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At PhotoBox, we’re putting the fun back into Christmas fundraising

Yes, I can hear the groans already. Fundraising- fun? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Not when it comes to PhotoBox-powered fundraising!

We’re launching this great new programme called PhotoBox School Cards. (No, don’t start groaning again, these aren’t those painfully-posed school photos glued onto cards – not by a long way). Remember, these are PhotoBox cards. So they’re all about celebrating creativity – in this case, the creative powers of the school art lesson. Here’s how it works:

Teachers (and PTA members) organise a workshop or class project to design Christmas cards (or any other kind of card for that matter – you might as well create the Thank You cards at the same time, so there’s no excuse for not sending them after the holidays). Each teacher can then scan and upload the kids’ final designs to a secure microsite we provide at no cost to the school.

The kids take the weblink home and show off their –and their classmates’ – creative masterpieces to the family at home on the computer. The final card design process becomes a family affair – everyone can chip in, and no-one has to clean up the leftover glue and glitter afterwards. Ordering the cards – a bargain at just £7.99 for a pack of ten 5”x7” folded cards printed on high-gloss paper, with envelopes – is simplicity itself, connecting directly into the PhotoBox shopping cart. Because it’s all online, it’s easy for anyone to order the cards – all parents and teachers (and kids) need to do is let everyone have the URL.

And here’s all there is to the fundraising part – for every pack of ten cards sold, PhotoBox will return £2 to the school. It’s so easy, and all your friends and relatives will be so bowled over by the kids’ creative efforts, that no-one will even notice the fundraising part!

You could even say it’s child’s play (OK, we’ll let you groan at that one).


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  • scoggy says:

    Is P&P on top of this, or are the orders sent to the school in bulk, saving on overall P&P costs?

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    How did you actually obtain the points to compose ““PhotoBox Launches New School Cards Venture |
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