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Adventzilla’s having a laugh today

December 10, 2011
It’s the weekend – yay! Happy Saturday so glad you’re here to join me for another day of Adventzilla. Today we’re going to have a giggle. Now where’s that door number 10 got to…     Some of you thought we were joking when we launched our massive save up to 75% off sale but we were deadly serious, so feel free to make the most of it. In fact having been so serious we’re ready for a bit of a laugh so…..     We want you to share your Christmas jokes. It could be a Christmas themed joke, a funny Christmas story or simply a classic knock knock joke. Just give us a giggle to guarantee your name gets thrown into our Santa sack for a chance to win our £2500 cash prize! That one’s no a joke either, someone’s going to win big this Christmas and it could be you. 3, 2, 1…get posting those jokes.

Adventzilla spreads plenty of Christmas cheer

December 9, 2011
It’s Friday and day 9 for adventzilla and boy have we got a fabulous treat for you! Let’s open that door…     Today we’re asking how you like to spread some Christmas cheer each year. Is it bringing mince pies into the office, leaving a gift for Santa or scattering reindeer food for Rudolph? Post some of the things you’ve done to bring Christmas cheer and we’ll enter you into our prize door for a chance to win £2500!     Now it’s time to share what else we’re doing to bring you lots of Christmas cheer. With our Christmas last order dates fast approaching it’s time to get some serious shopping done. To make things easier for you we’re offering you an incredible up to 75% off sale on a host of Christmas favourites including selected Photo Books, Calendars, Classic Canvas Prints, plus some exciting stocking fillers but you’ll need to hurry.     Maybe we’re feeling particularly generous, or perhaps it’s just a touch of Christmas madness. Either way we want to spread some Christmas cheer! Happy shopping and post your Christmas cheer ideas on our Facebook wall.

Just seventeen sleeps until Christmas

December 8, 2011
Welcome to day 8 of adventzilla. Are we ready for another big reveal? Today it’s a sweet treat of a challenge for you, inspired by the numerous boxes of chocolates that keep appearing in the office – lucky us!   We want you to tell us what your favourite choccie treats are. For me it’s always the caramel ones. For Antia it’s all her Spanish treats. The poor old Bounty Bar we couldn’t even give away the other day. The Quality Street green triangle though always causes a battle. And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Chocolate Orange, although if the truth be told I’ve already made a start on that one!     Enough about me, tell us your favourite Christmas chocolates and treats. Just post on our Facebook wall as usual for a chance to win our £2500 cash prize. As we’ve been experiencing problems with people trying to post photos, please see if you can post some chocolate pics so we know if there’s still a problem, before we try a photo challenge. Got a feeling this challenge is going to make me hungry!

Another day another Adventzilla door

December 7, 2011
On the seventh day of Christmas my Adventzilla gave to me….oh what can it be today? It’s a good job I’m so tall, I’ve got stretch to the top of the shop to reach this door. Ah look, this one’s an absolute gift!     Tell us your best and worst ever Christmas presents. Simple as that – just cast your mind back to all those magical moments of unwrapping your Christmas presents. What delighted you the most and what were you most disappointed by?     Should be fun – let’s hear all about those presents by posting your comments on our Facebook wall. As always, entering into the spirit of things get you another place in our prize draw for a chance to win £2500. Away you go!

Time for Adventzilla’s day 6 challenge

December 6, 2011
I needed the radio on full blast to wake me up this morning. Fortunately it was back to back Christmas carols, so I’m in a really festive mood now. Come and join the Christmas cheer with today’s adventzilla challenge, which also happens to have a musical theme.   Ok it’s door 6 and we want to know ‘What’s your favourite Christmas song?’ It could be a Christmas carol or just a festive themed song.     Just post your favourite Christmas song on our Facebook wall for another chance to get your name into our prize draw to win £2500. If that winning combo of Christmassy tunes and a chance to win some serious cash doesn’t get you looking forward to Christmas, nothing will! Come on, let’s share those tunes