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Celebrating Dads at the National Portrait Gallery

June 21, 2015
Dad’s are unique – just like works of art. That’s what we think anyway, and we wanted to come up with a special way to show Dads just how much they mean to their loved ones. We came up with a plan – for one night only, we would host an exclusive exhibition at the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London, where the Dads of the nation would be hung alongside the likes of David Beckham, Kate Middleton and the Queen. To find Dads worthy of the honour, we asked PhotoBox fans on social media to share photos of the Dad in their life with us. There were 3 categories – ‘Dad Loves…’, ‘Fun with Dad’ and ‘Favourite photo of Dad’. The first two categories were judged by journalists from the Guardian and the Telegraph, while the final category was judged by hundreds of PhotoBox employees and from our friends at our sister brands Moonpig & Sticky9, everyone had 3 votes each to use wisely. So we had our winners – what next? Oh not much…we just had to print and create an exhibition in 4 days, no big deal. On Wednesday 10th June, we arrived at the gallery just as the final tourists were leaving for the day, and we watched as it was turned into our very own Dad Gallery – read on to find out more from the winners and see how it turned out on the night… The entrance to the National Portrait Gallery, plus the view inside the gallery Our winning customers… Winners Elysia and Josh (who together, make up Ellie and Josh photography) travelled down from Buxton for the event, and were extremely excited to see their photo ‘Oscar and Josh’  in our Dad Gallery. The story behind the photo made our hearts melt as well… ‘’Hi I’m Oscar, and this is Josh (he’s the big one) and he has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Even though he’s not my biological Dad, he has always treated me like his own Son. He looks after me whilst my Mum goes to work (she’s a wedding photographer, something she started doing when I was born- she says I am her mini muse!) He met my Mum when they were both at school and she says that if I grow into half the man that Josh is that she’ll be real proud. Josh loves lots of things, he loves my mum and he loves climbing, star wars, cups of tea and loads of other stuff I think is boring… but he says the thing that he loves most in the entire world is ME! :D’’ Customer Kathryn Giornail with her Dad’s portrait – ‘1950s Italian in London’ Kathryn’s portrait just screamed ‘cool’ to all of the PhotoBox team, and was one of the most commented on photos during the voting process. Kathryn’s description of the photo made us love it even more… ”My fab dad – over from Italy and hanging out in the Italian

Father’s Day Collage Canvas

June 12, 2015
Last week, we showed you how use your old, printed photos of your Dad to create a photo book that he’ll love. This week, we wanted to create a gift that’s a bit more ‘look-at-me’ that Dad can hang on his wall. Read on to find out our tips on making a collage canvas for Father’s Day.. Father’s Day Collage Canvas What you’ll need A selection of photos, old (printed) & new (digital) A DSLR or digital camera – a smartphone with a high quality camera will also work too Access to a computer or laptop Step 1: Pick out a mix of 3-5 of your favourite old photos and newer digital ones. You could choose a theme for the canvas before you start creating – we had lots of photos of trips to the beach, and used 2 older photos & one Instagram shot to show this off. Lay out your old photos individually on a plain background – a wooden table or (clean!) floor works well – and use your camera to take a photo…of a photo, ensuring you crop as near as possible to the original photo.   Top tip: Use the manual setting on your camera to ensure you’re getting the best focus for each photo – this will mean you have a high quality image to upload to PhotoBox before creating your canvas Step 2: Upload your ‘photos of photos’ to a new PhotoBox album, alongside your recent digital shots – you can even upload from Instagram or Facebook if you like.  Select the size of collage canvas that works best for you’ve – we’ve gone with a 16” x 16” square canvas, as we thought it suited the photos we had the best. Step 3: Using the PhotoBox studio, you’ve got the option to choose from lots of different layouts for your canvas. You can click on one of the pre-designed options, or even use the aperture button to create a design that works best for the shape and size of the images you’ve chosen. Top Tip: If you do decide to create your own layout, use our red guidelines to make sure the images are spaced evenly on the canvas   Top tip: Use our illustrations & text feature to add a little message to your Dad – a present & a card all in one! Make sure you check the quality of each photo before you save and order your canvas. Good quality photos will have a green smiley face next to them, average quality (which will still print out at an okay quality) will have an orange face, and low quality (red, unhappy face) will not print well. Once you’re happy with your layout and quality, you’re ready to order! Sit back & relax with a cup of tea and get ready to be crowned the best son / daughter / grandchild around – no need to thank us!

