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Without any exaggeration, yesterday was one of our biggest days ever at PhotoBox. Launching a new site is no mean feat, so I’m pleased to say it went very smoothly.

So far, about 30,000 of you have tried the new site, and though we’ve got a few issues to work through, services such as photo uploads, sharing and product ordering have been as popular as ever.

I do confess to feeling a bit sentimental however. I clearly remember the first orders going across the old site 8 years ago. I even printed all the photos then! It seems a bit strange to be moving on but nothing lasts forever, and everyone here is really fired up about the new products & services we’ll be able to roll out, as we fully move into our new home.

Back to those issues then – firstly thanks for all your feedback. Our customer service team have been pretty busy helping some of you through the new site, and we’ve been taking careful note of your comments and suggestions via phone, blog and email. Please keep them coming – we’re not perfect but we want to keep improving our service, and your feedback is what drives us.

It’s not possible for me to speak here on every point raised, but I wanted to comment on a couple of popular points:

Pros, Semi-pros, and other photo-junkies

You win the prize for the most vocal contribution so far. Not all good feedback, but where we’re not getting it right we’ll fix it. Specifically, we get your points on the flexibility and speed of ordering when you’ve got hundreds of photos to print on a tight timescale. FTP upload will be back shortly, and some missing products will be re-introduced, or superseded by better versions soon.

You should also know also that we’re fully committed to Pro gallery. Watch this space for a new improved version, which will be fully integrated into the new site later this summer. Meanwhile it’s business as usual for existing gallery owners via links from your new ‘My PhotoBox’ page.

Finally, I want to make it clear our core commitment to serious photographers remains: High-quality printing, fast turnaround and sharp pricing. You’re where we started; we don’t intend to leave you behind now!

Site performance

There’s a lot going on right now to improve performance over the next few weeks. Please bear with us – we’ve got some of the best software engineers in the business on this project, but moving millions of members and hundreds of millions of images takes a while, and a bit of horsepower. I’m confident you’ll see improvements as we tune the service, but it’ll take a few weeks to get it right.

I promise we’ll take all your other comments into account. In particular, look out for great new slideshow and sharing features appearing soon.

Please carry on posting your views here – I’ll be responding to the more common themes as they arise. I’ll also give you a further update on how the changeover’s going next week.

Have a great bank-holiday weekend!


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  • James Kindred says:

    Yeah. A great day for you, I’m sure. I on the other hand seem to have had my account deleted when the site upgraded (I only uploaded 300 new images a week or so ago, and the login doesn’t even recognise my email address any more). This has resulted in no end of emails to a rather unhelpful support team and potentially thousands of lost images from my account… and with no resolution in sight, I am furious.

  • Christopher van Essen says:

    I recommend that anyone reading Mark Chapman’s astonishing ‘report’ should look at the dozens of detailed and critical comments posted on the blog under the entry “Welcome to your new site.”

    Every one of the blogs effectively says the same thing: the new site is a disaster, give us the old site back.

    Mark Chapman and his team have made a huge mistake in launching a site before it is ready, and then migrating customers to it without any choice. People would like the old site back. What is Mark’s response? “..where we’re not getting it right we’ll fix it.” and “…There’s a lot going on right now to improve performance” and “…Please bear with us”.

    This is a process known as doing product development after launch. Read the blogs, read his ‘report’ again and be astonished – and be very, very careful before you try to use ‘New Photobox’. I’ve been a Photobox customer since 2002 – but this is about to end.

  • Dominic Mason says:

    Three gripes: Two of my creations were not transported over to the new site; you’ve dropped your excellent postcard service; the new site’s soooo slow – what’s with that rotten paparazzi image on the front screen and welcome from ‘the boss’ (bit 80s!), the old Photobox was efficient, fast and easy to use.

    Customers can easily click and go somewhere else… and that’s exactly what I am about to do. Bye!

  • I haven’t seen a single positive comment yet and I thought that “pros, semi-pros and photojunkies” were exactly the kind of people you need to please in order to have a successful photo-printing business. I fit into the “semi-pro” category. What I want (and used to get) from Photobox was:
    1. simplicity
    2. reliability
    3. your site did not mess around with my photos
    4. speed
    5. reasonable value

    I simply do not need and do not want the web 2.0 stuff that makes it slow, harder to use and tries to do things for me. Thankfully, things that had disappeared (like a month’s sales) have now reappeared but I feel like I am wading through treacle just to try and do simple things like see who has bought what or check which photos are selling.

  • genie says:

    Bring back the POSTCARDS and STICKERS pronto, please – your best products and the only reason I use your site for photos as well – I might as well go elsewhere if you don’t bring POSTCARDS and STICKERS back.

  • Dave says:


    I’m afraid I’m going to have to echo the poor feedback, the new site is awfully cluttered, the home page has 5 different menus on there – terrible web design. It is very slow to work with albums and photos, particularly when you’re adding a bunch of photos to the basket and getting them ready to print.

