e. ‘link’ in internet explorer when you hover over it. However, on my IE7 this does nothing, and I discovered that you have to click options, scroll down a pop-out menu, and then click “view”. Absolutely bizarre….

    Let’s face it, this fairly attractive but totally ‘work in progress’ site launch has been a disaster. I think 99% of the blog comments have been negative with people saying they will look elsewhere. I’ve always loved Photobox and will give the site a couple of weeks to sort things out – or else I’m off to snapfish or tesco for printing.

  • Phillip says:

    Currently I am building a photobook with a fair amount of text.
    I cannot seem to set a default font and text size. It’s driving me mad. Please fix it….
    The site seems to take an age to load at times and my picasa upload is still not working which is a tad frustrating.
    As a thought – in the photo of the week section, why not have a thumbnail of each winner?

  • Roll on FTP coming back… I much prefer to leave my FTP client ticking over in the background uploading gigs of data, instead of any old clunky (yes, facebook is the same) java/active-x browser based uploader tying up my workflow.

    Also, while trying (and currently failing miserably) to re-order some old photobooks, I set one tab in Firefox the job of loading/editing said book about 10 minutes ago, and it’s still “loading album images”. Clearly something rather amiss there :(

    I truly hope the Photobox site performance improves over the coming weeks to what we’ve enjoyed previously. Any improvement on the Pro-galleries will be much welcomed too, as I use these a fair bit now :)

  • graham says:

    Not having a good day! Having extolled the virtues of Photobox to a colleague, I went to upload some new photos so as to entice them to sign up and use Photobox, and find a new site! That’s ok, but the new site doesn’t recognise me.
    OK – sign onto old site….no pictures, no albums, no credits – what the hells going on?
    If I can’t get this sorted there will be a grumpy bunny on the phone Monday!

  • simon crowfoot says:

    Love photobox. always have done. love the changes to the web site….except one….which is absolutely infruiating….

    payment….you used to hold all my details, and it was easy to pay and send multiple packs of cards to different people….

    now its hard, slow and has to be endlessly repeated….and no i dont want to use paypal…i am sure they did you a a great deal.

    one of the best features wiped out at a glance. god how annoying. hope i can find another site that works that way.

    store my payment details, give me a secret password to pay…cant be that difficult !

    come on…you are slicker than this guys….


  • Mark Bushkes says:

    Just read the comment about the branding on the back of books and other products. I would order large amounts of stuff for my business if there was no Photobox branding.

  • Yes please to no branding on the books!!! I can totally understand why Photobox may want to promoto/advertise their wares to the uninitated… However, this is akin to putting a watermark on prints – something clearly unacceptable. I’d be able to sell more books at a half decent price (gotta pay the mortgage somehow) if there wasn’t a glaring advert in the back of the books telling my customers where I got the books made, and ultimately the costs bourne to me. Doesn’t take a genius to work out any markups…

  • Andy says:

    Finally the desktop uploader means I can upload again – ActiveX does nothing when I click to start upload – I can’t switch to Java as the setting along with remember me (login) is ignored.

    So I downloaded the Desktop Uploader, ran it, a small window appears briefly and then nothing. Finally I got it to install by right clicking and selecting Run As Admin… I’m sure that little gem is included in the install instructions that you forgot to post :(

    It seems the new site was designed to be cool rather than provide any real functionality and just gets in the way of sales. If this were the Apprentice and I were Alan Sugar I’d sack the bleedin’ lot of you!

  • Activity Co-ordinator in Care Home says:

    If you were a high street shop you would have gone out of business by now , I still cannot access my account via new website.Come on get things sorted out, thats if you still want our custom.

  • Karen says:

    Having read about blurry thumbnails, I have to say I’m disappointed with the quality on the slideshows – one of the main reasons I use Photobox is to allow family living some distance away to view my photos and the quality is not as good as on the old site – like thumbnails were, slides are also blurry. Hope this will be sorted soon too.

    Also beware (have reported this to customer services) – two of my old albums have been ‘amalgamated’ on the new site meaning one has, in effect, gone missing – you can only view the pics from one of those albums. I can tell it has happened as one of the pics from the ‘missing’ album is the one I see from My Albums page but that pic (and the others in the same album as it) aren’t there when you look at complete contents of the album.

