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Well lately we just can’t stop ourselves, with all of the new features and products we’re adding, we’re on a roll! Over the past few months, we’ve listened to you, the customer and decided it was high time we reached your expectations and continued on our quest to make PhotoBox the best that it can be, and a big part of this was to overhaul our Photo Books creation studio.

So we took a look at why people may not find it as easy as it could be and made some really clever changes. For example: The book and your photos are displayed bigger and bolder so it’s much clearer. So clear, in fact, it makes a needle look like The Eiffel Tower! (Just kidding).  You can even choose how big you want the book to be displayed so it’s even easier! Also, when you choose to manually create your Photo Book, you can see an overview of your whole book, and drag and drop the photos as you please.



There are tons more great features and we hope this makes the already exciting experience of turning your moments into memories even better for you.

To have a go yourself, just log on to our main site, here.


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