    Like others, I was very disappointed in the enforced transfer to the new site with no warning. Most of the items seemed to be transferred over correctly, but not the basket items. I had a bunch of things almost ready to go, I just wanted to add 2 more photos and make the order. Instead I had to redo the entire basket, re-crop, re-select all sizes etc. Granted this was only for 30 items, but that took a very long time with the new site as every thing I did it seems to take forever and I had to “Please be patient” – it was wearing very thin…. I feel for the guy who posted earlier and said he had over 500 items in his basket that he had to redo. In addition, the sorting of the basket items seemed weird, certainly isn’t sorted by name, not sure what it is sorted by.

    Also, I ordered standard prints and 2 photobooks, the prints turned up the next day which I’m very happy about, but no mention anywhere that the photobooks are going to turn up later (I’m assuming they will), also the invoice that was included with the prints is messed up and incorrect. For photos that I ordered more than one print for the prices are wrong, ie. for one photo I ordered 3 prints, that came up in the invoice as:
    3 x 6″ x 4″ print – Gloss @ 0.300 0.90
    that should read
    3 x 6″ x 4″ print – Gloss @ 0.100 0.30
    it seems your automated invoice thing multiplies the number of prints in both the number field AND the cost per print field resulting in an incorrect total. It should also say somewhere that the photobooks are back-ordered, instead the invoice just doesn’t make any sense as the totals are all screwy due to the error above AND the lack of mention of the photobooks.

    Personally I’m not too worried about the ftp as I seldom used it (due to the password only being valid for a short period of time – I would certainly use it more if I could set my own username/pwd that would work forever), the java upload app works for me, it is really the speed of working with albums and photos in the basket that is the big issue for me, the “Please be patient” dialog is a killer.

    I understand it would be very difficult to revert to the old site now, but instead of automatically transferring people’s accounts over when they log in you really should have done a slower transfer process, allowing customers to test the new site themselves and transfer over when they are ready. It really screwed over people like myself who were half-way through ordering things with items in the basket. The new site is so slow it is practically un-usable for dealing with large orders – and I have a fast computer and internet connection, I can’t even imagine how poor it is for those without.

    photo-junkie and (very) semi-pro

  • Nic says:

    Please please PLEASE give us the option to use the old site until you fix this debacle of a site you have migrated us to with no choice.

    The new site is soooo slooooow and clunky. It is not professional. I am a professional. I don’t need tags. I dont need comments. I don’t need bells and whistles. I don’t need to waste my time waiting for things to load. I am busy. All I need is to upload image files. Put in an order. Pay. Wait for prints to arrive. Simple? Not any more! Seems that PhotoBox want to make my life difficult with the new site.

    The images in the “Pro Galleries” now seem very soft and unsharp. I hardly think clients are going to want to order prints from this if they think they are out of focus, now will they? What has gone wrong? This is a busy time of year for me. I dont have the time to mess around with this nonsense. If PhotoBox don’t fix this ASAP or reply to me soon I shall be looking elsewhere for a printing service. It’s a shame since I was very happy with the old service/site. It worked well. It was professional. If people want to dick about with “tags” and “file sharing” then let them join “flickr” and let the professionals get on with their livelyhoods.

    Rant over.

  • Amanda Dokman says:

    I have always been impressed with your great service and fast delivery. Having placed an order on 22nd April and paid for courier delivery at £6:99 to insure next day delivery I am now still waiting. It seems impossible to get customer service to answer the phone and I am extremely frustrated. Hope things improve very soon.

  • James says:

    I have to agree with all the negative comments. The new site is a cluttered mess. The old site was far far easier to use.

    Why follow the web 2.0 trend at the expense of usability and simplicity?

    What about practical things like encrypting passwords with SSL or providing an RSS feed of the latest offers?

    When I first joined Photobox I would have happily recommended them to friends and family, but now it’s unlikely that I will use them again. It’s a shame as the turn around time and quality have always been great but the web site is a complete let down.

  • Chris says:

    After the appalling customer service over Christmas and now this, I’m no longer recommending Photobox to friends. I’m sure in the short term the money is still coming in thick and fast but I worry about the long term future of Photobox if they continue in this direction.

  • Pro Photographer says:


    The new site is not an improvement. The old site in fact was pretty perfect.

    As a pro photographer, I use photobox to order and manage lots of albums and prints. The new albums display just the pictures!!

    This would be fine for a few albums, but when you’re printing e.g. 30 different shots from a wedding album of say 200 photos, having to hover the mouse over each picture to see which picture filename (number) it is … is a ROYAL PAIN!

    The old way – picture AND filename – was much better, and all of this web 2.0 popups, hourglass / waiting is messing around I can do without.

    Since I’ve been using photobox for some years, with excellent prints, excellent service and speedy deliveries, I will bear with you… however anything which slows down a workflow rather than speeds it up is a step backward.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… right?

  • Kevin Collis says:

    You may have new website but the phone isn’t answered by the customer service team, there is no tracking opportunity and consequently there is no way to identify why after six working days my daughter has not received her birthday present on a three day turnaround promise.