    Finally, hope the range of calendars is extended – if not and the slideshow quality is not improved I’ll have to find another site – and I’ll be disappointed to do that as I’ve regularly sung the praises of Photobox in the past.

  • I have been using this website for my printing and for my clients to buy their prints from for their most special day in their lives,for the past three years,it seems however since this new site has taken over all hell has broken out ,last week receiving over a thousand prints which were far below the normal standard,two photobooks which quite honestly were rubbish with very poor finishing,spine was terrible and looked like it had been done in the toddlers school arts and crafts bit,diabolical…………..
    Photobox love taking your money but are taking days and days to get back to you they also never answer a phone I left the phone listening to their music for near an hour they just dont answer,,shabby…its always the way they companies grow and grow and then forget the people who put them where they are today….

  • following on from my last comments it now seems that for my clients to be able to see my pro gallery we have to upload everything twice one to the new site and one to the old site.
    If both my clients and myself want to order photos.

  • Teething troubles OK, but the removal of key functions and tools is another matter. The most infuriating aspect for us is the uploading of images to our 200+ albums. Before there was a simple drop-down alphabetical list to select from….now we have to guess which of 10 or more pages contains the relevant album (since there is no display all option any more) OR using the upload photos page, there is indeed a dropdown list of all the albums, but they are in an apparently random order, making the finding of the correct one really frustrating, as there seems to be no way of putting them into order by name. Suggest you regard this new site as an example of abolishing the 10p tax band and do a quick u-turn or some serious improvements…please.

  • Chris says:

    This is driving me mad! Having taken a couple of hundred photos over the last few days, I’m trying to upload them. The first day’s went into album `12th May 2008`. The next lot (towards 100) are at this moment insisting on uploading to `8th May 2008`. Why????? Please bring back the nice little green box which gave me the option of deciding which album to upload to. (And this horrible way is no quicker anyway – at least it was one day last week, but it’s gone back to being slow again.) I shall now have to spend goodness knows how long moving photos from one album to another – AND I’M NOT HAPPY!!!!!

  • sarah says:

    I still can’t get into the new site, in the login box it says “Having difficulties signing in? Get help here”, I am so I did and got this message (which is NOT date/time stamped anywhere)….

    Are you a Virgin, Orange or AOL customer?

    We’re just putting the final touches to your new website, which will be ready very soon. In the meantime, please continue using the existing site.

    Please can someone at Photobox clarify what “…ready very soon” actually means. I want to get on and upload my latest pics to my EXISTING account. Please update this message so that your customers via Virgin, Orange or AOL customer know what’s going on or even better just get it working asap so we don’t start looking to go elsewhere.

    To top it off, the existing site is not usable in the sense I can only see historic creations which is not what I want. C’mon Photobox you’ve had 12 days now to sort this out. I’m hoping it’s being worked on day and night to resolve the issues so that your customers stay with you and their faith in what you (normally) do well is restored.

  • Johnny Bouchier says:

    The new website is dreadful. I can no longer see which of my clients have ordered prints from my galleries. Cannot get through on the telephone, emails go unanswered. Please bring back the old website – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!!!!


  • Gary says:

    Simplicity is usually the key in user interface design. We don’t want a “bells & whistles” site that looks slick but is infuriating to use. Some of the products from the old site seem to be missing too. Recommended Photobox to a friend over the weekend and was disappointed and embarassed when I came to demonstrate how “easy” it was to use. And no FTP either! The old site was perfect and I’d vote for bringing it back.The key selling point of Photobox to me is that it was fast and easy to use. With the new site, I may as well go and sit in Jessops and use their machines, cos they’re easier to use. For me anyway, you’ve just lost your key commerical advantage that you had, and I may well take my future business elsewhere. I am a very small volume customer, however I have recommended you to loads of people, some of whom use you quite a lot. Can’t recommend the new site though. Sorry!

