Turn Dad’s tech into a work of art with Maybush Studio

This Father’s Day, we want to turn the nations’ dads into works of art. Whether that’s a special photo on a mug, or their child’s favourite drawing saved forever. We challenged craft blogger, Maybush Studios & (v.cute) son, Theo, to see how they could turn Dad into a work of art this Father’s Day. Over to you, Clare…

”Ever since my Mum made me create my first homemade birthday card, I have had a bit of a thing about personalised gifts and I try and make them whenever possible.

So when Photobox challenged my three year-old son Theo to use his artistic skills to create a Father’s Day gift, I thought it would be a really fun project.

The idea was to get Theo to draw a portrait of his Daddy and to print that on one of the many gifts Photobox makes. When we put some time aside to sit down together, with a photo of Daddy as a guide and Mummy to give him a little bit of steering (“Draw a circle for Daddies face”) Theo managed to create a pretty good picture.


Of course he is still a little impetuous with the felt-tip pens, so after he’d drawn his two masterpieces, I scanned them in to the computer and did a little bit of tidying up… mainly removing the red scarf that Daddy had decided to wear across his nose and the pencil guidelines I gave him for the size of the iPad cover we were aiming for.


Then we uploaded the pictures and added some text overlay. We chose folding iPad cover which fitted with Daddy’s existing iPad back and an iPhone case. Apparently Daddy already gets sympathetic looks on the train as the back of his iPad is covered in stickers, so we thought embellishing the front would really complete the look!

A few days later our creations arrived… Theo and I thought they were great, but the real test was to see what Daddy thought of them!? Although Fathers Day isn’t until June 21st, we decided to give these to him early. Would they be a 5 minute novelty or would he actually like them as much as we did?


I am pleased to say he loved them and has been using them ever since. We had such fun creating them and it’s lovely that Theo was able to be properly involved in making a gift for his Daddy. This might well be the beginning of an annual tradition. What can we personalise next?”


Thanks, Clare & Theo! We can’t wait to try this idea for ourselves. What product would you use to turn Dad into a work of art?

You can see more of Clare’s work & blog here or follow her on Twitter @Maybushstudio

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