  • Mat Connolley says:

    I’m really irritated, mainly because there was no warning that the transfer would happen. I had almost finished a Stylebook which I’d spent AGES creating. It needs a couple more tweaks, but now it’s not available on the new site and I can’t edit it on the old site. Useless! I’ll have to start from scratch in the new site, which is going to be a pain in the neck due to the slow-loading interface. Customer service response was very unapologetic and non-committal.

  • John says:

    I think it is good that PhotoBox are trying to improve things but I do agree that flexibility and speed have suffered with the new site.

    I generally upload about 100-200 images at a time. With the old system it was simple to place these all in an album, transfer them en-bloc to the shopping basket and then sort them out there for size and quantity.

    The biggest problem which I personally now have is that the filename is not easily visible in the album (without hovering over the image and waiting painfully for tooltips to reveal it) and it is also no longer possible to tag multiple items in the basket. Because I have the target print size as part of the filename it makes things very, very slow and frustrating to sort out following upload. I suppose I could utilise multiple albums and not mix print sizes within them but this is also a pain.

    If I had just one, my request for a change would be : Please have an option (along with the thumbnail sizes) to show the image filename alongside (or under) images in the album.

    Here’s hoping.


  • Tom S says:

    Was fully prepared to give the site a chance – despite the fact that the migration is eventually going to cause numerous of my photobook projects to be deleted (surely there was SOME way of hanging onto historic projects guys).

    I would have thought the first line on your briefing to “some of the best software engineers in the business” would have been “make sure the site continues to do exactly what our customers have grown to love (and recommend) – and then give them loads of great extras”.

    Instead we appear to have got a site doing half the stuff it used to – and doing it worse than it was before (although it does look very pretty doing it, which I guess is the most important thing)

    As for the “highlights” we can look out for, which I assume have been implemented at the cost of what made this site great…

    * More photo gifts and innovative ideas

    Some might think that’s good, but by the looks of things, the popular photo projects have been changed/deleted. Still waiting to see an innovative idea – unless taking a great business and alienating your hardcore customer base is “innovative”!

    * Fun photo editing to transform your photos

    No it’s not. It’s slow, limited and gimmicky…you’re in sooo much trouble when Adobe Photoshop Express comes out of beta testing (BETA TESTING! Take note!)

    * A new creative way to share photos online

    What, by having a web publish button – or sending people a link to your album…wow, must have taken days of creative thinking for that. Any new photo sharing options seem to have been half-inched from flickr (contacts and groups for example)

    * Photo tagging for fast photo searches

    Yawn. Not exactly innovative is it – flickr, smugmug, pBase etc etc have been doing this for years. Question is, why has it taken you so long?

    * New range of products with popular kids’ characters

    Could most of us care less? Most of your loyal customers have stayed with you for many years because you offered a good, solid, dependable, quality photo printing service – not because we could degrade our images by having them plastered with Tweety Pie (and by the way, get up to speed…do you actually KNOW what cartoons kids watch these days?)

    * Regular photography news and tips to help you get the most from your photos

    Or as it appears to be: patronising rubbish written by someone on work experience. The best way to get the most from our photos is to use a photo printing site which concentrates on picture quality, rather than gimmicks.

    * Special offers and competitions

    Yet to see these. Perhaps a competition to guess how many regular customers will have migrated elsewhere in six months? Winner gets their albums sent to Snapfish?

    * PhotoBox blog for you to give us all your feedback

    At last – something that is actually useful…shame it’s for the wrong reasons.

    I’m off to see the positive feedback Mr Chapman mentioned. Sure it’s around here somewhere…

  • Pat Payne says:

    I can’t comment on the new website because I can’t get in to use it. Every time I sign in I am told to try again.
    I have been using Photobox for years and recommending you to friends. I have several albums of photos stored on the sight and some photobooks.
    When will I be able to access the site?

  • Mike Baldwin says:

    Have just tried to upload photos to a new album. I have a fast broadband connection but time quoted for upload of 60 x 5Mb files was 2 hours 40mins, an average time of 2m 40s per photo. The first file had nearly downloaded when the process stopped and started all over again, so I could be in for a very long wait. After that I have 200 holiday pictures to upload. Surely there must be some faster way to upload online than this?? The old uploader was slow but this seems very much worse!

  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it lunk head..
    You migrate my entire back catologue order system..
    and then I can’t access any order you migrated..
    So now If I have to reorder I have to push through my
    paper records – [lucky I kept those wasnt it?] and check through to find the order..
    The old site was great simple straightforward and served my business well..
    This web 2.0 funky menu’s and Thomas The Tank is not what Pros or semi pros want. We want print quality – reliable turnarounds- not
    last years flickr upgrade..
    Wish you well with consumer and holiday snappers
    I’m off to find a professional lab service Loxley Roes Perhaps..
    People who I can trust to take my business as seriously as I do..

