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Decorate your mantelpiece this Christmas with Love Chic Living

December 16, 2014
Interior Design blogger, Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living, shows how you can decorate your Christmas home using PhotoBox products. Jen has used: Snow Globes  Christmas Cards Collage Canvas

The Three Kings

December 16, 2014
The Three Kings follow the PhotoBox star with a very special gift… Create your own personalised phone case here

A Clear Case of Christmas Cheer

December 16, 2014
If you haven’t met yet, then let us introduce you to our fantastic new clear cases for iPhone 5/5s – the ideal Christmas gift for the loved one in your life who is constantly chopping and changing their mind or style. You can design a range of different stickers to use with the case, and chop and change them as you please. The clear case gives you the opportunity to change your case with the seasons, the weather, or even your mood. We’ve chosen a few festive photos and picked our favourite ways to make this case even more unique, by getting crafty and adding a little bit of sparkle…imagination required! Idea #1 – Make it sparkle You won’t find anything that says ‘festive’ like gold glitter does – we’ve added rather more than a sprinkling along the edge of one of our stickers. The best part? The clear case will protect you from getting glitter everywhere whenever you take a call! One of our PhotoBox team members also came up with the great idea of adding sparkle using star & number stickers..easy peasy, and perhaps not quite so messy. Idea #2 – A little Washi tape can go a long way   Never heard of washi tape? Well it’s about time you did. Available in tons of different patterns – from stripes to polka dots, and even floral print – this tiny roll of tape packs a crafty punch. We’ve picked a few of our favourite summer pics so far to match with the pale blue background. Add in some blue chevron tape to match and you’ve got a case that will see you through till Valentines day (when it’s time to change again!) Idea #3 – Diamantes, darling We’ve had customised cases with diamantes before, and have always found they fall off within seconds of us using our phone. Not anymore – add a sprinkling of diamantes underneath, above or on your favourite snap & the clear case will protect them from falling off. Brilliant! Idea #4 – Pom Poms Take what you think about pom poms & forget it – they aren’t just for clowns and wooly hats your Grandma has knitted you. Believe us when we say, they work rather well on a phone case. Don’t believe us…take a look for yourself.   Would you think about doing some crafty DIY on your clear case? Let us know what you’d add in the comments below…    

Make your own Instagram Advent Calendar

December 12, 2014
  Hands up if you’re an Instagram-a-holic? Us too. We’ve lost count of the amount of pictures we’ve snapped and filtered this year. It’s now the beginning of December, so we have decided to combine our favourite photos with one of our favourite Christmas traditions – the advent calendar. In true crafty-style, this can be created at home and doesn’t require too much work – we recommend a Sunday afternoon with some mulled wine and a festive film on in the background. What you’ll need: 1 x Empty A2 Frame 1 x ball of string or twine 25 x small envelopes (coloured or plain, your choice) 25 x small wooden pegs 25 x your favourite Instagram shots to use on our 5 x 5 prints Pins Box of your favourite chocolates / sweets…you’ll need to save at least 25! Number stencils Paint – any colour Glitter – any colour Step 1: Using the stencils and envelopes, paint numbers 1 – 25 on your envelopes. Leave to one side to dry. Step 2: Using the string or twine, measure from one side of the frame to the other, cut and secure tightly with pins. Step 3: Fill each envelope with a treat of your choice (make sure you’ve got something extra special for the 25th!). Pair each envelope up with a print – we’ve chosen prints from throughout the year, but you could go with a particular theme, like all Christmas photos, or photos of your child’s favourite toys. Step 4: Decide whether you want your advent calendar to go in a random or numerical order. We’ve gone for a mixed up look but it’s completely up to you. Clip each envelope, with a print behind it, onto the string using the small wooden pegs. Ta-da! You’re all done As you countdown the days, turn the prints around and clip in front of the envelopes. You’ll be able to remind yourself of all the fun you had in 2014 every time you turn a print around and countdown the days till Christmas. Finally… Display your Instagram Advent Calendar where the whole family can admire it and get involved. We’ve added a string of fairy lights around the outside of ours – you could try tinsel, or even holly branches. Order your prints here, and get started on your very own photo advent calendar.

How To: Add pompoms to your Photo Cushions

December 3, 2014
You may have seen that we launched our lovely new range of photo cushions last month. We’ve had help from interior design blogger, Love Chic Living, on the best way to style our sofa using the cushions, so we decided to come up with a DIY idea of our own – adding pom poms! The idea is so simple, and you can even get your kids involved making the pom poms. All you’ll need for this project is… Photo Cushions – as many as you like Wool – in any colour A needle & thread Scissors Cardboard Step 1: Start by cutting circles out of the cardboard – the larger the circle, the larger the pom pom. Simply wrap the wool around the cardboard in a circular motion, when you can’t fit anymore wool through the centre of the cardboard, tie a knot and then cut around the outside edge of the pom pom. Top tip: Wrap a piece of wool around the middle of the pom pom to keep it secure. You can fluff it up using a (clean!) fork. Feel free to follow this super simple tutorial video here. Step 2: Repeat step 1 four times until you have 4 pom poms. Now, it’s time to start sewing! Sew each pom pom into the corner of the cushion – ta da, you’re done!     Is this something you’d try? What colour scheme would you go for? Let us know in the comments below…