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Pro Gallery Watermarking – the wait is over!

Just before I pop off for the weekend I wanted to drop a quick blog and let the Pros know about the good news this week. Something for the weekend as they say – highlights are below. If you received our first new look Pro Gallery newsletter today you’ll also know that in March we’re giving you a little extra helping hand, with ZERO% ecommerce fee on your gallery sales. Get in. And finally, check out our all new PG-tips news page, full of photography news and reviews. I hope it’s to your taste. This is where you tell us how you like it, sweet or strong.

Watermarking – It’s available! To protect your Pro Gallery collections go to your Gallery Admin and click on the ‘Watermarking’ link for each collection. Note you can watermark individual collections.

Unwanted galleries – You can now delete them. Go to your Gallery Admin and click ‘Delete this gallery’ on the gallery details tab.

Unwanted banners – Your unwanted gallery banners and gallery thumbnails can now be deleted as well as updated. Go to your Gallery Admin and make changes via the gallery details tab.

Price plans – Now you can create price plans and choose products for individual collections or use your price plans for multiple collections. Click on the ‘Prices’ tab and create a new price plan. The products and prices will display the products and prices you choose for each collection. This is cool – here’s a seriously overpriced collection I made just to show you how.

Help for your customers – We’ve added new Helpful Links for your customers, including products and prices (for each collection) – see above, delivery information and FAQ’s.

Wonky buttons – These are now un-wonky!

Have a terrific weekend