  • and you moderate the blog?….

  • Peter Weaver says:

    I too remember the early days of photobox and I remember one of my first suggestions to you Graham which I will suggest again as although you implemented it when I suggested it years ago, it is not there now. I have to echo that at the moment the site is abysmal, and over the years the customer service has deteriorated so much, I long for the days when I could actually speak to you or Mark (is he still with you), or at least someone who would actually give a damn.

    The lack of an invoice with each order is really annoying, obviously it is a cost saving to Photobox, but to cut it out without being told about it is poor customer service yet again. I have phoned several times and asked why I hadn’t received an invoice with my order and it wasn’t until the last time that I was told that’s the way the accounts are set up now.

    Okay here are the things I would like implemented, I will add more if/when I come across something else that is a backward step:
    1. To be able to see all my Albums on 1 page not as they are at the moment spread over 7 pages.
    2. To see the file names of the images in an Album without having to mouse over them.
    3. To see the images in the basket in alphabetical/numerical order . (One of my original suggestion years ago)
    4. To have a Tickbox for each print in the basket so that I can choose which prints to resize, at the moment it is all or I have to do each one individually.
    5. Have the option to get a real invoice with each order, not an invoice via email, although I see even that option is no longer in the preferences.
    6. Have the option to pick up from photobox re-inserted on the site instead of having to phone customer services and hope that I get through before the order has been posted out.
    7 Have a path to escalate customer service problems up to the top when they are not dealt with properly.
    8 Have realistic pricing for 600 pre-paid prints, you get the money up front and yet it is more expensive than buying 500 prints in one go.
    9 Give some feedback that you have read and will or will not be implementing which suggestions.

  • Bob Biscuit says:

    Ah, so I’m not alone….

    Bit hit or miss whether I can actually see my pictures, I know Photobox would love some of my money but an empty box with a kiss inside isn’t going to convince me to perservere with this half baked rubbish!

    In the world of the web-savvy user, poor sites just don’t get a second chance and Mr Chapman’s head in the sand approach to his sites problems means that he may be back to “printing all the photos” sooner than he thinks – he just hasn’t got “a few weeks” to improve performance if he wants to retain his customer base.

    Photoshop RIP – I’m going back to Snapfish, but at least it’s one less person to keep happy.

  • Alison Greenwood says:

    What’s happened to photobox?! New and improved I’m not so sure! Why did you have to change it anyway?
    It’s sooooo slowwwww!
    If I accidentally upload to the wrong album I can’t simply move the images to the correct album. I have to delete them and start all over again!
    My picasa won’t let me upload to photobox anymore!
    I have tried about 5 times to place an order using paypal and it won’t let me! It keeps coming up with errors about the card issuer. What card issuer? I want to use paypal. *sigh*
    I am sooooo frustrated!

  • Anthony says:


    Why use a Flash interface for the new site? It’s slow and unresponsive and complete overkill. You could have achieved the same results quicker and faster with Ajax.

    Customer support did not take the time to look into my query and fobbed me off with a half-arsed response.

    But my biggest gripe is the turn around speed. PhotoBox is getting slower and slower at printing and dispatching. I too have moved on to another website.

    Buh bye.

  • Anne Swarbrick says:

    I loved the old photobox, I had a personal account and I set up an account to use at work.I work in an old folks home and regulary take photos of our activitites and day out with the residents they love to get the photos to show their families,I have tried to log into the account but new photobox does not recognise my details, I am totally gutted and almost to tears some of these photos are really priceless to myself and the residents and cannot be replaced, I used photobox to make sure these photos were not lost and residents families could view through sharing……..TOTALLY GUTTED hundres of photos are lost…..

  • Anne Swarbrick says:

    well after hours trying allsorts i have managed to find my old photobox and for all you out there who can’t access use this link

    I am thinking to order my photos by disc and go elsewhere, I have thousands photos and many of my late father that cant be replaced.

  • Gavin says:

    Hi – cannot use your new site from work which is a shame – just a load of broken images and random text down the screen.

    our work runs windows XP and a very state-of-the-art network, and has no problems with any other websites to the best of my knowledge. Customer support said after various unhelpful emails that the latest version of flash may not be installed at work.

    What was wrong with the old site? I’m all for change and new ideas – but not when (a) the change is for the worse or (b) it is change for change’s sake.

  • David Ring says:

    This was the first time using your company so i’ve not had experience of the old website etc, but I had to post and say thank you for such a quick delivery and the quality of the product was perfect, many thanks.

  • Carrie says:

    I’m sorry to say that I agree with most of the negative comments coming through on the New Site. SLOW and CUMBERSOME!! The old site was a pleasure to use, so why did you have to make such drastic changes? A few enhancements could have done, without changing the basic features that your customers were so satisfied with for such a long time. What a shame. Bring back the old system.

