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A Moment in Time in England & Wales

August 20, 2015
It has never been so easy to take images of momentous occasions in our lives as it is today. Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones, we can now see every picture we take before we print/share them. Long gone are the days where we would take a camera film into a shop to be processed and then wait expectantly for our pictures to be developed, only to find many of them are no good because they are blurry or the subject’s head has been chopped off. At Photobox we see a vast array of images capturing important moments in the lives of our customers. This infographic reveals the number of life defining events which have taken place in the UK in recent years and highlights the different ways we share pictures with others.  

Inspiration: Your summer photos on cushions

August 17, 2015
We may be biased, but one of the best things about using your own photos to create a gift or product, is that it gives us a chance to dive back into photos we may have taken weeks, months or years ago. There’s nothing we like more than taking the time to scroll through our (sometimes…) carefully organised digital photo albums, and discover hidden gems that we’d completely forgotten about. Most recently, we scrolled all the way back to our time in Nevada, Utah, the Grand Canyon…and then on to Amsterdam, Portugal, Scotland and finally, New York, to find our perfect shots for this ‘traveller photo cushion’ project. These photo cushions are a great way to add a splash of colour and interest to an otherwise plain, boring sofa. They are also a great way to show off your travel photos to any visitors you have! Top tip: Use text boxes (or circles) to add where you visited and the date. We chose varying sizes of photo cushions, from small to large, and chose bright and dark colours that worked well together. The best thing about the photo cushions is that you can change them with the seasons – we’re already thinking of which photos we want to use next!  Where have you travelled to that you’d like to include on a photo cushion? Let us know in the comments below…  

Weddings: Looking beautiful on your big day

August 14, 2015
Wedding season is well and truly in full swing, and we asked one of our favourite wedding photographers, Elysia, to share some of her insider knowledge with us. So if you’re a bride (or groom!) getting married soon, or just a guest who wants to make sure they look good in all of the photos, read on to find out how… ”Every wedding I’ve been to has been vastly different – from extravagant themed weddings to intimate civil ceremonies; and every bride has been totally unique too. But one thing every bride that ever was has in common is wanting to look beautiful on their wedding day… I’ve come up with my top tips that I tell the brides I work with – have a read, and I assure you will look beautiful on your wedding day (and everyday)! Let Your Guard Down Most of us might think we do a pretty good job of hiding our emotions. We put on a front most of the time, we’re conscious of how we appear to others and what we want to portray – It’s normal. But no matter how good at faking it we are, our faces and bodies can’t help but show how we truly feel, even if just for a split second. Fortunately, my camera is capable of capturing those split second moments! When our guard is down, we show our real emotion. Real joy, fear, laughter, TRUE love, happiness. Capturing that, seeing those moments in front of my eyes, evokes emotion in me – even though I don’t really have a relationship with the people I’m photographing. Because it’s beautiful. It’s real and it’s raw and it’s honest and there is nothing more beautiful than that. If you let your guard down and don’t worry about how you look in front of the camera, and embrace the moment you are in right there and then, then you will look beautiful. Be You (And Happy With You) We’ve already established that real moments are beautiful, and the same rules apply that real is beautiful. I’m not trying to put hair and makeup artists out of business, I think it’s nice to take pride in your appearance and I’d certainly want to make an extra effort to feel beautiful on my wedding day. But don’t try to be something you’re not, be comfortable in your own skin and accept what you look like when you’re not posing for a selfie. We can all make ourselves look however we desire with decent make up and hairdressing skills (I’ve seen Youtube videos of a man who made himself look exactly like Beyonce, seriously you’d never know the difference!) good lighting, good angles, styling, and of course Photoshop.   We can change ourselves into whatever we want to be. We live in a day and age where we have more choice than ever, and we can spend lots of money modifying our appearance, striving to reach the unattainable perfection that we believe is

Around The World in 80 Photos – D.I.Y Photo World Map

August 10, 2015
With Summer practically over, we’ve been reminiscing on the fantastic photos that we took on our travels in 2014. We wanted a way to display our photos that was a little out of the ordinary – something special that reminded us of the fantastic times that we had and the wonderful places we visited. We wanted to go BIG with displaying our photos and make it a real centre piece for everyone to admire (and admire they did!). For our World map photo project, you’ll need: A world map Travel photos – whether these are your own or images from your ‘bucket list’ of places to travel to. These can be printed in a variety of sizes – it’s completely up to you! Coloured pins String or twine Blu-tac All in all, this project should take around 2-3 hours – but the beauty is you can keep adding and adding the more you travel. Let’s begin! Step 1: Pin or blu-tac your map to a wall – depending on the size of the map & amount of pictures you have, you’ll want to leave around 30cm of space (if possible) around each edge. Step 2: Arrange your photos at random on a table, a select one to begin with. We found that a ‘close your eyes and point’ method worked best for us. Now comes the tricky part…finding the country on the map! Just kidding – we’re sure you’re smart enough & didn’t have to use Google Maps like us. Position your photo around the edge of the map and secure with blu-tac. Where you place it is completely up to you, we’ve gone for quite a random variation, with some photos near the country they were taken in, and some on the opposite side of the map. Step 3: Using twine or string, measure the distance between your chosen photo and the country it was taken in, cut to length. Using a coloured pin, secure one end of the string to the map, placing it in the correct country. Secure the other end of the string with blu-tac behind the photo – this works best if the string is taut against the map. Repeat for all photos until you have an even spread around the edge of the map. Top tip: If you have currency left over from your trip, secure small amounts behind the relevant photos or on the map for extra impact. This could also be done with ticket stubs or any mementos you have leftover from your trip. Step 4: Stand back and admire! There are so many different variations that can be creating using this idea – we mostly used our standard 6’x4’ prints, with some cropped to fit, but when we add to the map we’ll be trying some different sizes and styles, like our retro prints. We also had the opportunity to use an A1 sized map, but this project could be done on a smaller scale using an A3 map as well.

The Football Photo Wall by Alex Emery

June 23, 2015
A few weeks ago, a tweet came through to the PhotoBox account that intrigued us… I covered my wall in 252 iconic football photos and made a video to document it. Thanks @PhotoBox. — Alex Emery – YouTube (@AlexEmeryYT) May 29, 2015 Alex had decorated an entire wall of photos, using PhotoBox prints and wanted to share it with us – but these weren’t just any photos, these were the 250 most iconic moments in football. We asked Alex to explain more about the project, and we thought we’d share his video as well…over to you, Alex! ”Photography is often under appreciated; I believe there is so much power in the ability to capture a single moment forever. A few months ago I came up with the idea to design my own wallpaper made up of individual photographs, something that I knew would be 100% unique. I’m a Reading FC fan and have seen my club battle in the Championship and struggle in the Premier League, so having a constant reminder of Mikele Leigertwood surfing on a sea of supporters would make losing away to Sheffield Wednesday that little bit easier. In the history of the game there have been thousands of iconic moments, so I knew choosing my final 252 would be a tough process but luckily my Facebook friends were a great help. The wall is covered in a range of different moments, from Bobby Moore lifting the World Cup for England to Lionel Messi’s debut, but the beauty lies in the fact that every photograph tells its own individual story. ”