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An interview with our new UK Managing Director – Robert May


Robert May has recently joined PhotoBox to lead the UK team. We had a chat with him to find out more about his ambitions and plans for the company, along with getting to know him a little better…

Can you give us a brief overview of your background?
I’ve worked in the gambling industry for over 10 years, for brands such as Betfair, Rank Interactive and Camelot. I have held a number of positions within eCommerce, mobile, brand management, operations, marketing and business development, in the UK and internationally. It’s been great to transition into an industry that stands for all things personal and celebrates self-expression. It’s really nice to be working for a brand where the products bring true joy to people.

What did you think of PhotoBox before you joined?
My wife has been a PhotoBox customer since 2001, so I have been able to experience the brand pretty well through all of the fantastic products that she’s bought over the years. My wife and I have witnessed the company expand through the ever developing product ranges. When we first started using PhotoBox, we purchased prints, then photo books and now also canvases, and I recently bought a jigsaw for my daughter’s birthday.

What is your favourite photo of?


I have two that I can think of. The first is a picture that I took on my phone two summers ago, of my three daughters wearing Team GB t-shirts around the time of the Olympics. They are doing a running jump into a swimming pool on holiday. It’s such a great action shot, and represents a brilliant summer – memorable from a personal viewpoint, but I also remember the feeling that the country was united and just so positive that summer.

The second is a photo of me, having just climbed to the top of Mount Killamanjaro – I was exhausted but thrilled to have made it to the top. In the photo I’m holding a drawing that at the time, my two-year-old daughter had given me to hold up at the very top to mark my achievement.

What is your favourite PBX product?
The photo books have a warm place in my heart, as we have made a book every January including highlights of the previous year. I buy my wife credits for Christmas, and she enjoys putting together a Classic A4 100-page book, every year for the past 10 years. It has become a bit of a family tradition.

I also like the aluminium prints, I recently saw them being made at our factory and I was amazed at the quality of the print on such a different and interesting medium, they really stand out.

What are your goals for the company this year?
A lot of my team’s focus will be on developing and promoting our multi-channel offering. We have great apps and studios on mobile and tablet that we need to bring to the attention of our customers. By Christmas I envisage a significant percentage of our orders coming through these channels. We will also be developing a series of integrated marketing campaigns, with an ever stronger brand proposition and TV advertising at the centre.