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Instagramers London – The London Instameet in conjunction with PhotoBox

July 4, 2012
This weekend, Photobox were delighted to be able to be amongst those lucky enough to sponsor Instagramers London on their latest London Instameet, a great excuse to get together, walk around the city and take brilliant motography shots to share on the Instagramnetwork. In conjunction with the Department of Friendliness, their mission was to spread a few smiles across London, something they achieved with aplomb.     (Image: @miss_jess) Instagramers are local groups of Instagram users who take their motography that step further, adding a community feel, staging offline events and making the process of motography a shared experience. There are thousands of these groups from all over the world. If you want to find out more about Instagramers London, check out their blog.   (Image: @mahadewa) The Instagramers began in Central London in the early afternoon, before embarking upon one of their epic Instawalks, taking in the sights, taking some great shots and eventually winding up at a bash in Kensington, staged with the help of various sponsors, including PhotoBox. If you want to check out some of the best shots from the day, head on over to Instagram and look through all of the images on the #instameetlondon and #dofpbx hashtags, as well following Instagramers London #IGersLondon. Some of the best shots on the #dofpbx tag will be printed onto some fabulous Photobox products!   (Image – @Londonbird) Great pictures everyone, we’re absolutely loving going through all the snaps from what looked like an amazing day!

PhotoBox Launches Social Fab BETA

June 21, 2012
What kind of Social Fab are you? Well you won’t know that if you don’t know what Social Fab is! Social Fab is a revolution about to take the world of photo printing and sharing by storm so naturally it was created and brought to life by us ;).   But what is Social Fab and how can you be it? Well, Social Fab is a unique service where you can use your Facebook friends’ profile pics and comments to make a one-of-a-kind, super funky piece of photo merchandise to be the envy of all of your mates. Whether you’re a trendy Motographer who likes to take pics on the go using your camera phone, or if you’re a professional who takes great quality, composed snaps, there’s a product that’s got your name on it! (Well, technically it’ll have your pics on it but you get the idea).   So now you can stand out in a crowd like a pink suede elephant at a boxing match by looking cool as a cucumber with your unique QR code T-shirt, which lets people add you as a friend on Facebook just by scanning it! Or, you can even set the trend at the office by showing off your whopping amount of Facebook friends using our super cool Photo Mug! So log on to our Facebook page or our website and answer the burning question- What kind of Social Fab are you?
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Introducing Phoebe

May 21, 2012
As you know, we said we had been busy burrowing away making lots of plans for the coming months and we weren’t telling pork pies. We’re always looking for ways to make PhotoBox better and while we still have a long way to go, we like to think we’re not doing too shabby! One thing we really rely on is your feedback and without it we’d be lost! So we always want you to update us on how we’re doing, how you’re doing, what we can do better, you know the score. One thing that keeps cropping up is questions about our site, “How do I…” “Do you sell…” “When will you get…” and sometimes it’s hard to reply to everyone quick enough. So we thought we needed someone who could take on of all of these queries for us and so a light bulb switched on, a thought popped into our heads, the heavens opened and along came Phoebe! Phoebe, given her title thanks to our wonderful Facebook fans, is our new virtual agent. She knows the ins, outs, unders and overs of PhotoBox and everything we do. You can ask her What size your photos need to be when you upload them, how to create a Photo book, even if she can do the can-can (although, her answer for that probably won’t be yes) but if there’s anything you want to ask or if you need help with anything at all, our lovely Phoebe will be on hand 24 hours a day to help you out. So go and ask her a question 🙂 She won’t tell you the week’s weather forecast or the lottery numbers but if it’s a PhotoBox query you’ve got, she’s your woman!

The Kid In Me

April 23, 2012
So as you all know, we recently asked you to go back to your roots and be childish for our ‘’The Kid In Me’’ competition. We said, and I quote- ‘’ We want you to re-capture the kid inside of you and come up with a self-portrait titled ‘The Kid In Me’. An old photo, a finger painting, a paper mache creation, anything will do.’’ Photo by: Laura Gill So far, we’ve had some great, imaginative entries, a lot of which have made us cry with laughter. But, you know us, we want so many entries that there aren’t enough hours in the day to go through them, enough to snow John Snow under! There’s loads of ideas floating around for this comp, the possibilities are endless and as much as we would love to tell you we might have to… well then it wouldn’t be a competition! Think – locations, what kids do, nostalgia, a play-on-words even! As long as it’s you in the picture or an impression of you, it’s fine by us! This competition goes along side the Face Britain campaign which PhotoBox breathed life into, and what better way to celebrate this massive feat from the countries’ kids than to get the adults involved? Genius, right?! Photo by: Zoe and Matt Mallett Just to give you a leg up, we’ve extended the deadline for entries to Midnight Thursday 26th April. Remember- Post your entries to OUR Facebook wall Max 2 entries, NO googling and a fab prize to the winner!  🙂
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Join PhotoBox in front of Buckingham Palace and witness Britain’s young make history tonight

April 19, 2012
And here are some words from our proud MD, Lawrence Merritt, PhotoBox Managing Director:                ‘”PhotoBox is the premier online printing and personal publishing service in the UK.  Our pledge since our founding in 2000 has been to help our customers share and celebrate precious memories that leave behind a legacy.  Face Britain does this in an inclusive and far-reaching way. We are strong believers in embracing individualism and using our technology as a catalyst to celebrate creativity.  We at PhotoBox could not be prouder to see months of hard work and dedication come to fruition as Britain’s young people make history this week.  It gives me and my co-workers at PhotoBox great joy to know we’re a part of that. Please come and celebrate with us either on the Mall tonight or via your local screening” Lawrence For more details on how you can get involved and come and see this wonderful project in action, just check out our Facebook event for all the info you’ll need.