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New site: First day report

Without any exaggeration, yesterday was one of our biggest days ever at PhotoBox. Launching a new site is no mean feat, so I’m pleased to say it went very smoothly.

So far, about 30,000 of you have tried the new site, and though we’ve got a few issues to work through, services such as photo uploads, sharing and product ordering have been as popular as ever.

I do confess to feeling a bit sentimental however. I clearly remember the first orders going across the old site 8 years ago. I even printed all the photos then! It seems a bit strange to be moving on but nothing lasts forever, and everyone here is really fired up about the new products & services we’ll be able to roll out, as we fully move into our new home.

Back to those issues then – firstly thanks for all your feedback. Our customer service team have been pretty busy helping some of you through the new site, and we’ve been taking careful note of your comments and suggestions via phone, blog and email. Please keep them coming – we’re not perfect but we want to keep improving our service, and your feedback is what drives us.

It’s not possible for me to speak here on every point raised, but I wanted to comment on a couple of popular points:

Pros, Semi-pros, and other photo-junkies

You win the prize for the most vocal contribution so far. Not all good feedback, but where we’re not getting it right we’ll fix it. Specifically, we get your points on the flexibility and speed of ordering when you’ve got hundreds of photos to print on a tight timescale. FTP upload will be back shortly, and some missing products will be re-introduced, or superseded by better versions soon.

You should also know also that we’re fully committed to Pro gallery. Watch this space for a new improved version, which will be fully integrated into the new site later this summer. Meanwhile it’s business as usual for existing gallery owners via links from your new ‘My PhotoBox’ page.

Finally, I want to make it clear our core commitment to serious photographers remains: High-quality printing, fast turnaround and sharp pricing. You’re where we started; we don’t intend to leave you behind now!

Site performance

There’s a lot going on right now to improve performance over the next few weeks. Please bear with us – we’ve got some of the best software engineers in the business on this project, but moving millions of members and hundreds of millions of images takes a while, and a bit of horsepower. I’m confident you’ll see improvements as we tune the service, but it’ll take a few weeks to get it right.

I promise we’ll take all your other comments into account. In particular, look out for great new slideshow and sharing features appearing soon.

Please carry on posting your views here – I’ll be responding to the more common themes as they arise. I’ll also give you a further update on how the changeover’s going next week.

Have a great bank-holiday weekend!