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Come and chat to us at Chatterbox

August 10, 2010
Here on the blog and our Facebook page our mission is to let you know all the latest PhotoBox news as and when it happens. We also aim to keep you entertained with plenty of competitions and challenges. Now you can also talk to us through Chatterbox!   Our new & improved Chatterbox forum is the latest way to chat about all things PhotoBox. It’s designed to assist with all your queries and questions, as well as being the perfect place to share great ideas about products and photography. It’s really interactive with the chance to vote for your favourite ideas and push through new product launches. Nabeel from our customer service team is the friendly face at the ready and happy to help you out with your questions. Antia will also be on hand to make sure Chatterbox is an entertaining place to be and that all your ideas and suggestions are heard. Get involved with Chatterbox anytime you like by signing in to your PhotoBox account and clicking on the forum link on your ‘My albums’ page. We’re always keen to hear what you have to say so happy chatting.

We’re ready for your close ups – £50 credit up for grabs!

August 6, 2010
After all the energetic activity of our sports photo competition, Antia and I thought something a little more relaxing would be well received. We put new ideas to the vote on Facebook and of course you guys were as resourceful as ever.     After reading through your suggestions and enjoying a good cup of coffee to get the little grey cells going, we’ve decided to make the next competition all about close ups or macro photography as the pros like to say. You know what a friendly bunch we are so now it’s time to get up close and personal! I’ve included a couple of photos to inspire you taken by Facebook fans Alexandra Griffiths and Tracy Buchan. Really like the idea of zooming in on everyday objects to give them an artist feel. Can’t wait to see what you post for us this time. First prize is £50 credit to spend at PhotoBox on the goodies of your choice. Usual rules apply, 2 photos max to be posted on our Facebook page. Deadline for this one is midnight Thursday 12th August. Good luck to you all and have a great weekend Linda The Editor

Medal winners from our sports competition

August 6, 2010
Well, well, well – what can I say! Looking through the entries for our sports photo competition it’s clear that some of you are sportier than others. Plenty of you opted for photos of your kids showing off their sporting prowess. I particularly enjoyed the good old-fashioned eggs & spoon and sack races from school sports days. You also really went with our theme of some great ideas for new Olympic sports such as haystack jumping, dune running, crawlathons, pedalo racing. Ah the list goes on. Rest assured I’ll be passing on your suggestions to the 2012 Olympic committee! We’ve polished the medals so it’s time for our awards ceremony. First up it’s a big round of applause for our gold medallist, Becky Adamson Helps, with this fun photo of her little champ who’s really found his competitive spirit.     Step forward Deana Crooks for your silver medal, loving the way you’ve edited this shot with the mix of brilliant colours against black & white. Really made it stand out from the crowd.     The bronze medal goes to Angela Wyatt. Well done Angela this cheeky shot really made us smile. As you said a potential All Black in the making!     Finally, just for the fun of it, a round up of some of the closest contenders. Congratulations to all our winners. Enjoy your moment of glory and of course your prizes (£50 PhotoBox credit for Becky and £20 credit each for Deana & Angela). Now it’s time for your lap of victory! Details of our next competition coming up later today I promise  
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David Noton’s top photography tips

August 3, 2010
Following on from the success of last week’s live Facebook chat with Annabel Williams, if you missed it you can catch all the action on our Facebook page, we’ve got another treat for you. We tracked down award-winning landscape and travel photographer David Noton to ask him for his top 5 photography tips. Being as enthusiastic about photography as David is, he was only too happy to help. Here goes!   1) Avoid the temptation to blast away indiscriminately. Use your eyes and think about your composition and the lighting. Shooting loads of exposures hoping something will work just fills the memory card with unwanted pictures. 2) Simple bold compositions always work; cluttered confused ones never do. 3) Follow your instincts and passions. You will always photograph best the subjects or themes which you are most enthusiastic about. 4) Don’t get bogged down with the technicalities. Get out and enjoy your photography. 5) Strive to be original. Producing a picture which is unique to your vision is far more rewarding than merely copying someone else’s idea. We hope David’s tips inspire you to get out & about with your camera soon. As always please feel free to share your own photos and tips with us! Of course nothing compares to seeing David’s work live so make sure you book tickets for his Chasing the Light Road Show event in Edinburgh on the 28th September and Andover 10th November.
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PhotoBox mini Olympics

August 2, 2010
On Friday afternoon I mentioned that a group of us we’re off to enjoy fun & games in the park and that’s exactly what we did. After feasting on the fantastic cupcakes that Regine had kindly made us, we were ready to burn off those oh-so-delicious calories with a bit of sport in the form of the PhotoBox Olympics. We improvised on the classic egg & spoon race with a table tennis bat & ball which proved rather hilarious. I found I had a previously undiscovered skill for playing quoits! Don’t think there’s an Olympic team for that one sadly. After various other games we teamed up for a classic rounders match, which certainly brought out everyone’s competitive spirit!   Thanks to you guys there’s also been plenty of fun on Facebook with your action photos for our latest competition. Keep them coming, there’s £50 PhotoBox credit for the winner. Remember just post any kind of sports photos on our Facebook page, the more inventive the better. It is 2 photos max and deadline is midnight Thursday 5th August. Looking forward to judging this one