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The Father’s Guide to Mother’s Day

February 10, 2016
Mums are notoriously hard to buy for, and what’s more, they’re usually some of the best gift givers out there. The bar has been set very high! To help, we’ve put together a handy little infographic to make sure that the dads out there don’t fall foul of the usual present pitfalls and instead get something that’s sure to impress her.

A PhotoBox Proposal ❤️?

February 1, 2016
Here at PhotoBox we’re always on the lookout for some extra creation inspiration. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we went on a hunt for some hidden romantics amongst our fellow PhotoBox staff. And well, we think outdone ourselves with this one. Prepare yourself for some serious ‘Aww-inducing’ romance… Our Trading Manager, Michael, has worked with us for around 6 months now, but little did we know he was an avid PhotoBox-er long before this. Michael had been with his girlfriend Emily for 8 years, he actually met her age 11 on his very first day of high school, and the time had come for the The Proposal. Emily and Michael had a bit of a tradition going on. Every year they would take a holiday snap with a Polaroid camera to cherish that moment. So when Michael spotted PhotoBox’s Retro prints, he knew they’d be perfect for what he had planned. His next endeavour was to collate the photos they had together and pick his favourite from every year of their relationship, one to highlight something memorable from every year. From that holiday and the best parties, to milestones and memorable moments, he picked his best ones and placed his order… Michael swears he’s not really that romantic but we beg to differ! He spent an entire night collating a book of memories to give Emily on their 8th anniversary together. And he had a very special question to ask her at the end… So, on the hill of Alexandra Palace with the city of London as his backdrop, on a warm summer’s evening, Michael gave Emily her anniversary gift and got down on one knee with the beautiful engagement ring he’d bought for her months before. And, of course, she said yes! (Are you crying yet? We were at this point.) And it’s all down to PhotoBox (okay not all but we’re taking some credit here). For a look at our lovely little packs of Retro Prints or some extra inspiration on Valentine’s Day Gifting – from saying I do to simply saying I love you – check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide here. A big thanks (and congratulations!) to Michael and Emily for sharing their story. 

Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 31, 2016
If you’re not part of a ‘traditional’ couple, then the run up to the 14th February can seem like an endless parade of soppy posts on Facebook, restaurants offering set-menus for two and people boasting about the amazing gifts they’ve bought for their better half. But why leave Valentine’s Day to couples? You may be happily single, but we can guarantee there are at least one or two people in your life that you love. From your group of friends, to Grandma – we’ve come up with our top alternative Valentine’s Day gifts. Mates over dates In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called ‘Ystävänpäivä’, which translates literally into ‘Friend’s day’. It’s more about remembering your pals than your partner, which we think is a great idea! If you’re the sort of friendship group who are forever chatting over Whatsapp (or Messenger, or Twitter…the list goes on), then a phone case covered in your favourite photos together would make a great gift. Cases are available for several Samsung & iPhone models, starting from £14.00  With Samsung & iPhone options available, there’s plenty to choose from. We love the iPhone 5c case, which you can add a black or white chevron designs to. If you’re a little more traditional, we think this double-sided glass photo frames from ‘All Things Brighton Beautiful’ is a great way to display our Retro Prints. We gave the frame an extra personalised touch by adding gold letters underneath – you could also add in sequins or a pressed flower into the frame – the choice is yours! Gifts for Grandparents To be quite honest, is there a time of the year when Grandparent’s don’t deserve a gift? Their hearts will melt at the sight of a photo cushion featuring the grandkids. You can feature up to 8 photos per cushion, so there’s more than enough space for all their favourite photos. The Work BFF It’s more than likely that you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with them – so why not show your work best friend the appreciation they deserve this Valentine’s Day? Just pop your favourite selfie onto one of our specially designed ‘Love’ range mugs (8 designs available, starting from £8.00), and don’t forget to make them a cuppa when it arrives… And if you’re still stumped for gift ideas, head on over to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for lots more inspiration!   

Jonny & Anna’s Story

January 26, 2016
We’re old romantics here at PhotoBox and nothing warms our hearts more than a good old proposal. So, when it happens to involve a PhotoBox photo book, plus weeks (or months!) of planning…even better!  A slightly panicked customer (Jonny) got in touch with us last year to get an update on his photo book order. Nothing too out of the ordinary – most people can’t wait to get their hands on their gifts, but this was one deadline we couldn’t ignore – a proposal to his girlfriend, Anna!  We asked Jonny to tell us a little bit more about how he got the idea, and more importantly – if she said ‘yes’!  Anna & Jonny The Background In the 15 months that I’ve been going out with my girlfriend Anna, lots of things have changed. My bank balance has steadily decreased, I now know about Cath Kidston and I have watched more episodes of the ‘Great British Bake Off’ than I’m comfortable admitting. However, one thing that has remained consistent over the course of our relationship is my ability to be continuously late for nearly every date we go on, so it’s probably not that surprising that when I decided to ask Anna the big question after months of preparation, I nearly messed it up because I ordered something late. The Mission I had been going out with Anna for just over a year when I decided that this intelligent, kind, funny, beautiful girl was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Planning the proposal was tricky – I wanted it to a) be personal b) reflect just how much Anna meant to me and c) be memorable for Anna. Several ideas were explored, but nothing really appealed to me, until I came across an advertisement for photo books from PhotoBox and immediately realised that I could create a storybook for Anna (who loves photos!). For over a month I collected old family photos along with all the photos we had taken over the course of our relationship – almost 400 photos in total – and organised them all into a story, starting with some old photos of us both, followed by how we met, our first date and then photos of us as a couple. The final chapter of the book began with my favourite photos of Anna, followed by a photo of her parents and a caption saying that I had asked them a question. The next page showed me standing outside a jewellers shop, followed by another photo showing a hand made box with Anna’s name on it (with the ring inside!). The penultimate page was in the form of a letter, listing some of the things I loved about Anna and telling her how much she meant to me. The last photo in the book was of our name on wedding place cards, and a note saying I’d like her to be my wife! The Proposal I wanted to propose to Anna in one of our favourite places so made arrangements to take her away for the weekend under the guise of celebrating the completion

Valentine’s Day Gifts on a budget

January 25, 2016
If you’re looking to spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day, but your bank balance has seen better days – we’ve got you. Here are our wallet-friendly suggestions that – at £12 or under, won’t break the bank, but will still give them that warm, fuzzy feeling on the 14th. Who said romance is dead… 12 ways to say ‘I Love You’… You will have definitely heard us mention Retro Prints before, but we’re just so impressed with them that we can’t help  ourselves.  Put pen to Retro Print and write what you love most about your other half. Go one step further, like us, and write it in the language of love (we may have had a little help with that!)  And, starting from £9.99 for a pack of 12 – you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.  Blossoming love Show them that you’re anything but prickly with a cute cactus planted in one of our personalised Bone China photo mugs.  Top tip: make sure you keep the cacti in it’s original pot so you can still water it & allow it to drain every once in a while. Mugs from £8.00, Cacti from £2.50  If they’re distinctly lacking in the green finger department, fill a mug with their favourite sweets…something they definitely can’t forget to water!  Typography & Tea We’ve created some illustrations that you can download & add to a mug, making the perfect gift for the Mr or Mrs in your life. Alternatively, if they aren’t a fan of coffee (or green tea), you could use a site like Canva to create your own personalised message that you can add to a photo mug. Just don’t forget to make them a cup of tea! Mugs from £8.00 And, if you’ve decided you’re feeling a little more lavish than our suggestions, head on over to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for lots more ideas.