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How to create your products on the go using the new PhotoBox app

Everyday we’re met with the opportunity to take photographs, whether it is of food, pets, or something you happen to stumble across by accident that just needs to be caught on camera. The fact of the story is, that there is always something to photograph, and with the love of social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook growing larger – everyone wants to share their everyday images with their closest friends and family.

BUT have you ever thought about getting your favourite everyday shots delivered directly to your door? With the new PhotoBox app, we aim to make printing your pictures as easy as can be and with social integration and order tracking, your experience is guaranteed to be a swift and stress-free one.

Here are some tips to help you create your prints in just a few clicks:

1. Product is at the forefront of the process – with many different styles and types of Prints you will be spoilt for choice. So whether you go for a Standard Print or an Enlargement Print, there will always be something to suit your taste.

App one

2. And because we’d be nothing without a photo… the app now enables you to choose your picture from a number of different locations – including Facebook, Instagram, your camera roll and all the photos already stored within your PhotoBox account.

Our hot tip – to help free all your Instagram snaps from your phone, how about trying our 5×5 square print? If you are not an Instagram user but like the idea of this shape, you can still use your normal images but just make sure you crop them properly before ordering.

app two

3. Choosing your image can be a difficult task, but our app helps you get an idea of what the finished product will look like. You can crop your image exactly how you want and choose your style to ensure your prints are completely personal and exactly to your taste.

App three

Did you find this tutorial helpful?

Have you tried out the new PhotoBox app yet, and if so, what are your impressions, thoughts and feedback? We’re offering the first three reviews/comments at the end of this article a free personalised iPhone case. We look forward to receiving your comments!