  • c c says:

    yes, i agree with above posting – please please please remove the photobox logo from the back of your style books/ photo books. i would print a hundred times more if you did. you may see it as free advertising but we customers see it as ugly and unnecessary – and blights our work.

    many thanks

  • c c says:

    i meant to say, the new site doesnt work nearly as well as the old one. i re-sized a picture over and over again for printing but it refused to save my editing and in the end i just gave up

  • Fiona Wyatt says:

    Two ‘wish-list’ requests please.

    1) Re-instate the display of exact pixels for print after crop (as used to be shown on basket prints on the old site) – it is a VERY useful tool for controlling accurate printing.

    2) As the new site is frequently being tweaked, please introduce a way of letting regular customers easily know what ‘bug fixes/new features’ have been done (just as is published for software packages). We can’t keep checking randomly ‘just in case’ – an e-mail that can be signed-up for or a specific place on the website that can be checked for updates would be so useful and go a long way to restoring confidence.

    (blog entry copied to customer support).

  • Jane says:

    Where do I start. Pro Gallery. Firstly there was no warning email sent to us Photobox users that the new site would be in place and that the Pro gallery site would run along side the new. As a professional photographer I have been reliant upon the fact that I can take images, load them to photobox and then let customers just buy and print as they want. Please reinstate the old uploader. The Facebook one you are so proud of is rubbish, equally so on Facebook. Make your phone lines available and have real people who can answer questions put to them. I asked where my recent sales for 2008 had gone and the phone was suddenly put down. Your generic email also failed to tell me where my missing sales had gone. Subsequently they have reappeared, but as yet I have still failed to recieve an aknowledgement there was even a problem.Your recent output has been shody. Crops when not requested and photobooks look shabby and unprofessional.
    All in all the new site isn’t working. Sort it out or you will lose customers in droves. My website
    is gathering momnetum and I want to upload the images on there to be sold through photobox but at the moment I have zero faith in you.

  • John says:

    I’m getting a lot of complaints about the new site causing problems with the Opera browser and, to a lesser extent, Firefox.

    This is not ideal, since those are the browsers that the net-savvy tend to use.

    Is anything being done about this, quite serious, fault?

    I can hardly ask my colleagues to compromise their PCs by using ‘Internet Explorer’ can I?

  • Joe says:

    I’d *really* like to see some mechanism for using photobox to print flickr photos. Flickr doesn’t have a UK partner, but I prefer the flickr management systems, so I recommend your teams make use of the flickr API to print from flickr.

    – Joe

  • Rob says:

    I am a longstanding fan of the site , yet it is now infuriatinging slow with the constant please be patient message . Please will you sort this out urgently ? Thanks

  • Alan says:

    Where do I begin?

    The fridge magnets were so shoddy and disappointing I threw them straight in the bin.

    The Mouse Mat quality had changed without warning since the last order (black backing instead of the previous white backing) – if I knew that was going to happen I wouldn’t have bothered. Not to mention that my business logo got cropped off at the top – great, doesn’t anyone check these things?

    The the first album I ordered was poorly glued around the spine, and two of the main pictures were badly cropped (one had a white bar across the top and the other had the text underneath partially obliterated) and I made sure they were pectly sized so this shouldn’t have happened.

    A previous order for greetings cards had to be rejected because of poor colour reproduction – I foolishly thought that was just a “one-off” cock-up. Now I know otherwise!

    Does anyone quality control the products? I doubt it. I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion that placing any further orders will only result in further disappointment and frustration.

  • E Garth says:

    I am finding the new uploader faster but infuriating as when I come to checkout it tells me certain photos are too low in resolution to print.
    a) I would like to be able to override this and print anyway
    b) when I called your helpline, I was told that they were high enough resolution but had not uploaded properly – I had wasted a huge amount of time

  • My declaration/statement is regarding your business card service.

    I cannot believe that you’re thinking of pulling this service! Please, please don’t!

    I’ve wasted hundreds of pounds on traditional printers and their poor service.

    What I like about your service, is not only the quality, but the speed of turnaround of projects. This service is second to none in the market place.

    In summary, please think again before pulling this service.