Turn Dad’s tech into a work of art with Maybush Studio

June 9, 2015
This Father’s Day, we want to turn the nations’ dads into works of art. Whether that’s a special photo on a mug, or their child’s favourite drawing saved forever. We challenged craft blogger, Maybush Studios & (v.cute) son, Theo, to see how they could turn Dad into a work of art this Father’s Day. Over to you, Clare… ”Ever since my Mum made me create my first homemade birthday card, I have had a bit of a thing about personalised gifts and I try and make them whenever possible. So when Photobox challenged my three year-old son Theo to use his artistic skills to create a Father’s Day gift, I thought it would be a really fun project. The idea was to get Theo to draw a portrait of his Daddy and to print that on one of the many gifts Photobox makes. When we put some time aside to sit down together, with a photo of Daddy as a guide and Mummy to give him a little bit of steering (“Draw a circle for Daddies face”) Theo managed to create a pretty good picture. Of course he is still a little impetuous with the felt-tip pens, so after he’d drawn his two masterpieces, I scanned them in to the computer and did a little bit of tidying up… mainly removing the red scarf that Daddy had decided to wear across his nose and the pencil guidelines I gave him for the size of the iPad cover we were aiming for. Then we uploaded the pictures and added some text overlay. We chose folding iPad cover which fitted with Daddy’s existing iPad back and an iPhone case. Apparently Daddy already gets sympathetic looks on the train as the back of his iPad is covered in stickers, so we thought embellishing the front would really complete the look! A few days later our creations arrived… Theo and I thought they were great, but the real test was to see what Daddy thought of them!? Although Fathers Day isn’t until June 21st, we decided to give these to him early. Would they be a 5 minute novelty or would he actually like them as much as we did? I am pleased to say he loved them and has been using them ever since. We had such fun creating them and it’s lovely that Theo was able to be properly involved in making a gift for his Daddy. This might well be the beginning of an annual tradition. What can we personalise next?” Thanks, Clare & Theo! We can’t wait to try this idea for ourselves. What product would you use to turn Dad into a work of art? You can see more of Clare’s work & blog here or follow her on Twitter @Maybushstudio

Our top 6 gift picks for Father’s Day

June 6, 2015
With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time to start thinking about what to give your Dad as a gift. Don’t fret too much – this year, we’ve got lots of ideas for you to turn into an amazing gift for Dad. Whether he’s a brand new Dad, or an experienced old hand, we’ve got something to show him he’s a one of a kind masterpiece. We’ve gathered our favourite ideas for you below, and promise that there’s definitely something to make Dad smile this Father’s Day….   Dad Photo Book From £27.99 What better way to show him you care than to show off his loves, hobbies and best moments in a photo book? Featuring a cut out of ‘Dad’ on the front (for his favourite photos to peek through, of course), this photo book starts from 26 pages and goes up to 100, so you can be as snap happy as you like… Photo Blocks From £11.99 Brighten up Dad’s desk or workshop with a photo block featuring the people he loves the most. There are plenty of different sizes and layouts to choose from – the only hard part is picking just one of his favourite photos to feature! Cases From £14.99 His most recent holiday, a family picnic or his best friend – Doug the Pug – give him a gift that lets him take his favourite faces and places with him wherever he goes. Available for iPhone and Samsung mobile, as well as the iPad and iPad Mini.   Magnets From £3.99 Give Dad’s fridge a makeover using his most favourite photos. You could spell out his name or even add quotes from his favourite film. Or why not add his little princess’ drawing, so it never falls off the fridge again? Available in a range of sizes – from square to standard photo print size.  Wall Art From £7   Turn his favourite photos into works of art with a canvas or poster print. There are several types to choose from, including different collage templates. You can even choose to have your photos printed on aluminium or wood. Photo Keyrings From £5.15 Make sure he never loses his keys again by popping a photo keyring with his nearest and dearest on them. Available as a pack of three. So, now we’ve given you some ideas, it’s up to you to get creating. We’d love to see what you make – share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook or Instagram page…as long as Dad isn’t going to see!

Behind the Scenes: Our Father’s Day TV Ad

June 1, 2015
If you’re very observant, you might have seen our latest, and very exciting, Father’s Day TV ads on the small screen. The PhotoBox and Wordley team spent 2 days in Cardiff setting up and creating the ad. Featuring Dad’s from the 70’s, 80’s and now teaching their kid’s to ride their bikes, it was certainly a lot of fun to film. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite ‘behind the scene’ snaps for you, plus a chance to see the full ad for on to find out more! Day 1 Day one, and the weather had taken a turn for the worse in Cardiff, with belting rain & gusting winds being the order for the day. Luckily for us, we were shooting entirely indoors  for the day! Arriving early, the team certainly made their prescence known in the house, with just about every room being filled with various team members, lights, costumes and more… We've just had a very special (and well behaved!) on-set visitor….🐕🐶🐕 A post shared by PhotoBox UK (@photoboxuk) on May 6, 2015 at 7:21am PDT We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a very cute special guest. They say that you should never work with children or animals, but luckily Liv & Chance were both fantastic! Day 2 Day 2 saw us in rather glamorous location (complete with swimming pool), and thankfully the sun was shining for us. There were sighs of relief all around Cardiff, as all of our shooting was happening outside.  The beautiful location for Day 2, featuring an authentic 70’s Ford Capri We had such a great collection of bikes on the shoot. Any guesses as to which bike fits which era (with one extra bike for luck!)? Our first set up for the day was the 70’s Dad teaching his little girl to ride her bike – our 70’s Dad had arrived with an impressive beard, which needed to be primped and preened into an even more impressive moustache. Before… …and after       Adriana checking she got her shot just right… Next up, it was time for a trip to the park, and the sun was really shining by now. With the weather on our side, we only had to contend with several flocks of geese trying to get in on our shot, as well as a few friendly park-goers! Modern day Dad & daughter, (plus mum & Chance the dog) in the park    Our very cute special guest back for Day 2 Now on to our third and final set up for the day – 80’s time!         80’s outfit detail – some subtle, some not so much! Do you remember your Dad wearing a similar outfit in the 80’s?   Red rehearsing his bike scene, watching on the monitor, and the very tropical looking set – we promise this is still in Cardiff! We don’t want to give anything else away, so we’ll just cut to the grand finale – our latest TV