  • sophia says:

    Hate it. Agree with all the comments I’ve seen. It’s Heathrow Terminal 5 all over again: big project, launched before it was ready, lousy customer service. Can’t see which album is which because titles and thumbnails don’t show. Everything takes ages. Some pictures won’t print because it says there’s a problem with quality, although they look fine at full screen size. Tried to email customer service for advice, but got forced into the help pages. Can’t wait to try out Snapfish. But I’ll miss the old Photobox. It was really good.

  • Steve G says:

    Sounds great all this new stuff, but where is my old stuff!

    The transformation seems to have lost my photo’s, several hundred of them.

    Tried to log-in, not recognised. re-registered using same details, but hey presto, no photos or creations.

    What is being done about it, as I’m clearly not alone?

  • Oh groan – I ‘ve just run a test on a photo Large (10M) JPG its taken over 2 mins to upload on 6-8MB pipe. Thats going to be a problem if I want to use the site to print large prints and canvases. My most popular orders were always cards, and postcards in multiple packs – are they coming back? It is not after all, a question of not having the ability to print the. So surely I programmer should have fitted this order stream within the development from day 1? I still have the old ones so why can’t I create new ones.

    I do like the new style it is cleaner – but I would like an easier menu for viewing my albums. That drop down is annoying.

    Just a note to those gripers who are saying I can’t finish my project because there was no warning. Well there was if you kept in contact. I managed to finish my photobook and order before the deadline. The worst problem you have now is that you will have to redo an unfinished one in the new system.

  • Dave says:

    Ok Mark, here’s my “first day report”.

    I am about to write out a cheque to a charity who have lost a revenue stream due to your companys’ total inability to upgrade, integrate, migrate, manage and launch a simple website. And yes, it is a simple website and task.

    I work for the largest ISP in Europe. We constantly roll out upgrades to our platforms – and yet we manage to do it without compromising the integrity of our interfaces, without causing inconvenience to our customers, and certainly without costing anyone money !!

    Can I suggest at the post launch review meeting (which you will have of course ? ) with your ” best software engineers in the business “, you might want to pass phrases such as “internal testing, alpha testing, phased beta testing, managed and phased integration and roll out” pass them – I’m sure the room will go silent, only to be filled with blank looks.

    I wont bother to mention the speed (or lack of) of your new site. Although at least I now know where all those dial up modems went.

    I also wont bother to comment on your pure arrogance regards ongoing live fixes and upgrades… all that should have been picked up during various of testing and roll out.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to move my business elsewhere, remove links to Photobox from my websites … and write a cheque out.

    And while you hover your mouse over the “delete post” icon…
    copies have already gone to all the relevent magazines, forums and stock image agencies.

    ” Have a great bank-holiday weekend! ” right back at you !

  • Alan says:

    Having received a completely unsatisfactory response from your support line, I’ve just gone to complete your online survey (link provide in your email, this link doesn’t work, just about sums up how much of a mistake PhotoBox have made with this new site.

    Mark Chapman, are you listening to your customers, you know, those people who keep your cash flow going and your staff in work?

    I’ve never been one to be so vocal or even worry about voicing a problem, but with residing in Australia, I looked upon PhotoBox as my link back to my family in the UK, to allow them to see the same day how their Grandson was growing.

    The new site is slow, too complicated and combined now with the inability to save down photos from one of my albums is proving a complete disaster.

    My parents are retired, to just say, can’t download anymore just print them off is verging on the line of arrogance. Do you think my parents are made of money?

    I’ve just created my new Snapfish account at X, if anyone would like to see how good PhotoBox use to be, then visit

    Good bye PhotoBox, hello Snapfish!

  • Eleanor says:

    This is a disaster! When virtually everybody is using broadband, why make the new site so slow it’s like being back on dial-up? I don’t have the time to keep ‘being patient’ for every action I take on this new site.

    The old site was fast, streamlined, easy to use and efficient. I liked that I could click on a photo and it would open quickly to show a crisp image. Now I have to click on a tiny arrow, select view from a drop-down menu, ‘be patient’ whilst it opens, and then view a very pixelated image. Who decided that adding more steps to be able to view a lower quality image would be an improvment?

    I’ve been making a collage of my baby’s first year, which I now can’t finish or migrate over. And the images I can see on the new site are so pixelated I can’t be sure if they need tweaking in any way before ordering. When is the image quality going to be addressed?

    I have a lot of print credits to use up, and once I have I’ll be going elsewhere. It’s a shame, because I used to recommend photobox to my friends and family, and I’ve now started doing exactly the opposite. I’m sure I won’t be the only one either…

  • K Elvin says:

    OK … another unhappy punter I am afraid …

    initially … AOL customers have not been migrated to the “new site” … I placed an order for a large quantity of items required for assessment at uni … now 7 days later my order is still at the print stage and after SEVERAL emails ignored from the aol support I got in touch via this channel and was advised that there is an issue with the photobooks at the moment … is this not exactly the sort of information that clients NEED to know … I have asked then 4 times at least now to split my order so I can at least have my prints !!! no response …

    I am getting VERY frustrated now I have to start thinking about alternatives incase this order isn’t fulfilled … I wonder if they’ll pay my uni fees as compensation as with no work to submit I’ll have to resit !!!