    Thanks for all your efforts,

    Martin Nolan

    Martin Nolan Photography

  • Elspeth Grindlay says:

    Although I’ve been a Photobox customer for several years, I’m unable to sign on to the new website. In addition, it seems that the only products I can create on the old website are the large Photobooks which I don’t want at the moment. I’ve sent countless emails to customer services and have finally been told just to keep using the old site for a couple of months which means I can’t order any of the new smaller photobooks which I’m really want to do. Is anyone else experiencing the same problems as it seems to be a very strange way to treat a customer who has already spent hundreds of pounds with Photobox and wants to spend more? Incidentally, the only way I’ve been able to leave this comment was to register my husband as a customer!

  • Simon says:

    Oh my, what were you thinking? You have a wonderfully functional site before, but you’ve fallen into the trap of getting bored with something that you see everyday. Well I can assure you that us customers loved the old site for it’s simplicity. I have used you almost exclusively for all my professional printing, and unless this is sorted within the next fortnight you will have lost my business. I’ve already started looking at alternatives, which I never needed to before.

    I suspect you’ve burnt your bridges, but my honest advice would be you seriously need to consider a reversion to the old site.

    Despite all this, and you really have my sympathy, I can imagine what a nightmare this must be for you, I have to say you are dealing with it expertly. You are keeping us informed, your blogs are spot on in what we want to hear. Well done.

    You have enormous goodwill from many old customers, I wish you the very best in getting this sorted – but time is money, and if I can get my prints more efficiently somewhere else, it won’t take much to sway me. Good luck.

  • Bryan says:


    It looks like I’m not the only one to be totally frustrated with the new site. I’ve been trying to get some photos printed for the past 3 weeksas I cannot physically checkout any purchase as I keep being thrown back to the home page. Photobox must be seeing a definite downturn in revenue due to the mew site not allowing checkout to happen. When I raised the issue through the help desk – I get a mail back that implies it’s my fault for being on a wrong server. It’s funny that it all worked up to the change over – but altho I’ve tried on numerous occasions I am unable to purchase anything at the minute and yet I am the one who’s having to chase it. From a pofitability and customer service perspective I would have thought that PhotoBox would have put a lot of effort into trying to get this fixed as a matter of urgency. My advise – back out of teh new system & reinstate the old files before you’ve no customers left – cos I’m not going to put up with this much longer. Totally disgusted!

  • Robert says:

    This site has taken a big step, BACKWARDS it is so slow it is painful, the ledgends are to small, and after viewing an album on the last page one can not return back to the last page to view another album as you are directed back to page 1.
    But worst of all the size of the photos have not yet been increased, even in slide show mode they are far to small.
    Very poor.

  • Jean says:

    Just logged on to place an order & ‘discovered’ the changes……including my inability to log on.

    Is this the website equivalent of the T5 disaster ?

  • Peter Weaver says:

    I have asked for the Photobox branding to be removed from books and calendars, but this has been refused. I only use the calendars and books for personal use as I am not prepared to sell clients products with your branding. I use Apple’s book service to sell books to clients as they have an option to remove their branding. You are missing out on sales.

  • I have been reading the comments with interest. yes, any new site will have its teething problems, and I have mixed feeling about the new site. The design is good, if a bit over complex. Good intentions however the success to a good site is simplicity and functionality, with not too many bells and whistles. As a ProGallery user, I am happy with the functionality of the old gallery. First step I think would be to delay moving to the new format for the ProGallery users, by simply maintaining the functionality and first improving the design and layout to match the new PhotoBox site theme and colours. Then, after that has been bedded down, introduce in steps new improved functionality. The old ProGallery site works well – why change a good thing. Only an old design lets it down. With people relying on ProGallery for commercial purposes, I think the transition should be less big bang, and more phased design and feature introduction, with increased feedback from ProGallery users.

  • Anitaomega says:

    It’s just taken 1 hour 5 minutes to upload and annotate SIX photos
    using Mac OS X tiger and the browser Firefox.

    I kept on getting the following message : “Warning : Unresponsive script A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding etc.” This message appeared at least 35 times!

    Please improve your site quickly or I will change to another site and advise all my friends to do the same.

