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Image sharpening – Acting on your concerns over some Pro Gallery images appearing annoyingly fuzzy, we’re currently on a mission. We’re busy recutting all your Pro Gallery images from the original uploaded image to 500 pixels instead of 400. So by the end of the month you should see a marked improvement in the sharpness of all your Pro Gallery images.  Our tech team has also upgraded our Easy Upload tool to ensure that all the images you upload from now on appear sharper too.

Unlimited free storage: Another cause for excitement is that active Pro Galleries, both existing ones and new galleries created in the launch phase of the service, can now enjoy the fantastic benefit of free unlimited storage (fair use policy applies) – yippee!

Sales reports: Thanks for all your comments regarding sales reports. We’re busy working on these. We promise to keep you posted, but in the meantime please be patient with us.

Zero ecommerce fee: Don’t forget that there’s zero% ecommerce fee until the end of March!

And now for something completely different….

Send us your photography tips

We recently published 50 Fantastic Photography Tips to inform & inspire our members, as you’ll see on our new latest PG-tips page. Now we’d love you, the Pros in the know, to share your own professional photo tips. To get involved just send us your photo tips in no more than 60 words and a photo that illustrates your point. We’ll then include your best tips in a feature on our Pro Gallery site, along with a credit and link to your Pro Gallery of course, to get your business better known! Email your photo tips and photos to us at

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  • Ian Jermin says:

    I think that the paper you use in your photobooks should be heavier. I like the quality and style of the cover etc but 170 gramms is too light for the paper and I think lets the whole product down, especially for a wedding album. I think people would be prepared to pay more for a higher quality product or at least have the option to upgrade to a heavier grade paper.

  • MickH says:

    Any chance of a counter on the collections so that we can see which albums are being looked at and those which have little interest as I don’t know who, if in fact anyone looks at my images, unlike the old site, where I could see where the interest was

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