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Behind the Scenes: Our Father’s Day TV Ad

June 1, 2015
If you’re very observant, you might have seen our latest, and very exciting, Father’s Day TV ads on the small screen. The PhotoBox and Wordley team spent 2 days in Cardiff setting up and creating the ad. Featuring Dad’s from the 70’s, 80’s and now teaching their kid’s to ride their bikes, it was certainly a lot of fun to film. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite ‘behind the scene’ snaps for you, plus a chance to see the full ad for on to find out more! Day 1 Day one, and the weather had taken a turn for the worse in Cardiff, with belting rain & gusting winds being the order for the day. Luckily for us, we were shooting entirely indoors  for the day! Arriving early, the team certainly made their prescence known in the house, with just about every room being filled with various team members, lights, costumes and more… We've just had a very special (and well behaved!) on-set visitor….🐕🐶🐕 A photo posted by PhotoBox UK (@photoboxuk) on May 6, 2015 at 7:21am PDT We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a very cute special guest. They say that you should never work with children or animals, but luckily Liv & Chance were both fantastic! Day 2 Day 2 saw us in rather glamorous location (complete with swimming pool), and thankfully the sun was shining for us. There were sighs of relief all around Cardiff, as all of our shooting was happening outside.  The beautiful location for Day 2, featuring an authentic 70’s Ford Capri We had such a great collection of bikes on the shoot. Any guesses as to which bike fits which era (with one extra bike for luck!)? Our first set up for the day was the 70’s Dad teaching his little girl to ride her bike – our 70’s Dad had arrived with an impressive beard, which needed to be primped and preened into an even more impressive moustache. Before… …and after       Adriana checking she got her shot just right… Next up, it was time for a trip to the park, and the sun was really shining by now. With the weather on our side, we only had to contend with several flocks of geese trying to get in on our shot, as well as a few friendly park-goers! Modern day Dad & daughter, (plus mum & Chance the dog) in the park    Our very cute special guest back for Day 2 Now on to our third and final set up for the day – 80’s time!         80’s outfit detail – some subtle, some not so much! Do you remember your Dad wearing a similar outfit in the 80’s?   Red rehearsing his bike scene, watching on the monitor, and the very tropical looking set – we promise this is still in Cardiff! We don’t want to give anything else away, so we’ll just cut to the grand finale – our latest TV

Turn your Dad into a masterpiece with Red Ted Art

May 20, 2015
With Father’s Day coming up, we asked the Maggy from the fantastic ‘Red Ted Art’ blog, to come up with a unique craft project this Father’s Day. Over to you, Maggy… ”We love our dads! And there is nothing better than making dad something special for Father’s Day. This year it is all about turning Dad into a Masterpiece – we show you a great technique that allows ANYONE to “cartoonify” their Dad into a Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol inspired piece of art! Then once you have finished your artwork, print it on a mug, canvas or iPad case and make your Father’s day special! You will need:   An A4 picture of dad – print this on normal paper A piece of plastic – such as an “old subject divider” or “overhead projector sheet” – anything plastic and clear that you can fid A marker pen A printer Pens or water colours of choice How to Create your Father’s Day Art: Begin by choosing a nice photo of Dad – preferably one, where you can see his whole face well – or JUST his profile. Choosing a photo was actually what took us the longest! Print it out in A4 size. We chose pictures of “us and dad” together. Lay you plastic sheet on top and now carefully begin tracing around your father’s features.   Top tips The nose and mouth can make a picture look “funny”, keep these simple and don’t add too many lines – the nostrils often are quite enough. Also draw what you SEE. My kids were tempted to draw “hair lines” in different directions as they IMAGINED the lines to go there, we stopped and traced only what we could see. Keep it simple.. don’t try and too much detail… go round the face, the eyes, the hairline… Finally, you don’t have to draw the whole of dad – it is enough to indicate the neck and outline of his shirt or t-shirt.   Now you have created your outline, print 4-5 copies onto white paper and start colouring. If your printer has a ‘copy’ feature, then you can copy the plastic sheet and print out. Alternatively, you could take a picture using your camera and upload to your computer, edit and then print out that way if necessary. We decided to use watercolours, but you can use crayons, pens or paints. Have fun and be wacky! Remember Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein used wacky colours too.. And if you don’t like your colour scheme… print off some more and have another go! Now you can either just use “the one” image to print onto your canvas or create a collage…… Photograph your pictures . You can now edit them in places like “Picmonkey” if you want to create a collage or upload them directly to Photobox. Choose how you want your photos displayed – do you want just one image? Or a collage of four? Do you want four the same? Or alternate the

Messy crafts – tips on creating a colourful collage canvas

May 18, 2015
Every so often, a customer will share a PhotoBox creation with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages that really catches our eye – most recently, it was a creation from long-standing customer, Nicola. Just look at those colours! We were intrigued, and asked Nicola to tell us a little bit more about her fantastic collage canvas…. ”My children love messy art and village decided to create some artwork by the families within the community so we had a wonderful opportunity to join involved and get messy with Paint and most importantly have loads of fun as a family. The photos I took showed my children being creative with the paint dripping it off spoons, details of the paint fun and the after effects of the mess (my daughters totally purple face, above) using hand prints and footprints to create the art. I decided to use these images for my Collage Canvas as I loved the bold bright colours and wanted to display more than one image to create a special memory of a specific event, 3 photos showed my children getting involved with the community project and the other 3 photos I chose because I loved the detail of paint running down little hands, dripping of a spoon, and the colours so vibrant i felt the really needed to be included in my collage canvas.” All images courtesy & copyright of Nicola Jermaine-Jones We love this idea from Nicola, and with Father’s Day coming up it makes a great gift. Get into the garden with the kids and try this fun, messy photo shoot for yourself!   

