Mother’s Day Retro Canvas

Hands up if your Mum still has that wonky vase on her dresser table that you made years ago, or a drawing that you did when you were 5 on the fridge? Us too. The general consensus in the PhotoBox office is that the more meaningful a gift for Mum is, the more likely she is to get a tear in her eye when she opens it. And if it’s got that crafty, handmade touch to it? Even better.

We’ve come up with a great way for your little (or not so little) one’s to create a gift that will have Mum or Grandma smiling every time she sees it. 


Create your Retro Canvas now

What you’ll need

Mum’s favourite photo (to add to the Retro Canvas)

A selection of coloured pens, pencils and / or paint


As you may have guessed from the photos, this is a pretty simple DIY. Firstly, you’ll need to let the kids decide on the message they’d like to write to Mum or Grandma – whether that’s ‘love you Mummy’, or even a little poem or drawing.

Depending on their age, you could have them write out the message on scrap paper first, so they have something to follow. Once they’ve practiced a few times, it’s time to get scribbling on the Retro Canvas. If it doesn’t look perfect, that doesn’t matter – what matters is that they’ve done it themselves, and Mum will appreciate that all the more.


And, don’t worry if your little one isn’t quite ready to put pen to paper (or canvas) just yet – our creation studio offers a text feature with lots of different fonts and colours, so you can add a message on their behalf.


Create your Retro Canvas now

If you’re in need of some extra inspiration for Mum, (or you’re a Mum yourself & want to leave a hint to your kids!), head on over to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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