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5 Top Tips For Taking Great Holiday Photos From Annabel Williams

July 18, 2012
Now that the summer holidays are here, you’ll want to be out and about with your cameras! Annabel gives you some ideas to turn your holiday snaps into something really special. 1.   When you’re taking shots of your kids on a beach, try and compose your pictures so you can’t see the people in the background.  If it’s really busy, either zoom in close, or try shooting upright shots to help tighten the picture and shoot through the gap in between people!  Often, just by moving your own position, you can avoid things in the background. 2.  Try giving the children something to do – let them build a sandcastle, or pick up some sticks and get them to write their names in the sand.  This will provide lots of opportunities for you to zoom in and get some really natural shots, while they play – and shoot them with the sun behind them so they don’t squint when they look up at you. 3.  Try shooting a sequence of shots, rather than just one – often you can produce a set of 3 shots to go together on your wall, as with these shots of reflections in a swimming pool, below. And if you really concentrate on what is in front of you, you often start to see more detail, rather than accepting the first shot you take. 4.  For a really dynamic effect, try tilting your camera at an angle to produce a more interesting effect. 5.  Think about your compostion – there is no right and wrong – it’s a matter of personal taste!  Try moving your camera so your subject is in different areas   of the picture – left, right, centre etc – and shoot them all!   Then decide which one you like best later. If you really love shooting pictures on holiday – give yourself a project!  Think about shooting your own photo book – this will help you concentrate on what you are shooting. So, instead of just taking one shot of something, you can spend more time thinking about how 3 shots would work together on the page of a photobook – it really makes you more creative when you have already decided your pictures are going to be on display! Photobox are now giving you a choice of matt or gloss finish for some of your Wall Decor – images of water, sea and swimming pools for example, look amazing on glossy paper, because the colours look much brighter.  Whilst pictures of old doors & windows look great on matt paper, because it really enhances the textures. Have a great holiday! Annabel x
New Products

Our new Photo Books creation studio

July 12, 2012
Well lately we just can’t stop ourselves, with all of the new features and products we’re adding, we’re on a roll! Over the past few months, we’ve listened to you, the customer and decided it was high time we reached your expectations and continued on our quest to make PhotoBox the best that it can be, and a big part of this was to overhaul our Photo Books creation studio. So we took a look at why people may not find it as easy as it could be and made some really clever changes. For example: The book and your photos are displayed bigger and bolder so it’s much clearer. So clear, in fact, it makes a needle look like The Eiffel Tower! (Just kidding).  You can even choose how big you want the book to be displayed so it’s even easier! Also, when you choose to manually create your Photo Book, you can see an overview of your whole book, and drag and drop the photos as you please.     There are tons more great features and we hope this makes the already exciting experience of turning your moments into memories even better for you. To have a go yourself, just log on to our main site, here. Enjoy!
New Products

Gloss, matt and some questionable sleepwear

July 10, 2012
So you know we have an endless list of great ways to print your photos, but what you probably don’t know is you now have even more options on their finish. That’s right! So now instead of printing your photos in matt with one of our beautiful Mounted Gallery Prints, or in gloss with one of our sturdy, stunning Aluminium Mounted Prints, you now have the option to have both in either matt or gloss! So gone are the days of having no choice, and here are the days of… choose what you like! (Almost, anyway). This option was requested by you, the customer, so it’s great to see this now proudly displayed on our main site. Please keep your suggestions coming and keep your eyes peeled on our main site for more options coming to you very soon. In the mean time, look out for our guest blogger Annabel Williams who will be giving you tips on which kind of photos go well with each print finish. Now if that’s not the cats pajamas, what is?

Instagramers London – The London Instameet in conjunction with PhotoBox

July 4, 2012
This weekend, Photobox were delighted to be able to be amongst those lucky enough to sponsor Instagramers London on their latest London Instameet, a great excuse to get together, walk around the city and take brilliant motography shots to share on the Instagramnetwork. In conjunction with the Department of Friendliness, their mission was to spread a few smiles across London, something they achieved with aplomb.     (Image: @miss_jess) Instagramers are local groups of Instagram users who take their motography that step further, adding a community feel, staging offline events and making the process of motography a shared experience. There are thousands of these groups from all over the world. If you want to find out more about Instagramers London, check out their blog.   (Image: @mahadewa) The Instagramers began in Central London in the early afternoon, before embarking upon one of their epic Instawalks, taking in the sights, taking some great shots and eventually winding up at a bash in Kensington, staged with the help of various sponsors, including PhotoBox. If you want to check out some of the best shots from the day, head on over to Instagram and look through all of the images on the #instameetlondon and #dofpbx hashtags, as well following Instagramers London #IGersLondon. Some of the best shots on the #dofpbx tag will be printed onto some fabulous Photobox products!   (Image – @Londonbird) Great pictures everyone, we’re absolutely loving going through all the snaps from what looked like an amazing day!

PhotoBox Launches Social Fab BETA

June 21, 2012
What kind of Social Fab are you? Well you won’t know that if you don’t know what Social Fab is! Social Fab is a revolution about to take the world of photo printing and sharing by storm so naturally it was created and brought to life by us ;).   But what is Social Fab and how can you be it? Well, Social Fab is a unique service where you can use your Facebook friends’ profile pics and comments to make a one-of-a-kind, super funky piece of photo merchandise to be the envy of all of your mates. Whether you’re a trendy Motographer who likes to take pics on the go using your camera phone, or if you’re a professional who takes great quality, composed snaps, there’s a product that’s got your name on it! (Well, technically it’ll have your pics on it but you get the idea).   So now you can stand out in a crowd like a pink suede elephant at a boxing match by looking cool as a cucumber with your unique QR code T-shirt, which lets people add you as a friend on Facebook just by scanning it! Or, you can even set the trend at the office by showing off your whopping amount of Facebook friends using our super cool Photo Mug! So log on to our Facebook page or our website and answer the burning question- What kind of Social Fab are you?