Photographer Derek Johnston explains his selfie with a difference…

March 19, 2015
Whilst browsing Twitter over our morning coffee, we spotted a photo & knew we had to find out more about it. We’ve seen some impressive selfies in the past year, but this one takes the biscuit… Taken by alternative portrait photographer, Derek Johnston, in his kitchen – this is definitely a selfie we approve of! Derek, who specialises in fun alternative portraits, and music & band photography, explains how he captured the shot with minimal broken cups & plates…. __________________________________________ ”So I recently had this crazy idea in my head and some free time. The idea was to have myself falling over in the kitchen with tea and biscuits flying everywhere. Below, I’ll explain how I achieved the shot… Firstly I photographed our kitchen using a 10mm fisheye:   Mimicking the light coming through the window I setup a single flash with a 32” shoot through umbrella in the front room. To capture myself mid-air was loads of fun! Jumping onto a huge beanbag, I had a helpful hand from my other half who luckily works from home. We took a handful of shots of me diving onto the beanbag in our living room. To capture the plate and biscuits was simple enough. Just hand help the plate in position and stuck a hair grip in the creamy bit of the biscuits and took a load of shots of those. Moving into the bathroom, I photographed the mug of tea in the same way as everything else. One light. Tipping it into the bath and capturing some movement: With all shots captured we move into Photoshop. It was a matter of cutting all the bit’s out and placing them in the picture. I wanted the image to have that arty look so I used dodge and burn to exaggerate the contrast and also inverted high pass technique to cleanup the skin. This technique I feel looks fake but that’s what I was going for. Here are some detail crops that offer a closer look at the final image: Here’s the final shot (you can see it in high-res here): It was a fun but different take on a selfie. I encourage you to try it!”  Derek Johnston is an alternative portrait photographer based in Southampton, United Kingdom. You can find more of his work on his website and blog. This article originally appeared here.  You can also tweet Derek – @DJohnstonPhoto 

Mother’s Day Blogger Challenge – #MyMumAndMe

March 15, 2015
After our Valentine’s Day Blogger challenge proved popular, we decided that Mother’s Day would be another perfect opportunity to challenge a set of bloggers to get creative with a PhotoBox product. This time around, we’ve split the challenge into two different parts – Mum Advice & #MyMumAndMe. To get the bloggers in the competitive spirit, we also offered a special prize for the bloggers to share with their Mum – who says treating your Mum can only be one day a year?? All of the bloggers have done a fantastic job – we love seeing our products used in different ways! Mum Advice First up, we teamed up with some lifestyle bloggers, and challenged them to tell us the best advice their Mum had given them, using a PhotoBox product. This could be anything from ‘make sure you wear a coat!’ to ‘dull women have immaculate homes’ –  let’s see what they came up with… Alice-Megan Alice chose a collage canvas to tell us the best advice her Mum ever gave her – ‘Time spent with family is worth every second’. We couldn’t agree more! Alice also shared some of her other favourite advice from her mum in her blog post, including ‘put money aside for a rainy day’, ‘laugh often’ and ‘if I were doing it…’ – particularly when Alice is cooking! A Much Prettier Puzzle Charlotte from ‘A Much Prettier Puzzle’ chose one of our ‘Mum’ photo books, and created an ode to her lovely Mum! From perfect lipstick application to turning the house into an actual grotto at Christmas time, Charlotte created a fantastic A-Z to say thanks to her Mum for all the tear-wiping and belly laughs. We’re sure Charlotte’s Mum loved this special gift – we even heard her Dad was a little bit jealous! You can see more of Charlotte’s blog here. #MyMumAndMe For our second challenge, we asked a selection of bloggers who have children to show them with their Mum, alongside them with their children, on a PhotoBox product. The bloggers had the choice of everything from photo cushions, to a collage canvas. We had some great creations, with some fantastic photos…let’s take a look! Snaffles Mummy First up, we have the lovely Snaffles Mummy (Denise), who chose 2 collage canvases to show off her #MyMumAndMePhotos. What we really loved about these canvas was the use of the B&W photos of Denise with her Mum – these were a photo of a photo, taken on a smartphone & the quality is still great! Denise said she was ‘in love with the finished products’ and that they are a ‘beautiful idea that [she] wouldn’t have considered until this challenge’. High praise indeed! You can see more of Denise’s blog here. You Baby, Me Mummy Next up, we have Aby from ‘You Baby, Me Mummy’ who chose our acrylic blocks to show off two beautiful photos. We love that both images feature the beach as a theme, and that both she & her daughter