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Just for fun – Retro print rainbow

August 26, 2015
Every so often, a new product appears in the PhotoBox office that we know we’re going to have a lot of fun with. Our retro prints launched earlier this year, and since then, we’ve been coming up with different ways to display them Our latest decoration idea – a retro print rainbow! This is the perfect way to decorate a uni room, or rented flat that you can’t otherwise add your own permanent splash of colour to. To create the retro rainbow, you’ll need… Retro prints – we used 48 prints, but it’s worth deciding how big a space you want to fill first Blu tack A tape measure / spirit level – optional, but will ensure you end up with a straight design (unlike us!)  Step 1 We began by figuring out roughly what size we wanted our print – with quite a lot of wall available for us to fill, we decided to go with an 8 print x 6 print rectangular design. To figure out how many prints you’ll need in each colour, simply draw your design roughly on paper, and separate with diagonal lines to represent red, orange, yellow, green. etc Based on our design, we knew that we’d need around 3 ‘red’ prints, 7 ‘orange’ prints, 12 ‘yellow’ prints and so on. As long as you’ve decided the size of your design, this will be easier than it sounds! Step 2 Once you’ve sussed out how many prints you’re going to need in each colour, it’s time to start finding the photos! We used a variety of different sources for this – first off, we went through our own albums to check what we already had, as well as asking a few friends to share their favourite colourful shots with us. After that, it was time to hit the streets and create our own colourful photos – it’s surprising how many colours we managed to tick off in an afternoon! Top tip: If you’re stuck for certain colours, you could try searching on Flickr – just make sure you use the ‘copyright free’ filter! Step 3 Once you’ve ticked off all the different colours, you simply need to create an album on your PhotoBox account and upload the images there. You can then select ‘retro prints’ and use our studio to easily create your prints – you can even add text if you like.     Step 4 The easiest part! Once your prints have arrived through your letterbox, you can get sticking… Top tip: Check, check and check again as you add each print to your design. There’s nothing worse than a wonky rainbow…trust us!   This idea isn’t just limited to a rainbow theme – you could try and mix of colours! Let us know what theme or combination you’d try in the comments below for a chance to win your own 24 pack of prints…

How to: Create your own Retro print frame

August 25, 2015
We teamed up with Youtube star ‘By Isnata’ , who has created this DIY video to show you how to display your best holiday memories. All you’ll need is an empty frame, retro prints and some bits and pieces you’re sure to have in the house already. What do you think? Would you try creating this yourself?

DIY: Decorate a travel photo journal

August 24, 2015
Our photo journals are the perfect partner to keep all your travel memories together – smaller than an average photo book, they are ideal for those Instagram shots that may have not quite made it into your holiday photo books. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to create a photo journal that’s completely unique to your trip, by customising the front cover in this super easy DIY post. What you’ll need… 1 x photo journal Scissors Glue Washi tape A map of the country / countries you travelled to Stickers (optional)  One of the PhotoBox team has recently come back from Turkey and decided to create a photo journal from their trip. For the map, we simply used Google Maps and searched for Turkey, specifically Istanbul, took a screenshot and then printed this out to cover the photo journal. Place the first half of the map under the front cover of the photo journal (as shown), and cut small triangles in each corner – this will help you bend the edges around the cover. Once you’ve done this, fix each edge with the washi tape to ensure it remains in place. Repeat on the back of the photo journal if you like.       You’ll then need to use some more washi tape down the spine of the photo journal – we chose pink & white tape, to match the colours on the map. If you want to decorate it even further, you could use stickers – like these travel ones that we found, which will also look great inside of your photo journal!

Balls of Fury: PhotoBox Ping Pong Tournament

August 24, 2015
Here at PhotoBox, we not only like to delight our customers, but we like to have fun while we’re doing it… Recently two great brands, PhotoBox and Moonpig (one of our sister brands), finally came together under one roof. Throw in a ping pong table and you’ve got yourself the making of one of the most epic inter-company tournaments the world has ever seen. You can read all about the tournament over here, or watch the video montage worthy of a Rocky Balboa training scene, below. Balls of Fury Ping Pong Tournament from Bhavik Patel on Vimeo.    

A Moment in Time in England & Wales

August 20, 2015
It has never been so easy to take images of momentous occasions in our lives as it is today. Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones, we can now see every picture we take before we print/share them. Long gone are the days where we would take a camera film into a shop to be processed and then wait expectantly for our pictures to be developed, only to find many of them are no good because they are blurry or the subject’s head has been chopped off. At Photobox we see a vast array of images capturing important moments in the lives of our customers. This infographic reveals the number of life defining events which have taken place in the UK in recent years and highlights the different ways we share pictures with others.