Happy Halloween from Photobox!

With Halloween almost upon us, we decided it was time for things to get a little scary around here…all tricks, no treats!


Just like our friends do across the pond, we thought of simple ways to get you ready for the frightful occasion. First up – what better way to surprise someone than when they are just about to sit down & enjoy a nice cup of tea? Our Magic Mugs are the most spook-tacular way to do just that.

These mischievous mugs look like any other plain black mug as they sit innocently in the cupboard, but as soon as hot water touches them, they begin to reveal the terrifying images below…


We’ve chosen a rather scary zombie & a slightly sweeter Sugar Skull to surprise our unsuspecting family & friends. You could choose to use anything from a pumpkin to your favourite fancy dress outfit!



If you’re not in the mood to terrify those around you, spell it out with our Mug Collection – like we did above.

What are your favourite ways to Halloween-ify your house?


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