Presenting our all new timeline!

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Today our Facebook page got a new outfit in the form of the timeline. For those of you that haven’t the foggiest what we’re talking about, Facebook decided a few months ago that they would change the layout of everyone’s profile to an all-new timeline style. This allows you and the secret squirrels out there to see what you’ve been doing over the years. Now, while some people think the change is a bad thing, PhotoBox reckons it’s not too shabby!

Photo by Dave Flynn

The new timeline makes it easy to go back in time, see where it all began and how we’ve become a community in front of your eyes – the photos, the laughter, the smiles, the fun. The journey has been epic and we couldn’t have done it without you guys. It reads beautifully and looks great! Keeping in the spirit of our PhotoBox motto, ‘you at the heart of everything we do’, we asked you to send us your interpretation of our beloved green star and you didn’t disappoint! Today, the photo gracing our cover is by Dave Flynn, we just loved the simplicity and how crisp it looks. For those of you that entered great, imaginative pics, fear not! You shall be showcased in the very near future. So guys, what do you think? Likey or not?

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