How PhotoBox’s first international TV ad became a reality

The following is an interview with Lee Farrer, head of acquisition at PhotoBox. She produced the recent PhotoBox TV ad, which hit the airwaves in both the U.K and France on 26th May. Check out her experience of the process, and what happened ‘behind the scenes’ here:

Q: This is the first time that PhotoBox has done an international TV ad, how did you collaborate with the team in France?

We had a consistent ad between countries, and had a very close liaison between the U.K and France.

It was important to understand each country’s specific requirements. It was challenging and fun negotiating between both sides of the channel and coming to a compromise.

This involved a lot of skype conference calls. To Wales, to France, and at unsocial hours such as at 11pm, and even on labour day in France (which was the day just before the shoot) when most of the French office was empty!


An interview with Lee Farrer, head of acquisition

Q: What was your main inspiration for the TV ad?

We wanted to bring some Father’s Day products directly to our customers. We also wanted to raise awareness about the PhotoBox – that we bring great value and joy to our customers in various countries.

Q: In addition to the TV ad, you also embarked on a tube ad campaign. Were you quite surprised by the number of times people told you they saw the ad on the London Underground?

Creating the tube ad was really exciting from an internal company perspective, although I’ve done this before… it’s the first time I’m doing this here.

It was also great to hear of friends mentioning it to me. From a marketing perspective, its great to have cross-channel advertising: on Facebook, on TV, and on the Underground.

Q: Do you have any plans for the next ad?

All I will say is… watch this space!

Q: What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?

I got my dad a card from PhotoBox. It was composed of pictures of my nephew. I also complemented this by getting a mug and a pack of walnut whips, I’m sure my dad will be happy!

Links to our TV ad on PhotoBox YouTube: – version 1 – version 2

Lee Farrer

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