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DIY Christmas tree decoration

December 15, 2016
Tinsel and baubles are all well and good for decorating your Christmas tree, but what about giving it a personal touch? We’ve come up with a super easy DIY project that only requires a packet of Retro Prints, some string and mini pegs (in our DIY kits) that will have your tree looking great in no time! First up, choose your favourite photos from your pack of Retro Prints. Next, unravel the string and peg them on with equal spacing between each photo. You can add an extra special touch by intertwining fairy lights with the string! Et voila, it’s done!  (We told you it was super easy). Not only does this add some originality to your Christmas tree but guests will love spotting their face on one of the prints. Another fun activity you can all enjoy over the Christmas period is letting friends and family write a little message or caption on the retro print featuring them. Then, you will have a truly unique, tree which has been personalised by all your loved ones! Watch our video below to see how it’s done.

Download our free Christmas photo booth props

December 9, 2016
What’s more fun than taking family photos around Christmas time? There will always be that one family member busting to get into the shot, whilst another will shy away from the camera. Retaking photos until everyone’s eyes are open and making sure the dog stays still. Do these moments sounds familiar? Why not make these photos a little more fun by downloading and printing your own photo booth props? Follow these 3 simple steps to add some extra cheer to your Christmas snaps. Step 1: Download your Christmas photo booth accessories You can view and download all your Christmas photo booth props here. From elf hats and cute penguin masks, to Santa’s beard and carrot noses, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Step 2: Print your Christmas photo booth props To print your props, the ideal choice of paper would be a slighter thicker kind of paper (180 grams minimum) this way they will last over the entire Christmas season. However if you don’t have any thicker paper, regular A4 printing paper is okay too, however they may be more prone to tear. Our downloadable PDF should be printed in “actual size”. They should come out of the printer in the right size, ready to be cut. Don’t forget to print them in colour to see the full effect in your photos! Step 3: Add the finishing touches Once you have printed your props, carefully cut around the different shapes with a pair of scissors. Be sure to cut in the lines! Lastly, in order to hold up the props to your face you will need some sort of stick. Have a look around the house. Get creative. From chopsticks, to pens and pieces of cardboard anything goes! Secure the cut out onto the stick with some sellotape and voila, they are ready for the photo shoot. Have fun with it! Merry Christmas!  


November 22, 2016
XLP are a registered charity at the cutting edge of urban youth work in London. They are an amazing organisation who work incredibly hard to create positive futures for young people. Currently, XLP has projects dealing with a wide variety of issues including gang culture, anger management and violence, poverty, prejudice, racism and image and identity. Normally run in schools, XLP also work across 22 inner London estates to help young people confront many of the issues they face in our communities today. In fact, we love what they do so much for our local community that The Smile Foundation, a cross brand Charity of Photobox, Moonpig and Sticky9 employees, is proud to support them. We just did the National 3 Peaks Challenge and raised over £30K! And continue to support them with initiatives like this year’s Christmas Card donation scheme. Make someone’s Christmas and create your very own personalised Christmas cards to send out to friends and family. You will have the freedom to select the design of your choice, add your own pictures and add your own text. They are available in packs of 10 in A5 and A6 sizes. Help us reach our £20K target this Christmas by buying your Christmas cards at Photobox. A pound from every purchase will go towards XLP. This year, send them a card that will make the mantelpiece. To learn more information on the amazing work XLP do, check out their website


November 3, 2016
Remember how exciting advent calendars were when we were kids? A chocolate a day for 24 days… We wanted it to be Christmas forever! Well, we have new and exciting way to make advent calendars fun again. It’s time to get your creative hats on this Christmas and get started on your crafty calendar. DIY your way into their hearts and show them you care by going that extra mile by making your own, more personal advent calendar. Here is what you’ll need: Our free printable Christmas envelopes A pack of our Retro Prints with DIY Kit option (stripy string and cute pegs included) Hanger (optional) Start by folding the printed sheets as per the instructions– make sure all 24 of them are there! Then fill each envelope with a small item. We would suggest a retro print where you can write a custom message on the photograph. Alternatively, a hand written note in each envelope is a lovely way to get woken up, during those cold December mornings. However, you may also want to surprise your loved one with little gifts such as sweets, chocolate and anything else that might fit inside the envelope. Just make sure it’s not too heavy. There are several ways you can display your advent calendar. You can hang them on a hanger with string and mini pegs as shown in our version above. On the other hand, you can peg them across a piece of string like bunting to hang across a wall, mantelpiece or Christmas tree . Or if you really wanted to go down the personal route, you could hand them directly to the recipient each day leading up to Christmas Eve. Watch our video below to see exactly how it’s done. Go on, make someone’s Christmas and have a crack at this crafty advent calendar.

Happy Halloween from PhotoBox!

October 26, 2016
With Halloween almost upon us, we decided it was time for things to get a little scary around here…all tricks, no treats! Just like our friends do across the pond, we thought of simple ways to get you ready for the frightful occasion. First up – what better way to surprise someone than when they are just about to sit down & enjoy a nice cup of tea? Our Magic Mugs are the most spook-tacular way to do just that. These mischievous mugs look like any other plain black mug as they sit innocently in the cupboard, but as soon as hot water touches them, they begin to reveal the terrifying images below… We’ve chosen a rather scary zombie & a slightly sweeter Sugar Skull to surprise our unsuspecting family & friends. You could choose to use anything from a pumpkin to your favourite fancy dress outfit! If you’re not in the mood to terrify those around you, spell it out with our Mug Collection – like we did above. What are your favourite ways to Halloween-ify your house?