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Just before I pop off for the weekend I wanted to drop a quick blog and let the Pros know about the good news this week. Something for the weekend as they say – highlights are below. If you received our first new look Pro Gallery newsletter today you’ll also know that in March we’re giving you a little extra helping hand, with ZERO% ecommerce fee on your gallery sales. Get in. And finally, check out our all new PG-tips news page, full of photography news and reviews. I hope it’s to your taste. This is where you tell us how you like it, sweet or strong.

Watermarking – It’s available! To protect your Pro Gallery collections go to your Gallery Admin and click on the ‘Watermarking’ link for each collection. Note you can watermark individual collections.

Unwanted galleries – You can now delete them. Go to your Gallery Admin and click ‘Delete this gallery’ on the gallery details tab.

Unwanted banners – Your unwanted gallery banners and gallery thumbnails can now be deleted as well as updated. Go to your Gallery Admin and make changes via the gallery details tab.

Price plans – Now you can create price plans and choose products for individual collections or use your price plans for multiple collections. Click on the ‘Prices’ tab and create a new price plan. The products and prices will display the products and prices you choose for each collection. This is cool – here’s a seriously overpriced collection I made just to show you how.

Help for your customers – We’ve added new Helpful Links for your customers, including products and prices (for each collection) – see above, delivery information and FAQ’s.

Wonky buttons – These are now un-wonky!

Have a terrific weekend


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  • Harry says:

    The gallery reports are less useful now than they were in the old gallery.

    When I called up the “month” report, I could see — in just ONE screen — a list of everybody who had ordered that month and a list of their prints.

    Now I get only a LIST of orders during the month, and have to click on them individually. That’s right, if I have TEN orders I must now look in ELEVEN places instead of just one. And even then I can only see WHAT has been ordered — so far I haven’t figured out how to find out who did the ordering.

    Please, lets have the OLD SINGLE TABLE FORMAT that shows EVERYTHING in ONE TABLE, exactly as before, with buyer name, print title, size and revenue for the whole month in ONE page.

    Change the colours if you must, but the layout, the functionality — that needs to go back EXACTLY as it was with the information in ONE table of rows and columns in the tried and tested format.

  • Markus says:

    I agree with Harry. Right now I don’t have the option to even see the customer name and email, which can be rather important. I hope this is still to come.

    Thanks for the watermarks; it would be good to have them customisable – I implied this when you announced it, but well, I guess we cannot have everything 🙂

    Best regards

  • I heartily agree with the comment made by Harry above about the new Pro Gallery reports. They are a big step backwards and I should like to see the previous format return. I have blogged this here previously but had no response as yet – glad I’m not the only one!

    Activity reports are my other bugbear – how long do we need to wait for these to become available please?

  • Janey Shemilt says:

    …and I agree TOTALLY with the comments by Harry, Stephen and Markus! I really used the reports in the old style as I am in touch regularly with the customers so can get feedback……

    I do appreciate all you are trying to do…. not sure how everything has got so complicated but maybe it is just not being used to it….!

    Thanks for all your hard work


  • Janey Shemilt says:

    PS – your clock seems to be on summer time already!!

  • Also in complete agreement with the other comments regarding activity reports – it wasn’t broke before so don’t try and ‘fix it’, just give it back to us as it was.

    Ben, I expect that like many of us Pro Gallery owners really do like PhotoBox – even though that may not always come through when blogging! Thanks for moving some things forward recently. Please keep moving forward over the coming weeks / couple of months and I’m sure that you’ll have a happy bunch of gallery owners – hopefully reflected on the blog.

  • Hobbsy says:

    Thanks for implementing the watermarking facility!

    Are you able to offer more layout styling options, like over-riding the default stylesheet?

    I’d like to tie in the gallery to my own website style.. could you just offer the backbone of the service that I can slot into my own site?

  • Darren says:

    The watermarking feature isn’t working for me – they just don’t display.

    Also – any chance of collections displaying in two columns? My list is getting a bit long. Thanks

  • Helen says:

    Thanks for all the honest feedback about reporting. Main issues seem to be:

    1. customer name missing from sales report
    2. needing to drill down to a second screen via the order reference to see exactly what was purchased – i.e. preference for all on one page (as per old sales reports)
    3. missing activity reports.

    1 & 2 we will review and look to fix.

    Activity reports are being specified now for delivery in the next few weeks. They will likely contain (as per the old version) units sold and sales / revenue earned per collection and per image.

