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Easy PhotoBox Easter Treat Bags by Red Ted Art

March 10, 2016
The long Easter weekend is fast approaching, which means one thing – Easter egg hunting. We worked alongside Maggy from Red Ted Art, who has taken the Easter Egg hunt one step further & changed the egg for a carrot filled with PhotoBox treats, what’s not to love! Over to you, Maggy… ”We love Easter – a wonderful time for the family to get together and enjoy some valuable time together. Of course, Easter also has to include an Easter hunt for all involved and if you are looking for some chocolate alternatives or a quirky way to give a small gift this Easter, take a peak at these super duper easy to make Carrot treat bags. Aren’t they fun? Make them in minutes and hide these in the bushes instead of all that chocolate! Materials – Orange paper or light card Glue stick and/ or tape Scissors Green tissue paper PhotoBox Jigsaw PhotoBox Keyring  Start with you’re A4 sheet of paper and roll it into a cone. Tape (or glue) it into place, so it doesn’t come undone. Now cut across the top of your cone to even it out and have a nice round opening. Put plenty of glue stick all around the inside of your cone. Carefully insert your tissue paper in this and stick it around your carrot – yes there will be a gap, but you will need that in order to be able to insert your gifts more easily. Fill with your gifts – we filled it with a photo jigsaw from last Easter, we also included a photo of the original picture so the children will know what to make! As well as key ring of the whole family. You can of course add a few small chocolate eggs too! Once full, bunch up your tissue paper. Tie it, and if you need to, you can cut it down a little. We also cut the strips into it to make it look more carrot top-y. And done! The kids **adored** these surprises when we had an early Easter hunt.” ____________________________________________________________________ Thanks Maggy – what a great Easter surprise! You can see more of Maggy’s work on her blog, Red Ted Art. 

Mother’s Day mugs

February 17, 2016
We can probably guess that your mum likes nothing more than a proper cuppa and some quality time with her family. If we’re right, these easy to make mug gift packs would suit her down to a ‘tea’ this Mother’s Day. Here’s how you can make your own… Using our shiny new Mother’s Day mug themes, you can get started on designing a Mother’s Day mug using her favourite family snaps. For a Bubbly Mum Once your mug has been speedily delivered, all that’s left to do is fill it with something she’ll love and wrap it up. In this case, we’ve used colour-coordinated pink tissue paper inside the mug, and filled it with deliciously smelling lotions and potions, also in a matching pink colour. To add the final touch, we have used transparent film – available at most card and crafts stores, to give it that professional feel. Then & Now Mugs Another way to pull on mum’s heartstrings is to use one of our Mother’s Day templates that include two photo windows. That way, you can contrast an old family snap from when you were both younger, with a more up-to-date memory on the other side. You could also include a photo of you and your mum and another of you and your own kids perhaps? Getting Crafty If you’re feeling really crafty, you could also create your photo mug using a kid’s drawing or artwork. All you need to do is take a photo of the picture or scan in the drawing, and hey presto – a great gift for Granny. You can order your photo mug until the 2nd March for guaranteed delivery before Mother’s Day. Why not get cracking now?

Mother’s Day Retro Canvas

February 16, 2016
Hands up if your Mum still has that wonky vase on her dresser table that you made years ago, or a drawing that you did when you were 5 on the fridge? Us too. The general consensus in the PhotoBox office is that the more meaningful a gift for Mum is, the more likely she is to get a tear in her eye when she opens it. And if it’s got that crafty, handmade touch to it? Even better. We’ve come up with a great way for your little (or not so little) one’s to create a gift that will have Mum or Grandma smiling every time she sees it.  What you’ll need Mum’s favourite photo (to add to the Retro Canvas) A selection of coloured pens, pencils and / or paint As you may have guessed from the photos, this is a pretty simple DIY. Firstly, you’ll need to let the kids decide on the message they’d like to write to Mum or Grandma – whether that’s ‘love you Mummy’, or even a little poem or drawing. Depending on their age, you could have them write out the message on scrap paper first, so they have something to follow. Once they’ve practiced a few times, it’s time to get scribbling on the Retro Canvas. If it doesn’t look perfect, that doesn’t matter – what matters is that they’ve done it themselves, and Mum will appreciate that all the more. And, don’t worry if your little one isn’t quite ready to put pen to paper (or canvas) just yet – our creation studio offers a text feature with lots of different fonts and colours, so you can add a message on their behalf. If you’re in need of some extra inspiration for Mum, (or you’re a Mum yourself & want to leave a hint to your kids!), head on over to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Retro Print Banner for Mum

