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Introducing Phoebe

May 21, 2012
As you know, we said we had been busy burrowing away making lots of plans for the coming months and we weren’t telling pork pies. We’re always looking for ways to make PhotoBox better and while we still have a long way to go, we like to think we’re not doing too shabby! One thing we really rely on is your feedback and without it we’d be lost! So we always want you to update us on how we’re doing, how you’re doing, what we can do better, you know the score. One thing that keeps cropping up is questions about our site, “How do I…” “Do you sell…” “When will you get…” and sometimes it’s hard to reply to everyone quick enough. So we thought we needed someone who could take on of all of these queries for us and so a light bulb switched on, a thought popped into our heads, the heavens opened and along came Phoebe! Phoebe, given her title thanks to our wonderful Facebook fans, is our new virtual agent. She knows the ins, outs, unders and overs of PhotoBox and everything we do. You can ask her What size your photos need to be when you upload them, how to create a Photo book, even if she can do the can-can (although, her answer for that probably won’t be yes) but if there’s anything you want to ask or if you need help with anything at all, our lovely Phoebe will be on hand 24 hours a day to help you out. So go and ask her a question 🙂 She won’t tell you the week’s weather forecast or the lottery numbers but if it’s a PhotoBox query you’ve got, she’s your woman!

The Kid In Me

April 23, 2012
So as you all know, we recently asked you to go back to your roots and be childish for our ‘’The Kid In Me’’ competition. We said, and I quote- ‘’ We want you to re-capture the kid inside of you and come up with a self-portrait titled ‘The Kid In Me’. An old photo, a finger painting, a paper mache creation, anything will do.’’ Photo by: Laura Gill So far, we’ve had some great, imaginative entries, a lot of which have made us cry with laughter. But, you know us, we want so many entries that there aren’t enough hours in the day to go through them, enough to snow John Snow under! There’s loads of ideas floating around for this comp, the possibilities are endless and as much as we would love to tell you we might have to… well then it wouldn’t be a competition! Think – locations, what kids do, nostalgia, a play-on-words even! As long as it’s you in the picture or an impression of you, it’s fine by us! This competition goes along side the Face Britain campaign which PhotoBox breathed life into, and what better way to celebrate this massive feat from the countries’ kids than to get the adults involved? Genius, right?! Photo by: Zoe and Matt Mallett Just to give you a leg up, we’ve extended the deadline for entries to Midnight Thursday 26th April. Remember- Post your entries to OUR Facebook wall Max 2 entries, NO googling and a fab prize to the winner!  🙂
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Join PhotoBox in front of Buckingham Palace and witness Britain’s young make history tonight

April 19, 2012
And here are some words from our proud MD, Lawrence Merritt, PhotoBox Managing Director:                ‘”PhotoBox is the premier online printing and personal publishing service in the UK.  Our pledge since our founding in 2000 has been to help our customers share and celebrate precious memories that leave behind a legacy.  Face Britain does this in an inclusive and far-reaching way. We are strong believers in embracing individualism and using our technology as a catalyst to celebrate creativity.  We at PhotoBox could not be prouder to see months of hard work and dedication come to fruition as Britain’s young people make history this week.  It gives me and my co-workers at PhotoBox great joy to know we’re a part of that. Please come and celebrate with us either on the Mall tonight or via your local screening” Lawrence For more details on how you can get involved and come and see this wonderful project in action, just check out our Facebook event for all the info you’ll need.  
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Face Britain does more, more, more!

April 17, 2012
So, Face Britain– What’s the plan Stan? The low-down? The latest? The POA? I hear you ask. Well, let us fill you in! As you know, all of the thousands of works of art produced by kids up and down the country will be projected onto Buckingham Palace from the 19th  to the 21nd of April. Worry not, for those not close to the capital, this incredible montage of HM the Queen made up of more than 200,000 self-portraits, will be screened for 24 hours from 8.30 on Thursday 19th April on BBC Live sites up and down Britain, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Bradford and many more. If that wasn’t enough, over 400 JCDecaux screens all over the nation’s train stations and shopping centres will be showing a piece of the action. To top it all off and send the project into stratospheric proportions, there will also be an Ebay auction from the 3rd-the 13th of May for all of the portraits entered by celebrities, so you can really get your hands on a famous face! Portrait by Fearne Cotton The fun doesn’t end there, oh no, we’ve just got started 🙂 Face Britain is going for a Guinness World Record attempt for ‘’The Most artists working on the same art installation’’. The current record is 28,267 artists, so fingers crossed! Guinness World Record officials will announce whether a new world record has been set when the projection onto the palace finishes. Face Britain is a unique project created by The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts and brought to life by PhotoBox to provide a platform to celebrate the nation’s children and young people in the lead up to HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The London Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts is an educational charity established by HRH The Prince of Wales to enable disadvantaged young people to access and engage with professional arts. So the kids have done their bit, let’s see how you fare! We want you to re-capture the kid inside of you and come up with a self-portrait titled ‘The Kid In Me’. An old photo, a finger painting, a paper mache creation, anything will do. But the more imagination the better! You can enter a maximum of 2 per person and make sure you post them to our Facebook wall pretty please! So there you have it! For a full list of screen locations and the latest news and gossip from Face Britain join our event on Facebook.  
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Face Britain closes for entries

April 10, 2012
Recently, Face Britain closed for entries after schools up and down the country submitted thousands of self-portraits by kids aged 4-16 hoping to make British history. Now all these great portraits will be put together, ready for the world to see as each individual portrait will be made into a mosaic of HM The Queen and projected onto Buckingham Palace. In the words of Greg Wallace from Masterchef, it doesn’t get bigger than this! PhotoBox has brought this huge project to life to help encourage youngsters to use art for positive effects in education and to just plain have fun. Over the coming weeks, events, exhibitions and even a Guinness World Record attempt will be kicking off to celebrate everyone’s hard work for HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.   Head over to the Face Britain website and have a sneak peek at all of the awesome entries before the big event at Buckingham Palace which will be held for three whole days on the 19th, 20th and 21st of April. So if your child has entered a portrait, hunt it down and be sure to look out for it at one of the events near you. You can also get your hands on some funky Face Britain merchandise with your child’s self-portrait so you’ll never forget their moment of fame!