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Happy Anniversary – the perfect wedding anniversary present!

June 27, 2013
Do you spend ages agonising over what to buy your partner when it comes to your wedding anniversary? Well worry no more! At PhotoBox we understand that giving your partner something they can treasure for years to come is very important, so we have something innovative that will end your struggles once and for all. Recently, whilst scrolling through Pinterest we came across a pin in which a couple had ‘taken a picture, holding a picture from the year before’ – what a great idea! Something like this will allow you to show how your relationship has grown throughout the years you’ve been together and all the different locations you had visited on each of your Anniversaries and more importantly, this is something you can recreate every year – genius! The best thing about this is that EVERYONE can do it! Whether you use your Smartphone, compact or professional camera, it will have the same effect and each individual picture within will be special to you. So if you want to try out this idea and make it your new anniversary tradition, then our framed prints are perfect. You can either use them as a gift for your partner, or create a photo wall where each print represents a year of your life together. Have you ever created a similar product? Do you have any other out-of-the-box ideas to share for celebrating anniversaries? If you do, then please share them with us at the end of the article – we’d really love to hear from you!

How to: decorate your home with prints

June 26, 2013
Frame them! To highlight the quality of your travel prints, you can use a map to create a background and put your print in the center of the frame. The map used can be related to the countries you have visited. You will then be able to make a complete collection with a specific map and print for each country you’ve visited! Use masking tape to hang up your prints Some pictures just haven’t got enough definition to be enlarged and used on a canvas. However, you can hang them on your wall with colourful masking tape (colour adhesive tape) to highlight them. Here are some examples to get some ideas: Create shapes with your prints To decorate your home, you can use prints and create shapes on your wall: a heart (ideal for Valentine’s Day), a square, waves of photos…Unleash your imagination! Here are some examples: How do you use your prints, have you got any other ideas? You can also take a look on our Pinterest for more inspiration!  

Discover our ‘Square Prints’ that are perfect for Instagram

May 25, 2013
Discover a whole new world brought to life, with our ‘Square Prints’ that are perfect for Instagram! Who doesn’t love snapping away on their smartphone, it’s just a way of life now isn’t it? It allows you to capture things on the move, backing you up if you ever forget your digital camera. With many mobile apps out there that let you edit your photographs by adding frames, filters and all sorts, people are reaching for their mobile phone now more than ever, when a photo opportunity arises. So to help you bring all of your shots to life, we are offering a square size photo print at PhotoBox that are perfect for all of your Instagram images. We also offer products perfect for Instagram within our Desk Décor range. Try out the 5×5 Photo Block or the 6×6 Aluminium Photo Panel to spruce up your desk at work or at home. To create your perfect Instagram product, you have two options: – You can transfer your Instagram images straight from PhotoBox Connect (a quick and easy way to transfer your images) OR – You can save your Instagram images on to your computer. You can use software like ‘Instaport’ to download all of your photographs on to your PC. Then you are ready to upload your images to PhotoBox! In order for you to experience this product, we will be offering five fans the opportunity to test our Square Photo Prints. All you need to do is leave a comment on this article and tell us why we should choose you. We will reveal the winner on April 11th. Good Luck!

Countdown to Mother’s Day – 3 Days to go

March 24, 2013
  So the countdown is on… 3 days until Mother’s Day, where breakfast in bed and a thoughtful gift are going to be expected up and down the country. But at PhotoBox we thought we would start enjoying Mother’s Day early, by honouring all the wonderful mothers for everything they do. On Facebook we have been honouring a Mother a Day since Monday, by finding inspirational mothers from science, television and film (so far) and sharing with you their parenting stories both joyful and some upsetting. Life sometimes really isn’t easy for mothers. For example Michelle Heaton (British Pop Singer) who gave birth to her first daughter Faith Michelle, in January 2012. She has since had a double mastectomy and reconstructive breast surgery, whilst staying strong for her daughter and husband when knowing she also has a 30% chance of developing ovarian cancer. Unfortunately her daughter has been given a 50% chance of inheriting her mother’s mutated BRCA2 gene.     But for the likes of Angelina Jolie who may not be going through such hard times, it must still be extremely tough looking after her biological children plus her adopted children. Although some may see her as controversial – it is clear that Jolie and her partner (Brad Pitt) do all they can to give underprivileged children and second lease of life, which cannot be questioned.     So if you’re interested in reading some more inspirational parenting stories then check out our Facebook page – We also have a Mother’s Day Pinterest board that includes loads of great ideas to get you inspired for Mother’s Day, so check out our Pinterest to be inspired: At last, but definitely not least we are getting involved with Mother’s Day on Twitter. Follow us at @PhotoBox and check out the Mother’s day hash tag #PBXMothersDay to get involved.    

Hello, or should I say, G’Day!

October 20, 2012
  So at PhotoBox we want to share our great products with as many ‘Neighbours’ as possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve yet again met the needs of our customers, branched out to somewhat sunnier shores and launched in a new country. So we’re very pleased to say ‘G’day’ to new our new customers and we’re ‘Skippy’ with excitement, but can you tell where it is yet? Yes, we’ve expanded to Australia! We’re so proud to say that our friends down under can now enjoy the same brilliant PhotoBox experience as our UK & Ireland customers. So they’ll be able to feel at home with the same great PhotoBox feel but all of our prices are now in Australian Dollars. Even better than that, we even have exclusive offers just for our Australian customers, plus so much more! Head on over to to upload your photos and start your journey. Have a browse of our brilliant range of products, and I promise we’ve done more than just turn the page upside down! With 30% off your first order when you’ve registered, we’d love to see your photos from down under, and hopefully with a little more sun than we’re having in the UK! Watch this space for our next adventure, it’s exciting times at PhotoBox 🙂