    Two questions:
    1. need these both be on one page or would you be happy to drill down from collection to image level?
    2. how important are views (per collection and per image) to you (which were a part of the old activity reports but are not currently collected for the new site)?

    Any feedback much appreciated as ever!

  • Helen – to answer your questions:

    1. One page would be my preference.

    2. Yes being able to know the number of views is important (view to buy ratio is what I’m really interested in) but it need only be at the collection level for me.

    Thanks for providing this clear information and asking for specific feedback on certain points. Keep it up!

  • 1) I agree that one page is preferable.

    2) Views per collection is fine, thanks.

    Thanks for all your work on the Galleries. As stated above the service is appreciated – sorry it’s only the negative comments on here, but hope the feedback is helpful!

    Here’s to everything settling where it should be…

  • Markus says:

    Thanks for getting back to us 🙂

    1) One page would be preferable – every additional click takes time for investigation.

    2) Views and “buys” per collection. Additionally it would be good to have under each image a little stat saying how often it was viewed and bought.

    Lastly, I want to stress that customer name in the reports is important, but even more so the email address to get in touch with the people who bought from my galleries. THANK you.

  • Markus says:

    Forgot to mention something important:

    On your roadmap you announced pagination for collections.
    PLEASE please make this an optional thing or allow to specify the number of images per page.

    I do event photography and most people are just too lazy to browse 10 pages to find their images, but having 200 little thumbnails on ONE page seems to be far more efficient.

    Last thing: will you introduce password protection on a collection basis at some point ?

    Thanks you so much!

  • GREAT work! Photobox!

    Marita Toftgard

  • Would anyone else like the opacity of ‘copyright’ to be lowered so that it is easier to see what is under the word yet still protect our copyright?

    Also can’t wait for activity reports to go back to ‘normal’ … apart from that all great!


  • Martin says:

    would like to turn down the opacity of the copyright mark. It spoils some photos.

  • Sandy says:

    Yes I too would like to see the opacity of the watemark lowered, that would be an improvement on a really useful feature. Plus a note to say that watermark is not visible on purchased prints. I know its obvious to some people but not eveyone

  • Mark says:

    I agree that the watermark is far too distracting. I’d like the opacity lowered quite a bit.

  • Helen says:

    Thank you for all the honest comments regarding the watermark opacity, this has now been reduced but to see it take effect you will need to un-watermark and then re-watermark each collection. Of course each new collection that you watermark will have the new paler version as standard.

    We’ve also updated the customer FAQs to state that the watermark will of course not appear on the printed image.

    I hope that helps resolve the watermarking comments!

  • Helen says:

    Further to all the great feedback about reporting we have now gone live this week with the majority of improvements that were asked for.

    1. the customer name now appears on the sales report (and our privacy policy has been amended accordingly)
    2. there is no longer any need to drill down to a second screen via the order reference to see exactly what was purchased – now all the details are on the month view screen

    Activity reports are still on the roadmap but currently have no firm delivery date. We will update you when this is ultimately scheduled and thank you for your patience.

    Meanwhile – I hope the revised sales reports are a step in the right direction!


  • Thank you for the improved reports – much better!

    A bit disappointing that we are still waiting for activity reports – no firm delivery date and the “relaunch” now months ago? I hope you’re not paying your web designers by the hour…

    Surely the burning issue of the day, though, is that View Basket and Go To Basket still aren’t working properly on Pro Galleries. Who else is losing revenue or having to make alternative arrangements for their customers?
    I would not consider myself a high volume seller, but still have a number of emails from people who have tried and failed to use the current checkout with its “Your basket is empty” bug.

    It’s still frustrating times for your Pro customers Photobox! Sorry.

  • Activity reports???

    View Basket – Go Basket bug fix?

    MORE IMPORTANT .. Password Protection?

    C’mon chaps and chapesses, you’re nearly there!

    … and can I also ask that we have the option to display ALL (or even 50 0r 100) images to a page, so that if I make a mistake and forget to rotate all the upright images BEFORE I upload and have to do it through your interface that I don’t have the ‘fun’ of doing it 20 at a time over 500 images?

    Dear God in heaven, one of you should have to do that sometime – it’s soul destroying. Please give the option to select / view MORE than 20 images PLEASE?

  • hannah says:

    Also, my watermarking hasn’t been working for the last 24 hours. I tried to apply it to a collection of images yesterday and it hasn’t worked. I’ve tried numerous times since then to add the watermark with no request. This is very disappointing. Is anyone else having this problem?

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