Kate Moss, Carla Bruni and Brigitte Bardot

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Some guys have all the luck. Take Chris Cheesman for example, who’s been reporting on some nude photos of some of the world’s most famous beauties. While clicking around for some photography news on the Amateur Photographer website, I couldn’t help but take notice of Cheesman’s Friday 11th of April article entitled, “Nude Moss beats Bruni in photo bidding frenzy.” According to Cheesman’s piece, a photograph of British supermodel Kate Moss in the buff “narrowly beat” one of a similarly naked first lady of France, Carla Bruni at Christie’s in New York.

Irving Penn’s a rather lucky chap as well. He’s the dude that snapped the soon to be iconic shot of Ms Moss. Back in March, when the photograph was revealed, those in the know placed an expected value of $40,000 on it. However, when all was said and done and the auctioneer’s gable fell, the black and white shot from 1996 of Ms Moss’s backside went for a staggering $97,000 while photographer Michel Comte‘s 1993 portrait of the future Mrs Sarkozy grabbed a respectable $91,000.

I only can imagine how proud French president Nicolas Sarkozy (another lucky so-n-so) must feel, especially since a 1959 headshot of French compatriot Brigitte Bardot by Richard Avedon topped even the likes of Kate and Carla by taking in a whopping $181,000. Ooh la la.

And yes, the photos of Moss, Bruni and Bardot are featured in the news section of the Amateur Photographer site.

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