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There’s excitement at PhotoBox HQ today as we launch our much anticipated PhotoBox Inspirations Gallery. Yes, we now have a stunning gallery in our office for the team to enjoy a bit of visual inspiration every day!


Welcome to the PhotoBox Inspirations Gallery featuring:
Amateur Photographer Editor Damien Demolder


Our first collection is from Damien Demolder, Editor of Amateur Photographer. His passion for photography has seen his meteoric rise from amateur to professional, then from journalist to longstanding Editor of the UK’s leading weekly photo mag.

For this exclusive exhibition, Damien’s shared his stunning Kenyan wildlife shots. His aim was to create images to stand out from the mass of wildlife snaps and view this somewhat familiar subject in an exciting new way.




When asked what photography means to him Damien enthuses, ‘To communicate to the viewer what I was feeling when I took the shot; what it was like to be at the scene. I want the viewer to feel something and to be moved in some way. A picture that gets no reaction has failed’

Fancy following in Damien’s footstep by becoming our next guest photographer? Just send us your photos via our Facebook or Twitter pages. Or suggest some of your favourite photographers and we’ll see what we can do!

Enjoy Damien’s photos and I look forward to seeing yours

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