February 16, 2016
If your Mum loves a bit of glitz and sparkle in her life, then we’ve got a great little photo project for you, and it’s perfect if you really want to shout about how special your Mum is this Mother’s Day. This Retro Print banner can be made in a matter of minutes, and is guaranteed to impress. If you’re planning a special breakfast or lunch for your Mum, why not hang up in pride of place above the table for everyone to admire? What you’ll need: Retro Prints – pack of 12 Mini wooden pegs String Tape or pins DIY Letter kit – we got ours here Tassel kit – from here Find a suitable blank wall, or window where you can start planning out your banner. Measure out the length you want your banner to be – this will be dependent on the amount of tassels and retro prints you want to hang on the banner.  Create your tassels, by folding the tissue paper length ways and twisting in the middle. Thread these onto the string and space out evenly – you can now secure your banner to the wall using tape, pins or blu-tack. Pick your favourite snaps from your pack of Retro Prints and decide on the order you’d like to feature them on your banner. Next up, take a mini peg and clip each photo in-between the tassels.  Top tip: If you’re creating this banner last minute and don’t have any mini pegs to hand, you can always make a hole using a hole punch and thread the print onto the banner.  Using your letter kit, decide what message you want to spell out underneath the banner – we’ve gone with a simple ‘Mum’, but there are endless options. If you don’t want to buy the kit, you can always stencil & cut out the letters yourself.  Lastly, it’s time to step back and admire your handy work. Mum is going to love it!   

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Photo Cushions

February 15, 2016
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so we asked beauty, parenting & lifestyle blogger, Liza Prideaux to come up with some top tips on creating a personalised Mother’s Day gift. Over to you, Liza… ”With Mothers Day coming up it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift, I have always been a huge fan of photo memories and almost every year I buy my mum something with a photo included, some years it’s been a photo book or simply a photo in a frame, but a lot of the time the album has ended up in the cupboard & often gets forgotten about. So, this year we are focusing on something even more luxurious and perfect for the home – photo cushions! I actually bought my Mother-in-law one of these PhotoBox Photo Cushions for Christmas last year and it was the perfect gift, she even asked me to purchase another one for her so she could gift it to her Mum this Mothers Day! These gorgeous pillows come in three different sizes and there are a huge range of different themes and designs to choose from. They are also great because you can not only arrange the photos to your taste but you can also personalise with wording and special quotes or messages making it the perfect Mothers Day gift. There are lots of different ways you can personalise your cushions – for example, you could choose photos from a particular family day out and have a different image from that day on each cushion. I’ve used the PhotoBox themes to add a grey chevron border to each cushion – it really brings each pillow together and presents the memories beautifully. I have chosen images from when we found out we were having another baby boy; these were just such precious memories for us and having them printed onto the cushion means I can be reminded of the amazing moment forever. I’ve also chosen a picture with my little boy Vinny, he is such a character and I think the photo is gorgeous. It’s quite rare that we get a picture together so I wanted to make sure I got it printed! Lastly, I had to get a gorgeous picture of my little man on his own. He is such a happy little boy and I can’t wait to complete our cushion collection when baby number two arrives and get a picture of the two boys together. Have you ever thought about buying a Photo Cushion as a gift? Let us know in the comments below! You can visit Liza’s blog here, or her Youtube channel here.