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We’ve a winning ‘You what?!’ photo for you

July 15, 2011
Wow another action packed week has whizzed by. The excitement in the office has been Ben’s birthday and a brand new coffee machine. Our Vic also treated us to a charity bake with a selection of sweet treats in exchange for a donation to the East Africa Crisis Appeal. All that activity means that I was happily fuelled by cakes and caffeine as I sat down to judge the latest photo competition. Your entries proved to be another irresistible treat! The theme was ‘You What?!’ leaving you lots of scope to get really creative.   Many of you grabbed the opportunity to embarrass your friends & family by sharing snaps of some of the bizarre things they do. There have also been weird and wonderful spur of the moment shots as you’ve seen something silly that’s made you smile, including lots of strange signs.   Today’s winning photo is one of those signs. Congratulations to Jonathan Bagge for this priceless photo, you’ve given everyone in the office a good giggle. Anyone want to confess? Jonathan you’ve won £45 to spend at PhotoBox.     Another competition coming right up!
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Win £200 to spend at PhotoBox

July 13, 2011
Exciting news – we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s best-loved lifestyle sites. Award-winning goodtoknow is to home to bestselling magazines Now, Pick Me up, Woman & Home and What’s on TV. With a line up like that they’re known for their inspiring features – from days out to discounts – plus the latest celeb pics, recipes, money saving ideas and much more. Now we’ve teamed up with them they’re also going to be offering regular photo competitions with a monthly prize of £200 to spend at PhotoBox.     To get the party started we’re kicking off with a kids’ parties theme. From fancy dress, to elaborate cakes, to fun days out…we want to see them all! Pics from past and present are welcome. Why not send a photo of yourself as a child? Enter just one photo before 4pm 31st July either on their Facebook wall (not our Facebook wall this time please) or email them. Feel free to suggest ideas for the next goodtoknow competition. We’ve also brought in famous portraiture photographer, Annabel Williams to offer expert advice and photography tips to help us all improve our photography technique as we go along. For you chance to win £200 to spend at PhotoBox enter the goodtoknow photo competition today! Enjoy and good luck
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15% off portfolio review with Damien Demolder

July 12, 2011
Hot on the heels of his exhibition at our very own PhotoBox office, Damien Demolder has already lined up his next show. Best-known as editor of Amateur Photographer magazine, Damien Demolder is a talented photographer in his own right. If you get yourself along to the exhibition of landscape photography in Nottingham, from Friday 29th July, you’ll see what I mean.     For the exhibition Damien has teamed up with a select group of leading landscape photographers including David Noton, Pete Bridgwood and Chris Friel to form the Masters of Vision. It’s a great chance to get inspired about landscape photography and compare and contrast different styles. As part of the event Damien is running a series of one-to-one portfolio reviews on Friday 29th July and Saturday 30th July. It’s a brilliant opportunity to get some valuable feedback on your own photography and pick up some top tips or sound advice. Sessions last 35 minutes and cost £40 but add the word ‘photobox’ in the offer code box when ordering and you’ll get a 15% discount. Book your one-to-one session quickly though – he’s a very popular man!

Summer’s here and so are happy feet

July 11, 2011
You’ve certainly got that summer feeling. Our latest photo competition sharing what signifies summer for you gave us some great photos. You shared lots of delicious strawberries and ice cream, plus days out at the seaside in true British style. The various ways you like to make the most of the sunshine gave our wall a fantastic feelgood factor.     Today’s winner is a very simple shot that really does scream summer. It’s that wonderful moment when it’s warm enough to kick off your shoes and feel the warm grass beneath your bare feet. Well done Danielle Kalinovskis Evans for sharing this magical moment, you’ve won £50 credit to spend at PhotoBox. I’ve more news on the competition front coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Knowing me knowing you portrait winner

July 4, 2011
Our self portrait competition has been a great way to get to know each other better. It’s really interesting to see the faces behind so many familiar names. I was also delighted to see that we didn’t just have a wall packed with classic head & shoulder shots. Of course not, you’re far too creative for that!     In fact so many of the entries made me smile that I thought it was about time I did another collage. I tried to pick some of the most inspiring shots and think it makes a great ideas sheet for anyone thinking of taking a self portrait snap.     Time for the drum roll again….this week’s winner is Kenny Castle with this fantastic photo. It’s a really clever twist to a self portrait and proved pretty popular on the wall too. Well done Kenny you’ve won £50 credit to spend at PhotoBox.     We’ve also awarded Fiona Hodgson our runner up prize for this fantastic shot which she’s dedicated hours transforming in photoshop. Well done Fiona you’ve won £25 credit!