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Adventzilla wants you to tell us a story

December 17, 2011
A dazzling bright yellow star guides us to door 17 and another adventzilla adventure. Are you ready for your next challenge?     All this talk of Christmas is making adventzilla feel rather little nostalgic, so we’d like to hear your favourite Christmas stories. That could be your own tales of a particularly fantastic family Christmas, or a favourite Christmas storybook – love The Snowman and a bit of ‘We’re walking in the air!’ If you’re really up for some fun let’s hear what your dream Christmas would be like. Perhaps you’d share it with that celebrity you picked to pucker up with under the mistletoe! Sentimental or sensational, share your Christmas stories on our Facebook wall.     I’m off to make a cuppa and then settle down for a right good read of all your comments. Remember there’s a £2500 prize up for grabs but you’ve got to be in it to win it. Winning that really would give you a cracking Christmas tale to tell!
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Putting your photos centre stage

December 16, 2011
I hope you’ve been enjoying all the new photos we’ve added across our site. We promised to fill it with your photos and that’s exactly what we’ve done!   We wanted out with the choreographed, staged and frankly plastic feel of our imagery, in favour of the real deal. Photos of products made by you, genuine smiles and the day to day joy that comes from looking at photographs you love. Thanks to everyone who’s happily let us use their photos so far. To continue our mission for real photos though, we need more! So my lovelies, we’ve created a brand new Facebook group (in addition to our usual one of course) especially for you. Come and join the group! This is your chance to get your photos see and admired by millions.   The idea is to have a set place to share images we can feature on our site and in newsletters. We can also easily update you with exactly what we’re looking for at any particular time. As usual you’ll get credit and reward whenever we use your photos. Let’s make this the start of another beautiful friendship! Join our new Facebook group now

What’s behind door 16 of Adventzilla

December 16, 2011
Crikey, I’ve got to limber up this morning as today’s door is at the very top of our mighty adventzilla. Right here goes. It’s just in reach…     ‘All together now – Ahh!’ Sorry I’m still in pantomime mode but you’ve got to admit that’s a cute pic below huh? Most of us adore Christmas and our beloved pets are no exception. Today we want to hear your Christmas pet stories (past and present) and see some photos of them at Christmas time.     Will you be dressing your pet up for the big day? Or tell us what Santa has treated them to this year? Pets obviously aren’t just for Christmas but which one would you most like on your Christmas list? Share your tales of all creatures great and small for a chance to win our £2500 prize draw on Christmas Eve. Happy Facebook posting!

Ten days to go until Christmas!

December 15, 2011
Are you sitting comfortably? It’s that time again folks, let’s peel back another door and see what’s lurking. Now where’s that door? ‘It’s behind you!’ Hang on a minute…what’s going on?     Oh I see, today’s adventzilla is all about pantomimes. ‘Oh no it isn’t!’ ‘Oh yes it most definitely is!’ You better be ready because we’re raising the curtain and lighting the lights to put you centre stage for this one.     Tell us what you love or loathe about the great British panto. Perhaps share which panto you’re going to see or who’s the star of the show near you. Love to hear your funniest panto memories too. From Mother Goose to good old Aladdin, maddest plot to craziest dame – let’s hear about all things panto. Remember, every day you take part in adventzilla gets your name in our Santa sack for a chance to win £2500! Enough talk lets start the show – get posting!

Pucker up for our Adventzilla

December 14, 2011
Thanks for so many entertaining comments on the great sprout debate yesterday – that kept me smiling all day. Ok folks it’s day 14 and there’s no sign of our adventzilla slowing down, in fact things seem to be hotting up. Quick open that door!     Ooh look, we’ve found some mistletoe and you know what that means – Christmas smooches. We want to hear who you’re hoping to share a Christmas smacker with. Or who you’d run a mile from if you saw them armed with mistletoe.  Come on spill the beans about all your celebrity crushes, we won’t tell!     As usual just post your comments and photos on our Facebook wall for your chance to win £2500 in our Christmas prize draw.