Reflective Photography – Weekly Photo Challenge!

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Reflection selfie

When the clock chimed 12 ushering in the New Year just a few weeks ago, did you promise yourself that you would become a better photographer or simply that you would take more meaningful or inspired pictures?

Well you are not alone and you’re in good company. We want to help and join you in your mission! We’ll be offering prizes to keep you motivated and will help along the way if you need advice or guidance.

We’ll be running regular Photo Challenges, designed to push your limits and test yourself in ways that you had not thought of before. We want to help you learn new techniques and change the way you see the world when looking through a lens.

This week marks the beginning of our journey. We’re kicking off with a challenge that throws you in at the deep end and gets you thinking. We’re focusing (excuse the pun!) on reflective photography, the idea of composing a shot based around, or that strongly includes, a reflective element.

There are lots of ways that reflective photography can be done and there is no ‘best’ or ‘right’ way to do it. We’ve brought together some amazing shots that have already been submitted on our Facebook page for this week’s challenge to get you inspired!

Ground Water

Tree reflected in water

© David East

This photo from David East has caught our imagination, using just sitting water and applying a bokeh effect, David has managed to challenge perspective and make a simple subject extremely powerful.

The Selfie

Reflection selfie

© Abi Garvey

Abi has put a clever twist on a traditional self portrait, using a smartphone and her surroundings has given this shot an amazing fish eye effect.

Contrast in reflection

Bridge over water, lit perfectly

© Nick Ackroyd

Nick has used contrast to help create a scene where it is truly difficult to tell up from down. Capturing the stillness of the water with the wonderfully lit subject really makes this a beautiful photo. It’s hard to imagine it working so well on nearly any other day of the year!

Now it’s your turn

So what are you waiting for? These 3 fantastic photos show that there is more than one way to make the most of a reflection. Get your creative hat on and show us what you’re made of!

Head over to Facebook to share your shots with us.

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