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Join PhotoBox in front of Buckingham Palace and witness Britain’s young make history tonight

And here are some words from our proud MD, Lawrence Merritt, PhotoBox Managing Director:


‘”PhotoBox is the premier online printing and personal publishing service in the UK.  Our pledge since our founding in 2000 has been to help our customers share and celebrate precious memories that leave behind a legacy.  Face Britain does this in an inclusive and far-reaching way. We are strong believers in embracing individualism and using our technology as a catalyst to celebrate creativity.  We at PhotoBox could not be prouder to see months of hard work and dedication come to fruition as Britain’s young people make history this week.  It gives me and my co-workers at PhotoBox great joy to know we’re a part of that. Please come and celebrate with us either on the Mall tonight or via your local screening”


For more details on how you can get involved and come and see this wonderful project in action, just check out our Facebook event for all the info you’ll need.