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Valentine’s Day Gifts on a budget

January 25, 2016
If you’re looking to spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day, but your bank balance has seen better days – we’ve got you. Here are our wallet-friendly suggestions that – at £12 or under, won’t break the bank, but will still give them that warm, fuzzy feeling on the 14th. Who said romance is dead… 12 ways to say ‘I Love You’… You will have definitely heard us mention Retro Prints before, but we’re just so impressed with them that we can’t help  ourselves.  Put pen to Retro Print and write what you love most about your other half. Go one step further, like us, and write it in the language of love (we may have had a little help with that!)  And, starting from £9.99 for a pack of 12 – you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.  Blossoming love Show them that you’re anything but prickly with a cute cactus planted in one of our personalised Bone China photo mugs.  Top tip: make sure you keep the cacti in it’s original pot so you can still water it & allow it to drain every once in a while. Mugs from £8.00, Cacti from £2.50  If they’re distinctly lacking in the green finger department, fill a mug with their favourite sweets…something they definitely can’t forget to water!  Typography & Tea We’ve created some illustrations that you can download & add to a mug, making the perfect gift for the Mr or Mrs in your life. Alternatively, if they aren’t a fan of coffee (or green tea), you could use a site like Canva to create your own personalised message that you can add to a photo mug. Just don’t forget to make them a cup of tea! Mugs from £8.00 And, if you’ve decided you’re feeling a little more lavish than our suggestions, head on over to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for lots more ideas.

Trick or Treat Party Favours by MummyMode

October 19, 2015
”Halloween is here again and we’re ready to throw a pumpkin-filled party. Always searching for unique event ideas, I wanted to find an end-of-party favour idea which would really wow. Looking to avoid the standard plastic goodie bag offering, I decided to order some PhotoBox personalised photo mugs. Emblazoning the mugs with pictures of the kids and filling them with sweets, these ghoulish goodies are the ideal treat to take home. As family members are also coming to our Halloween ‘do, I know they will be more than happy with a little Lyla and Theo memento. Using photos of the kids in cute cat and crocodile costumes, I altered the shading for a spookier effect. Focusing on seasonal colours, our mantra was the more garish the better. Ordering mugs with bold green and gold detail, Halloween quotes also seemed appropriate to add in. With plenty of choice, you can pick photo mug themes and colours from a big selection. We ordered the Colour Bright Mugs and my favourite, the Photo Magic Mug. Initially seeming a simple black mug, just add hot water to the Photo Magic Mug and see the photo gradually appear. A good party trick under candlelit atmosphere, this mug will no doubt double up as my witch’s cauldron! These party favour mugs would work well for any occasion, acting as a permanent keepsake once the goodies are devoured. For Christmas grandparent gifts, I’m thinking of a cosy snowflake theme with hot chocolate and marshmallows inside. In the meantime, our new mugs will make good loot storage pots when doing the trick or treat rounds. All ready for fright night, I’m just not sure these sweets will stay uneaten until then. Any excuse for a little extra (trick or) treat. Thanks for the spooky idea, MummyMode!  To see more ideas from MummyMode, you can head to her blog, Instagram or Twitter

DIY: Retro Print mobile

October 16, 2015
You might remember that, in the Summer, we showed you how to make your very own Retro Print Rainbow. Well, now that Autumn is well and truly here, we thought we’d show you another DIY project you can easily recreate at home with your own set of Retro Prints. To create this Retro Print wall hanging, you’ll need: 1 stick or branch from outside (clean it off first!) Mini pegs String A pack of Retro Prints Tie a length of string on one end of your branch, fasten to the other end. Pick a suitable spot on your wall and hang the branch, using the string & a nail or hook. Tie 3 or 4 lengths of string, spaced out, along the branch. The benefit of hanging the branch first, means that you can check you’ve spaced evenly and see how the string will hang. Then all you need to do is peg your chosen retro prints down the strands of string. Easy! The beauty of this is that you can use it to brighten up any blank wall around your house and change your Retro Prints around as often as you like. We love this autumnal DIY idea!

