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What a colourful world we live in

July 23, 2010
Thanks to everyone who entered our colour competition, our Facebook page looks amazing courtesy of all your dazzlingly colourful images. Many of you tried to include all the colours of the rainbow to impress us, whilst others just went for a single touch of colour. All equally stunning, making this a really tricky one to call. Ok we won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Today’s winner is Anouska Henderson! Congratulations, we had a few photos of beach huts but the combination of incredible colours you captured is fantastic. You’ve just won yourself a Canvas Print, and boy will your winning photo look great in canvas. Enjoy! Continuing the theme of colourful photos, don’t forget to enter any photos of Asia that you have to our Around the World in 80 Days competition for a chance to win a trip to India. That wonderful photo has made me wish I was off to the beach this weekend! Whatever you’re doing have a good one.  
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Ask Annabel event with Annabel Williams

July 22, 2010
Ooh exciting times! We’ve got our first-ever official guest photographer joining us on Facebook and what a fab photographer it is. Oh yes! Annabel Williams, famous for cutting through the technical jargon of photography and concentrating on capturing the moment, is here to help you with your photography questions and queries.     She’s a world-class portraiture and wedding photographer, published author and a fantastic teacher too so she certainly knows her stuff. Here are some of the questions you’ve already put forward. Kate Chadwick wants to know how to photograph teenagers. Gillian Parker wants to ask how to encourage adults to let you photograph them. Andy ‘Turtle’ Parker is keen to know what Annabel’s best bit of advice is for a wedding/portrait photographer, whilst Daniel Beaven is eager to find out what’s the one piece of equipment Annabel couldn’t live without! So fire away your questions and we’ll put the best 10 to Annabel on Thursday 29th July on our Facebook page. It’s a date! Come on let’s hear those questions  
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Win tickets to David Noton’s Road Show

July 22, 2010
If like me you’re a big fan of photographer David Noton, just love being transported to amazing places and seeing stunning photos of all his adventures, you’re gonna like this a lot! David is running a series of Chasing the Light Road Show events. During these talks he shares with the audience a series of his travel photos and chats about what inspires him. He’s also kind enough to share his secrets, so when you see those great shots and think, ‘How does he do that?’ you’ll get to discover his tricks of the trade. That means not only do you get a fun night out, it’s a great opportunity to improve your photography too! The latest Road Show dates are 28th September for Edinburgh and 10th November for Andover. What’s more we’ve got 7 tickets up for grabs for the Edinburgh event. Want to win? Just shout ‘I want to win’ on our Facebook wall and we’ll pick 7 of you at random to win! Go for it and good luck  
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School’s out for summer

July 19, 2010
It’s that time of year again! Schools around the country have closed their doors for summer, or are down to their last few days before breaking up. Frazzled teachers are breathing a sigh of relief and busy parents are frantically planning how to keep their kids entertained for the next 6 weeks or so. A great project for kids to get involved with is creating a Yearbook of their special memories of the year. For those moving to a new school it’s especially poignant and can be a great way to celebrate their highlights. Alternatively, create a family Yearbook or any other type of Photo Book looking back at all those good times you’ve shared. Of course the summer holidays give you more time with your kids, so be sure to snap lots of photos of all the fun you have together. To inspire you we’ve put together some quick photo tips on how to photograph your kids, so you can take photos to be proud of! Happy snapping

These little beauties are clear winners

July 16, 2010
Are you ready for the results of our last Facebook photo competition? Well here goes! The latest challenge was to capture ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’. As always Antia & I have loved the various ways you guys have enjoyed interpreting the theme. As the results were so diverse we’ve picked three winners so, as they like to say on X Factor, the winners are in no particular order are….. This gorgeous mother and baby shot from Lisa King, lots of you loved this one and how could we not be moved by such an amazing photo. Next up there’s Emma Toner’s shot of this lovely little boy being completely entranced, it’s exactly what we love about kids, the way they are in awe of things that adults often don’t take a second glace at, great use of the theme.   Last, but by no means least, we’re impressed by the dedication shown by Tracy Buchan who took this photo especially for the competition, a very literal and effective interpretation. Well done to you all!   Our next Facebook competition is greed – go have some fun with it. Deadline is midnight on Monday, winner gets one of our new Box Framed Prints. Plus don’t forget our Around the World in 80 Days competition for a chance to win a trip of a lifetime to India. Have a great weekend