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One of our best photo books for displaying holidays and trips away, is the one-of-a-kind  A4 Classic Collage Photobook. Offering nine small cut out windows on the front cover, this unique format is perfect for highlighting nine of the standout photographs that feature inside your book. You can also play around with our image library to experiment when designing your front cover. Here are some fun ideas of things you can do with your photo book:


Get creative with the nine windows, by adding a mixture of letters and photographs to make a collage.



Why not add in different chapters to your photo book to help guide the reader through the content? Each chapter could include a summary of the activities that you experienced on each day of your trip in chronological order, or you could group photographs together to create themes– such as architecture, local life or cultural cuisines.

Adding an introduction at the beginning of your book – including the key points from your trip, like the date and year you travelled, also makes a nice touch – so you never forget the memories that you made.


How do you organise the layout of your photo books?

Share your creative layout ideas with us in the comments to win 1 of 2 A4 Classic Collage Photobooks (26 pages). Contest will run from 21st March – 21st April. Good luck!


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