Holiday photo gallery |The Travel Hack

August 26, 2015
Create a photo gallery with your holiday snaps Is anyone else suffering from the post-holiday blues? You’ve had an amazing summer holiday and you’ve returned home with a bump. Probably a soggy bump thanks to all this rain in the UK! You’re back to work and it’s almost as though your holiday never happened. Those memories of sipping cocktails at sunset and swimming in the clear sea are starting to fade already. Don’t let the post-holiday blues get to you and make sure you keep those memories fresh by printing out your holiday snaps and displaying them around your home. Thanks to affordable cameras and mobile devices we all take hundreds of photos while we’re on holiday. We plaster them across social media and send them to our mates to make them jealous, but how many of us print them out and cherish them? It’s time to get those photos printed and enjoy your summer holiday all year round! One of the best ways to display your holiday photos is with a gallery wall. This current trend is a modern and fun way to decorate your home and it will bring back happy memories every time you enter the room. What you’ll need… A large, blank wall It’s time for a bit of DIY and clutter removal! Most of us don’t have large, blank walls in our homes because we’ve crammed the space with shelves and tables and other bits and bobs. Have a serious de-clutter and rearrange your furniture so you have a blank wall without too much distracting clutter. I think a white, painted wall with black frames works best but anything relatively plain will work well. Your favourite photos This is the hardest part about creating a gallery wall – selecting which photos you’d like to use. Try to stick to one theme or one particular holiday so all the photos are tied together and don’t appear too random. A huge variety of wall decor You now need to get those photos printed in a variety of ways. Opt for a mixture of canvas prints, poster prints, framed prints and mounted prints. My favourites are the Timeless Framed Prints for a really affordable but professional looking finish. Make a plan Before ordering your wall décor, take a piece of paper and make a plan of how it will look on your wall. This is to ensure you’re ordering the correct size and it all fits perfectly. Get creative here. Some people will prefer to display their pictures in a completely random way while others will prefer a more uniform collection. Precision Even if you’re going for the ‘random look’ when hanging your pictures, make sure they’re all straight and securely hung. You’ll need a tape measure, a level, a pencil, a drill or screwdriver and a few pairs of hands to help! High quality vs. low quality photos Most people will have a mixture of photos taken with their phone or taken with a camera. The camera

Just for fun – Retro print rainbow

August 26, 2015
Every so often, a new product appears in the PhotoBox office that we know we’re going to have a lot of fun with. Our retro prints launched earlier this year, and since then, we’ve been coming up with different ways to display them Our latest decoration idea – a retro print rainbow! This is the perfect way to decorate a uni room, or rented flat that you can’t otherwise add your own permanent splash of colour to. To create the retro rainbow, you’ll need… Retro prints – we used 48 prints, but it’s worth deciding how big a space you want to fill first Blu tack A tape measure / spirit level – optional, but will ensure you end up with a straight design (unlike us!)  Step 1 We began by figuring out roughly what size we wanted our print – with quite a lot of wall available for us to fill, we decided to go with an 8 print x 6 print rectangular design. To figure out how many prints you’ll need in each colour, simply draw your design roughly on paper, and separate with diagonal lines to represent red, orange, yellow, green. etc Based on our design, we knew that we’d need around 3 ‘red’ prints, 7 ‘orange’ prints, 12 ‘yellow’ prints and so on. As long as you’ve decided the size of your design, this will be easier than it sounds! Step 2 Once you’ve sussed out how many prints you’re going to need in each colour, it’s time to start finding the photos! We used a variety of different sources for this – first off, we went through our own albums to check what we already had, as well as asking a few friends to share their favourite colourful shots with us. After that, it was time to hit the streets and create our own colourful photos – it’s surprising how many colours we managed to tick off in an afternoon! Top tip: If you’re stuck for certain colours, you could try searching on Flickr – just make sure you use the ‘copyright free’ filter! Step 3 Once you’ve ticked off all the different colours, you simply need to create an album on your PhotoBox account and upload the images there. You can then select ‘retro prints’ and use our studio to easily create your prints – you can even add text if you like.     Step 4 The easiest part! Once your prints have arrived through your letterbox, you can get sticking… Top tip: Check, check and check again as you add each print to your design. There’s nothing worse than a wonky rainbow…trust us!   This idea isn’t just limited to a rainbow theme – you could try and mix of colours! Let us know what theme or combination you’d try in the comments below for a chance to win your own 24 pack of prints…