    So … old site new site … seems to me that there are issues on both … just a pity it’s us clients who are suffering !!!

  • Robin T says:

    give them a chance.
    They have done it to help improve things and to make sure the site can cope in the future.
    Everything has a few hitches and if after all the great service you all cliam to have been given over the last few years is anything to go by its just a matter of waiting for eveything to click together.
    After all if they were not good at keeping promises and giving the best value you would not be here now.
    Whats a few weeks if were all going to get years of trouble free use of a great company .

    I reckon your all just moaning for nothing

  • Ellen says:

    Before this new website launch, I sang the praises of Photobox. Now, however, I am so frustrated with the new website that I am now looking for another on-line digital company to handle the volume of business I’ve been giving to Photobox for the past year.

    It is extraordinary that these comments are all negative – one would expect some comments to sing the praises of change. But this overwhelming expression of frustration from clients is a very big indicator about how wrong these changes really are.

    I am so disappointed about several things about this new site:

    1. It is SO slow which certainly is not a good thing for an online business.

    2. It is unnecessarily complex. Who are you trying to attract? Techno wizards or the millions of ordinary clients out there who want to actually USE your business services?

    3. The changes seem to cater more to the web designer’s needs, rather than to your clients’ needs for simplification, competitive services, and efficient processing.

    I echo the strong messages from others to rethink this new site and consider your clients rather than some trend.

    As a regular customer of Photobox, I don’t recall getting any opportunity to provide feedback prior to the changes. It seems that you have just made these changes based on some meeting that happened ‘in a box’ rather than with your clients’ needs in mind.

    These days, online digital photo businesses are easy to find, highly competitive, and there are plenty to choose from.

    That will be my choice if I don’t see any acknowledgement from Photobox about correcting your misjudgement of client needs in making these changes.

    I hope the powers to be are listening to these comments.

  • John Dixon says:

    I have tried the new site and did not get on very well, I had to keep re-selecting my photos. When I was half way through the first 15 or so unselected themselves.
    The fact that file names are not visible is also a real problem.
    Uploading seems very slow, hope things improve.

    Ken Dixon

  • Stuart says:

    Wow, what a pretty (if cluttered) but extremely broken (can’t actually get to my shared albums at all at the moment, it just sits there telling me to be patient) and incredibly slow and frustrating (stop telling me to be patient and just load the flipping page) site. Huge step backwards from the old site which was quick and did the job perfectly well. Was this a cost saving exercise or just someone being sold a ‘Web 2.0’ website without there being an actual need for it?

  • Trevor Lawford says:

    On the whole the new site works fine for me.
    I often re-crop on the order page and the fact that it doesn’t re-draw each time is a plus.

    THREE comments:-
    1) Please display images on the order sheet in NAME order – they seem to be random. Makes it tricky to know where I’ve got to.
    2) Can we have LARGER thumbnails on the order sheet – I want to see the croppings a bit clearer.
    3) BIG ONE. PLEASE can we have the burn-to-CD option back on the order page. You had this until a few months ago and I find it very useful. ‘Angelique’ said this would be back with the new website – IT ISN’T!!

  • Samuel Cordery says:

    I’m one of your oldest customers Mark and I urge you to revert back to the way things were. Whilst I appreciate the new functionality that you are trying to offer, the fact is that it simply doesn’t work – it;s slow, it’s clunky and it’s awful to navigate through..

    I’ve created a couple of new albums tonight and the uploader is terrible – you’ve no idea of it’s overall progress and I’ve got multiple duplications now, plus it takes three timers as long as the simple old one. Why can’t I see the full filenames in album view? As for the supposed editing tools…………….

    Did you not think to trial any of this with key users before migrating us to this shambles?

    You should think very carefully before making your next move……… you’ve an enviable reputation within the industry which could be destroyed if you don’t do anything about this mess!

  • Simon Hall says:

    Have just used the new site for the first time. Two immediate gripes:
    1. Once photos are in the basket, I used to be able to mark a number of them for either ‘shrink-to-fit’ or ‘crop’. Now it seems to be all or nothing, unless I want to go through each of the ones I want to change from the default and change them individually. Since I have just put 1011 prints in the basket this is untenable.
    2. Even worse, finding the ones I want to make changes to is now impossible! They used to be in the basket in file name order so that I could easily find the ones I wanted. Now they seem to be in a totally random order and wading through 1011 items to find the required ones is not a good use of my time.
    Frankly, I agree with most of the other correspondents. Can we have the old site back until the new one at least does everything the old one did, and reliably. This all smacks of the sort of half-developed rubbish that Microsoft are happy to foist on us

  • Helen Jenkins says:

    I have to agree with all of the comments above. I have used Photobox for years and I have never had any problems. Since the new site, the only way that I can upload my photos is the old way, as the fast uploader (ha ha) seems not to work on my computer. And there doesn’t appear to be anyway of uploading the new and “improved” version. After I eventually got a reply from Customer Services, I tried their “solution” and it made absolutely no difference, except to have the effect that I can’t even see thumbnails of photos I want to upload.

