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How to improve your summer photos with filters

August 1, 2013
You see a gorgeous summer image with your naked eyes, and wish to capture this and other summer highlights forever. However, after clicking the button, your photos come out appearing ‘washed out’, overexposed or hazy. If you encounter this problem frequently, feel safe, you are in the majority! Many casual and even pro photographers deal with this situation every summer, and the solution is simple: use camera filters. Here are some of our basic filter tips to help you: Polarising Filters These are incredibly useful for outdoor summer photos, as they make clouds stand out and ‘pop’ from the surrounding blue skies, making them that much more vivid. Your landscape photos will now feature thick, voluminous fluffy clouds. Moreover, unwanted reflections from bodies of water will be eliminated, so water becomes far more transparent. Perfect for those seaside photos! UV and Skylight Filters UV filters are colourless, while Skylight filters are pinkish. They primarily absorb UV rays, to provide a cleaner, sharper photo. If you are photographing by the seaside, river or even in mountainous regions this summer, UV filters are essential in reducing flare. In addition, they keep skin tones neutral, so you can avoid your subjects’ skin tone looking pinkish and blushed. Your kids and friends can now be presented in their best light. Plus, they protect the front element of your lens from scratches and dirt! Neutral Density Filters There is one special use for ND filters on a bright summer day – they allow you to take photos of moving bodies of water like a waterfall, in such a way that a beautiful motion blur or ‘misty’ effect is created, assuming you use a tripod. They also reduce the visibility of fast moving objects, such as people playing volleyball or running around at a beach, so that your main subject (for example your smiling son or daughter), remains at the centre of attention in the photo, if they remain relatively still. You have ‘frozen’ their joyful expressions amidst a blur of summer beach activity. Do you have any further filter tips to share? Have you tried the above filters before and did they help you at all? And most importantly, what are you doing with those pictures? They can’t be trapped/left in your camera?  

Tips for taking Group Snaps

July 22, 2013
“Everyone squeeze in!” is the familiar phrase heard whenever you’re taking or being part of a group photograph. Creating a group shot is never as easy as it first seems – so we have come up with a few pointers to help you attain that perfect group photo. Zoom in If your surroundings aren’t that great, then zoom in on your group and just get a head shot. Sometimes these can be a lot more effective, because you have a more intimate photograph with your subjects. Change perspective Try standing on a chair (or something similar), which is a really useful vantage point when taking a large group shot. Get them all to look up at the camera as you’re perched up high, ‘say CHEESE’ and there you have a great group photograph. Take your photos outside Once you get outside, your light conditions will be far improved, as long as you are not in direct sunlight! This means you have a greater variety of backdrops and space to work with, which will make your photo taking experience far easier. Take more than one The more photographs you take, the more likely you are to grab the perfect shot – and the more you take, the more comfortable the group you’re photographing will become. Timing Timing definitely is everything when you’re taking a group photograph – in just a second one of your subjects could blink, move or turn their head away. So you need to carefully observe the group, and know exactly when to push that button. And more importantly… HAVE FUN! Once you’ve found a great group shot that you’re proud of, bring it to life on a PhotoBox product and wait for the WOW factor at the next group gathering! Do you have any further tips for creating great group snaps? If you do, please share them with us at the end of this blog piece.

Baby Crazy – ideas from PhotoBox

July 16, 2013
With the birth of the Royal Baby imminent and people waiting on the edge of their seats for the big announcement – we round up the best PhotoBox baby gifts that will have everyone ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’. To celebrate Baby’s First Year Nothing helps show off everything that happened in your new baby’s first year like a Photobook – a beautiful keepsake that captures all your best moments and can be treasured for years to come. They’re even something to revisit when your babies grow into toddlers, then into adolescents and adults and these Photobooks can be passed down through the generations. Never be apart Sometimes you have to be away from your new baby, whether it be work or something similar. So we have the solution that means you’ll never be apart again – our smartphone cases. Whether you have a Samsung or an iPhone, you can create your very own case to your personal taste. Create a collage, add a colour background, or experiment with loads of different fonts – the result: a completely personal and unique case. Something nice and cuddly No baby’s bedroom would be the same without a beautiful, soft teddy for them to grow up with – but how about a Photo Teddy? Add whatever photograph you fancy onto teddies t-shirt, to make something totally personalisable and unique. Something for the family If you’ve got a lot of family members and friends whom you want to share the birth with, then why not create some Photo Keyrings. Quick, easy and effective – give them a keepsake that will help them cherish that beautiful memory whenever they reach for their keys. For the nursery Finally, why not brighten the walls of your new baby’s nursery with something a little different – like a Canvas Print? We offer three different types: Lite, Classic and Premium. They also come in many different shapes and sizes, so there is a perfect fit for every room. Did you create anything similar for your child’s birth? Do you have any different suggestions?

Bring your desk to life!

July 5, 2013
Is your desk at work or home looking dull, and desperately needs bringing to life? Our vast range of Desk Décor products are perfect for brightening up your desk in a quick, user-friendly way, to provide greater depth and intensity to your most precious memories. Whether your preference is for something classic or modern, formal or playful, rectangular or square, there is something for everyone! Family Photos Give the family picture that sits pride of place on the mantelpiece some additional zing with the Aluminium Photo Panel. Black and white images also work well, bringing an excellent sharpness to your favourite family photographs. Instagram Photos Our Photo Block is a great option for those cherished Instagram snaps. It is a very simple but effective way of showing your photos off in all their glory, with the choice of either a black or white back. They also come in a whole range of different sizes… Editor’s tip: the 5×5 size is perfect for Instagram shots. What kind of photos do you use to decorate your desk? What’s your favourite product from our Desk Décor range? Let us know.

More Home Decor Tips from PhotoBox!

July 4, 2013
For a cool crafty look, create a simple yet effective gallery on your wall for next to nothing and in the blink of an eye. Using PhotoBox 6” x 4.5” prints, some coloured tape, string, micro-pegs and a bit of imagination. In just a few minutes and some creativity, you can construct a fun and eye catching hanging wall! Select which part of the room you wish to create your mini gallery, and measure the wall space accurately Cut a piece of sting a few inches longer than the space itself, to allow the string to droop slightly, in a nice curve Pick 4 or 5 pictures and space them equidistantly on a table, along the piece of string Clip each photo to the string using the micro-pegs Using the coloured tape, glue each end to the wall Stand back and admire 🙂 !