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For a cool crafty look, create a simple yet effective gallery on your wall for next to nothing and in the blink of an eye.

Using PhotoBox 6” x 4.5” prints, some coloured tape, string, micro-pegs and a bit of imagination. In just a few minutes and some creativity, you can construct a fun and eye catching hanging wall!

  1. Select which part of the room you wish to create your mini gallery, and measure the wall space accurately
  2. Cut a piece of sting a few inches longer than the space itself, to allow the string to droop slightly, in a nice curve
  3. Pick 4 or 5 pictures and space them equidistantly on a table, along the piece of string
  4. Clip each photo to the string using the micro-pegs
  5. Using the coloured tape, glue each end to the wall
  6. Stand back and admire 🙂 !




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