    It is sad to say, but I am now leaving Photobox and I won’t be back until the old version is returned.

  • P Marchant says:

    Where are the file names??!! I can’t find the photos I want by keep wading through them – put the file names/numbers back please( or at least the option to do so for those that need them.
    It is going to take me hours to wade across them to build a photobook I am really temped to look at one of your competitors and certainly would be lothe to make future recommendations at present.

    Also postcards – so many people want them .

  • Tony Parkinson says:

    First Day Report ?

    In the words of my old Geography teacher on my School reports . . . . . .

    C- Considerable room for improvement. MUST do better

  • Lis says:

    Your new improved site doesn’t seem to work with Safari – at least i can find no way to order a print. I check the box of the relevant photo in my album, click options and a dropdown appears over to the left of my screen. The minute i move my cursor it disappears. The whole functionality seems very opaque whereas before it was entirely intuitive.

  • Beth says:

    I have just used your new site, having been a relative newcomer to the odl site, which I loved instantly.

    As I wasn’t too used to the old site, the new one is less offensive to me, and I am not going to reiterate the already made pionts on how it could improve.

    One point I find missing though is that you cannot now select from people that you had shared other albums with, so now I have to retype all the email addresses again, it’s an unnecessary pain, a quick conversion from anyone you ahve shared with before to be put in the contacts list would not have been too much?

    I do also think a warning before you’re being upgraded is necessary, at least allow people the option of saying they want to upgrade, even offer to back up the old accounts pictures before migrating so nothing is lost? Might be more careful than forcing a migration and losing data.

    All in all good luck with the new site, things can only get better as they say! 😉

  • Gabriel G. says:

    I just received my first basket of pics ordered through the new website. I am very unhappy, I have tried to fix every parameter but I’ve been unable, so the quality of many of the pics is very bad.
    I am not a pro, or a semi pro, but I think PhotoBox has to respect all its owner.

  • Amy says:

    I am afraid have to agree with the negative feedback – overcomplicated new site and so much slower than previously – “please be patient” message drove me mad!

  • Not Too Keen on this new site.

    “The biggest problem which I personally now have is that the filename is not easily visible in the album (without hovering over the image and waiting painfully for tooltips to reveal it)” – Totally agree with this comment,

    and can we have the price showing in the Paypal screen!, as it used to, I don’t like saying yes to paypal when I don’t know how much is going to be taken at that point.

    I’m sure you will improve the site… or rather I hope so quickly.


  • Val Smith says:

    Dear Photobox team

    I have read your feedback postings and I’m afraid I have to agree that this new site is a disappointment and so slow. The “please be patient box” after every move is becoming very annoying and time consuming. This is such a shame as the old site was quick and easy to use. Yahoo made the same mistake with their beta mail but at least there was the option to return to classic mail. We cannot move back to the old web site but I’m sure that many will now move on to quicker and more efficient sites – such a shame as your old site and service was almost perfect and a site you would have recommend to friends and family.

  • Michael says:

    Ouch! Basic navigation is an issue… I can’t get back to the main Home page from here. Your web designer has a lot to do urgently, but this doesn’t seem well planned on a basic level.

    I also want postcards – so I can’t place this order with you.

    You also ought to address printer profiles for the pro market – it’s poor QC practice (CQI, UPDIG) and a serious inconvenience not to have them available… I also want to know which machine prints your photobooks so I can perfect my images.

  • Michael says:


    I think you ought to make people aware (especially pro’s) that making an album public is apparently a licence for anyone to print off their images!

    This is an implicit breach of copyright and could cause Photobox major legal repercussions – your MD needs to know about this issue immediately!

  • Viv Gunton says:

    This new site is a disaster. Please revert to the previous one.

  • Timothy Parker says:

    Sorry to say that the new website causes the browser on several computers i have tried, to crash. This happens when trying to move photos between albums. Everything loads so much slower than the old website. The old website was great and I for one, want it back, for simplicities sake! tim

  • Sinead Diederich says:

    I am so disappointed. Used to love photobox. Cant understand why you would take such a gamble with your loyal customer base. I will give it another week or two, and then find a new provider. Shame

  • Graeme says:

    when is the pro galleries section going to be running. Wedding season is coming up fast and I got 5 in June/July that will want to be in the pro section for customers families to order photos from.

    Am I going to have to do it manually and double my work load?

    Seriously guys, switch this one off, go fix it then bring it back AFTER you’ve tested it to death. in the meantime can we have the option of the old one back please?

  • I also have to say that the new site is slow and totally unsuitable for any heavy usage. Positively, the upload didn’t crash but there is no way to batch the ‘resize to fit’ option and the reloading of the image in a separate window with every adjustment is very frustrating.

    Bring back the old site!

