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We’ve a winner for our buildings competition

June 27, 2011
We’ve had buildings on the brain this week with loads of outstanding entries to our Buildings Competition. It’s been really inspiring to see all the different types of architecture from around the world. Some of you have gone for huge sweeping cityscapes, others for unusual angles and I’ve spotted plenty of famous landmarks both old and new. I’ve also enjoyed the close up detail shots of buildings you love. There’s had to be some very tough decision making this morning but I must confess it’s been a wonderful way to kick start my week so thank you.     Ok, here we go…today’s winner is Naomi Pocock with this fabulous black & white shot of London’s Natural History Museum. I love the dramatic feel to this shot. It’s a stunning building and you’ve really captured its character. I particularly like the sunlight streaming in. Congratulations Naomi you’ve won £30 to spend at PhotoBox. Want to be a winner? Enter our abstract photo competition before midnight tonight. Just enter your favourite abstract photos via our Facebook wall with a maximum of two of your own photos. Prize is a photo book for the winner!
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Sunshine on a rainy day winner

June 22, 2011
With all the torrential rain we’ve been experiencing lately across the country we thought it might inspire some great photography. With our rainy days photo competition we’ve had plenty of joyful singing in the rain shots and jumping around in muddy puddles. It’s great to see how the so-called bad weather can be good fun!     I’ve scanned the wall for a favourite photo that stood out from the others and we’ve decided on the artistic interpretation of this colourful shot of a pair of soggy trousers on a washing line! Well done Heather Richardson, your lovely photo shows how there are great photo opportunities in even the most mundane situations. You’ve won £25 to spend at PhotoBox.
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PhotoBox sponsors exhibition at The Guardian

June 20, 2011
The National Council for the Training of Journalists is celebrating its 60th birthday!  The charity has worked tirelessly over the years to train journalists and photographers alike and is currently hosting an exhibition to showcase some of their finest photos.     PhotoBox was more than happy to sponsor this fabulous event by printing a collection of stunning Canvas Prints. We went along to enjoy the festivities of the opening night and now you too have a chance to check out this wonderful work.     To see the photos just pop along to The Guardian office at: 90 York Way, London, N1 9GU before 15th July. Trust me it’s well worth a look!    

Winners of our friendship photo competition

June 17, 2011
They say that laughter is the shortest distance between friends and that’s what came across is so many of your wonderful competition entries. Clear evidence of the importance of that incredible bond between friends and some really touching comments to go with them.     Our first winner today is Matthew Fox for his fabulous umbrella shot which just has such a lovely atmosphere and really stood out on the wall. Well done Matthew you’ve won £25 credit to spend at PhotoBox. Our other winner is Michelle Connor with this little black & white beauty. Michelle you’ve captured such joy being shared between these two little kids. This photo really made me smile and has such a feelgood factor, so £25 credit to you too.     Talking of great friendships and incredible bonds, Happy Father’s Day for Sunday to all you amazing dads out there!  

Man2Dad competition winners

June 16, 2011
Thanks for all the amazing Man2Dad photo competition entries, from the laugh out loud to the heartwarming shots that brought a happy tear to our eye. With our favourites we’ve created this candid snapshot of what dads today are all about – revealing an intimate and rarely seen portrait of fatherhood at all stages. From across Wales, Ireland, England, and Scotland, 3000 of you shared with us shots of caring, fun loving, strong and protective dads and proud granddads. All the proof we need of the undeniable bond between dads and their kids regardless of age or circumstance. For the judging I joined forces with international portraiture photographer Annabel Williams, and leading pro-mummy blogger Tara Cain. After much lively discussion here’s our winner and two runners up. Warwickshire local Zebby Clemons’ stunning portrayal of her brother Sam taking a quick rest from his building work to blow bubbles with daughter Claudia is our overriding winner.     Matthew Paish from Wiltshire is runner up with his stunning shot; ‘The ability to teach his children happiness’.     Kent based Michelle Dorman’s cool black and white shot, ‘Making sure my girl feels safe’, captures a dad letting his little one enjoy a lofty view of the world from his shoulders.     A huge well done to you all – your prizes are on their way!