Phone cases: turn yours into a geometric piece of art

leaf print on phone case on a note book

Not everyone wants photos on their phone. Sometimes, colour or print makes for a refreshing change. And making your phone less boRING is easy. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!). You could even make these alternative phone cases to give as gifts.

Sound good? Here’s how to do it

1/ Choose your print

We used two graphic patterns. You can use whatever you like – pebbles, palm leaves, fruit. Have a look around at Texture Zoom, there are lots of jpegs there that you can download for free.

Try one big photo. Or what about trying a bit of print clashing? Just play with the scale and colour palette until you find a composition you love.

blue tile iphone case on a note pad

2/ Pick the case or cover you want to make

iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models and iPads – you’ll find cases and covers for all kinds of devices. Choose which you’d like to make and then head to the studio. This is where you can start personalising it.

3/ Upload your photos

One for a simple single print, more if you’re making a collage. Photo upload is fast. And you can check the quality – look for the smiley face indicators in the studio. If they’re looking happy, you’re all good. If not, make any adjustments you need until you see big green smiles.

4/ Check your layout
You’ll need to use the one that covers the whole case (if that’s the result you’d like, of course). If you do want to try print clashing, pick a collage layout. Our top tip: you can save creations to use or edit again.

That’s it – well, almost…

Don’t forget to share your creation: you could win £100 to spend with us

Snap a picture of it and use #MyPhotoBox. We’ll then add you into our monthly draw. The lucky winner will hear on the last day of the month. Good luck!

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