  • Ryan says:

    The new site has slowed my Internet down BIG TIME.
    I’ve always loved photobox but if the speed issue doesn’t get fixed ill have no other choice but to find a website that doesn’t take 5 mins (literally) to load each page.

    Good luck with the fixing. i’ll check back another time.

  • toby says:

    I agree with all the other comments. What on earth have you done to that lovely, efficient site? No file names, endless waiting, sales from my pro-site not migrating to me new one, fiddly little drop-down menus, over half an hour on the phone waiting for customer support who were unable to answer my query, followed by further unanswered emails. I was with you for life, but unless you sort this out fast, I’m off.

  • Timothy Parker says:

    What a difference a day makes from my previous comments. The website which previously had caused browser to crash is so much better, still slower than the old site, but i actually managed to get a print order done today. Would i be correct in saying that navigation of the tabbed ie. numbered pages of our albums leads one always to be returned to page one of our albums, even if we are working on a later tabbed album page. Very aggravating, but i believe all will be well , judged by current progress and state of improvements to preformance. Well done.

  • Tina J says:

    I’m absolutely gutted! I’ve been struggling to keep faith in photobox over the last year or so now and this just does it. It seems that the more they’ve grown the less they’ve been able to cope to great standards that made me love them for years. I hope that things can change but I can’t wait until they do, I have to find an alternate supplier of such products and prints I won’t pass on the poor standards to my customers.


  • Colin S says:

    We have used your great service for three years now, all of which has been relatively trouble free. However, the new website is already giving us grave concerns as to whether we need to move our printing elsewhere. From a fairly short look the main problems for us are….

    * Speed – it’s way too slow and clunky! The upload seems to take an eternity and we don’t have the time to wait!

    * Sending items to a different address (not the billing one) – where has the ability to add a personal message to the paperwork gone? We used that on every customer order and now, so far as we can tell, there will be nothing to show them where the photos have come from, other than PhotoBox, of course! Please can we have that option back again?
    * Tagging – who needs it? Certainly not us! Just another additional clutter.

    In short, as has been said by many before me, the old site was great – just can’t understand why it was changed!

    We are now seriously considering a move away from Photobox – things better improve soon or it will be bye bye……………

  • Colin S says:

    Also, forgot to add in my previous message….

    When you receive order confirmation there is no note shown of the filenames that have been printed – only a list of print sizes & quantities. Bring back filenames please!

  • David says:

    I can only add to the bad press already. I noticed earlier this week that all my albums have disappeared. I can’t get into the new site and the old one is now useless. I have tried customer service, which probably should be renamed NO customer service.

    My patience has run out. I am very annoyed that I have lost all my photographs. Unless this is rectified within the next few days I will never use Photobox again.

    There are a lot more sites out there. I strongly advise anyone to look around before using Photobox and what ever you do, make sure you have backed up your photo’s on your own hard drive.

    After using Photobox for many years with excellent service it’s a shame it has come to this. RIP.


  • Adam G says:

    Thought I’d add my voice to the comments listed. Been using Photobox since the word go when you guys were exhibiting at Excel in London (2002?) I’ve always extolled your virtues to many fellow snappers – not anymore, tonight was perhaps the final nail in the coffin trying to place a simple order. New web site is utterly useless to say the least, been struggling with it for two weeks now and enough is enough. I use you guys a lot both for client prints and Pro gallery as you used to offer a good service for prints at a reasonable price, but your quality has slipped, the order process takes me 10-15 times longer than it ever did, your upload system is poor, mind you it’s been that way for the past year or more and to even try to multiple change items in the basket is a joke. Please do us all a favour and switch the old system back on!! I am reluctantly going to blow the dust off of my Sony UPDR100 and consider starting printing my 7×5’s and passport photos here in the office.I have a Kodak 1400 which does a superb job of 10 and 12 x8’s. Costs me quite a bit more, but without the hassle, as I can’t see you guys regaining any decent system any time soon. Oh and one more thing, ordered some photobooks recently, won’t bother again, quality is rubbish compared to 12 months ago when I last did a holiday book. Cover is low quality and black pages had speckles and stuff over them.

  • Rich says:

    I wish that I had found these comments before I placed my latest order….I would have gone elsewhere. A £63 order placed four days ago has yet to be delivered. Courier delivery was the only option listed, and they left a card today, saying they will redeliver tomorrow (when I’m at work again), or at the weekend for a hefty fee. No visible option to collect myself, so most likely that the order will return to sender. Beware of courier deliveries!!!

    I’m also supposedly a Photobox VIP, but customer services took two days to respond to my query regarding the above and give me a tracking number. A far cry from the two hour response time stated in their e-mail.

    The new site is simply awful and clearly not aimed at the majority of pepole who just want a fast efficient service, providing quality prints at a reasonable price. Too many bells and whistles for my liking, so I’m looking for an alternative….such a sad day, as I’ve been more than happy up until now….Can’t even blame this fiasco on Gordon Brown!

    RIP Photobox

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