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World Book Day – celebrating the story behind the photo – part 1

March 5, 2014
You don’t have to be a professional writer, artist or photographer to be a great storyteller, all you have to do is tap into your imagination and celebrate the special moments and captured emotions that make your story unique. Here at PhotoBox, we believe that there is a certain wonder and story behind every photograph taken, and to celebrate World Book Day tomorrow – the 6th March, we have gathered together some of our favourite customer creations that tell a story in a unique and exciting way, to give you some inspiration for your next creation. But first, what is World Book Day? Now in its 17th year, World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators and most importantly, it’s a celebration of stories. Introduced by UNESCO (a group of lovely volunteers in the fields of education, culture, the sciences and communication) to encourage reading. Click here to learn more and see how you can get involved. Why not share your story with friends and family through one of our personalised photo books? You can either use real life events or made up narratives, to create a book to revisit the special and personal stories that happen in life. Here are some of our favourite photo book stories from our customers to provide you with some inspiration… The adventure story – Daddy, The Ogre, And Us, by Gemma McKenzie This Square Hardcover Photobook is one of the most creative and imaginative storys that we have come across at PhotoBox. A bedtime fantasy tale that describes the trials and tribulations that beautiful baby Princess Kate and brave toddle Knight Charlie, had to go through to free their Daddy from an evil ogre that kidnapped him and held him hostage in its shed-castle. Charlie starts his adventure by travelling far and wide, from a tiresome trek through the dessert (a photograph from a family holiday at the beach), to fighting off crazy chickens (a photograph from a trip to the farm), while of course eating ice cream to keep up his strength. Unfortunately, the ogre used its magic to seal Charlie in a toy box – so it was up to Princess Kate to save them both. Princess Kate jumped aboad her trusty steed Turka (the family dog) to reach the ogre, then melted it with her beautiful smile – saving Daddy from the shed-castle and Knight Charlie from the toy box. Technique: Gemma selected precious photos of her children and used her imagination to turn them into a magical story photo book, in which her children were the heroes – a fantastic mix of reality and fantasy all rolled into one. The family story – On The Day I was Born, by Gemma Sutcliff This beautifully created Square Hardcover Photobook, tells the personal story of bouncing baby Addison Sutcliff. Beginning as a romance novel, the book begins by illustrating the story of Mummy, Daddy and how they both fell in love and started a family. The main character in the story is

How to decorate your walls with photographs

March 4, 2014
Today award-winning interiors writer Jen Stanbrook from blog Love Chic Living is back. Here she shares her top tips and ideas for decorating your walls with photographs – over to you Jen… One of my most favourite things in the world is to use my photographs creatively to decorate the walls of my home. I love to use my most treasured images to create interesting and unusual collages and displays, adding finishing touches to my décor and room schemes and I would really like to encourage you to have a go at doing this too. It’s also a really inexpensive way to liven up your walls, which can be personal and unique to you and your family. The way we decorate our homes should be an extension of our personality and the more we embrace this idea the more effective our interior design will be. Using your own photographs, personal portraits or favourite landscapes and turning them into wonderful wall art, is exactly how to create a home that’s perfect for you. Image: Martha Stewart Display Tips and Ideas There are lots of ways to use your photographs to create interesting wall art. To begin with, you can simply frame your favourite images and hang them in a display on an empty wall. This technique is great and will suit lots of décor styles, but why not be a little more creative when organising your display. Creative Photograph Displays We take so many photos these days on our phones and cameras but don’t always take the time to get them printed. Many we never look at again. Why not get your photos printed and create arty, innovative displays in old, empty photo frames likes these? Image: Etsy Picture Shelf Why not use a Picture Shelf like the one below?  Begin by framing your photos in different sized frames, and then line them up in an ad-hoc style across the shelf for an eclectic look. The range of frame sizes stops the display from looking too ordered and provides a more natural look – even if you’ve spent hours arranging them in a certain way. This idea is a perfect way to use the PhotoBox Timeless Framed Print, particularly if you want to achieve a modern, contemporary look. The flat, sleek look of the Aluminium Mounted Print would also be incredible in this setting too. Image: House to Home Top Tip: Create a point of uniformity in any wall art display. In the example above, all the images are black and white helping the creation to hang together. You can also use the same colour frames, or mounts – using one or two colours within the display will create the theme. Wall Collages Creating your very own wall collage has become very popular in recent years and there are many ways you can achieve this. Some people like to follow layout rules and guidelines, however I’m a little more reckless and like to build the display from just one picture. As

The Old Men

February 28, 2014
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Tips on Wildlife Photography

February 26, 2014
Today we introduce you to Lynne Newton – an avid PhotoBox fan, Somerset habitant and wildlife photographer. Lynne will be sharing some of her great wildlife photography and tips below, with a majority of the photos in her portfolio having been taken around the area of the Somerset Levels. As many of us know, there has been severe flooding in South-West England, and Lynne is involved in a charity auction to help raise money for those affected. Lynne is auctioning off her most famous photograph, ‘A Murmuration of Starlings’ at the auction, which will be taking place at Othery Village Hall, at the Somerset Levels on Friday 21st March 2014. She will also be auctioning a collection of her images in a PhotoBox photobook too. Over to you Lynne… My name is Lynne Newton and I live in the stunning county of Somerset where I spend much of my time photographing wildlife and nature. Sadly, the Somerset Levels where most of my wildlife pictures are taken is suffering from flooding so extensive it’s hard to describe. Village after village has been hit, and the water continues to rise as I speak. However, the community here is strong and residents along with volunteers from far and wide have been resilient and continue to fight on in a way that I cannot explain! About my photography: I have always had a passion for the countryside, but over the last seven years I have taken my love of nature a step further, by re-kindling a hobby from years gone by. I am now a Wildlife Photographer! There are three words that I use to describe my photography and me, and they are: PASSION       PATIENCE         PERSEVERANCE If you can relate to these words, you may well be successful with wildlife photography and if not, then you will need buckets of luck! If you are thinking about giving wildlife photography a try, here are a few top tips: 1)     Look up your local Wildlife Trust and find out what creatures you have in your area. The wildlife on offer will vary from one nature reserve to another. This is due to many creatures having specific habitats that they rely on for their food source. For example, you may find that a particular butterfly will only survive on one specific plant to feed and lay its eggs on. This plant may only be in flower for a few weeks, so it is important for the photographer to be aware of the short time that the species of butterfly will be around for. 2)     Invest in a few identification guides. I would suggest one for birds, one for mammals and one for butterflies and insects. 3)     If you have a garden, start off there – you’ll be surprised at how many creatures are living under your nose when you take the time to look. This will build up your confidence for your first field trip out into the big wide wild world! Here is a selection of