  • ian macrae says:

    What the hell has happened to Photobox, slow downloads,
    poor quality prints,complaints from Pro photographers, i have visited some Camera Clubs whose members are not happy with your services, it goes on & on, even in the Which report
    magazine your online service came bottom of the list compared to other photo print labs, how the once
    mighty have fallen, at one time Photobox was top of the
    league, come on, get your act together & be the champions

  • Paul says:

    “Oh my, what were you thinking? You have a wonderfully functional site before, but you’ve fallen into the trap of getting bored with something that you see everyday. Well I can assure you that us customers loved the old site for it’s simplicity. I have used you almost exclusively for all my professional printing, and unless this is sorted within the next fortnight you will have lost my business. I’ve already started looking at alternatives, which I never needed to before.”

    Simon’s comment sums up your problem perfectly for me .. I know that the photobox name is receiving negative feedback on at least one professional photography forum that I belong to, I can only assume that this is echoed elsewhere, which is a shame I have using your service for several years and have recommended photobox to many friends and clients. But this new system is frankly more trouble that its worth and unless something can be done in a matter of days not weeks! Then I will have to look elsewhere, poor service/interface/attitude from photobox reflects badly on my business and I, like most professionals, cannot afford that!

  • PB says:

    This relates to the FTP facility which you say is reinstated, I have repeatedly sent feedback to Photobox advising them that even though I can create Albums in my account, I can not see them when using my FTP software! To check it is not my software I tried the FTP link on the load up page, which launches a FTP session in my browser, even that can not display the new albums, so it is definitely a problem at Photobox.

    I have asked for this situation to be fixed, But I suspect that Photobox is trying to correct other problems brought about by the update to their web site!

    However, there is a work around when using FTP, which is load in to the ‘temporary album’ and then move the images into the correct album. This is a real pain because even though my FTP software confirms images have been transferred, sometimes I can not see images in the ‘Temporary Album’. I then have to reload the missing images, and keep checking back in my account until the systems at Photobox actually display the images. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your systems fixed!

    The other major pain in using Photobox if you have a pro gallery is that images have to be loaded twice, once to the new site for my own use, and again for the pro-gallery facility for my customers which is still run on the old site. Unfortunately you have disabled FTP to the old site which used to be a doddle, it worked every time.

    The service and www site which used to be great and easy to use is now a complete pain; someone should have done their homework before inflicting this so called improvement on customers.

  • PB says:

    Just to confirm that the problem you say is fixed is MOST DEFINATELT NOT FIXED. I can not see all of the Albums in my account on
    the new site.

    Earlier today I received an email saying that the FTP to the Pro Galleries was reinstated, well again what a complete shambles!

    Have just spent several hours uploading files only to have them all rejected by the Photobox server, which states the following:

    “The file: 2008 AW-RA – A-021.jpg that you uploaded today by FTP has been rejected because it is not in JPEG format.

    The thing is these same images were accepted by the new site, I have not changed any of the settings in my FTP client software.

    They are most definitely JPEG files.


  • PB says:

    Your FTP service is NOT WORKING, my pro gallery account will not accept any images with any download method. I have tried various ways to load images in to my Pro Gallery. On Win XP I have used ‘FTP Clients’ SmartFTP and FileZilla, I also attempted the ‘active X’ and the Standard downloader in IE.

    I have also used ‘CyberDuck’ on my Mac running OSX to try to upload the files. All the files generate an email from your server saying that the JPEG images are not JPEG’s, and are rejected.

    These same images were uploaded earlier to the new site and were accepted, so what the hell is going on with your service?

    When I login to my account using FTP, I can see the files in the folder but they are not been displayed in the folders (Albums) on the proGallery . So it looks like the files are sitting on your server going no where, not been put in to the respective Album in my account.

    After trying to get your system to accept files which I know have been accepted before and using all the different methods I have available I have come to the conclusion that your IT department or programmers are truly screwing up the service.

    I will say this again until something is done about the problem, the FTP service is not displaying all the albums that are in my account on the new site. Another balls up by the IT department!

    Get your systems fixed, get outside help because you certainly have managed to completely mess it up big time.

  • John says:

    So glad to see that I am not the only person who is having problems with the new web site, I have lost a lot of sales over the last month or so due to the changes made, I much prefered the old version….still do.

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