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Framed Canvas Prints: Like eyeliner for your photos


Hello there PhotoBoxers!

So as the long nights draw in, and those days spent sipping drinks in the sun get washed away, you can always trust Photobox to be the bearer of great news! We’re always really excited to launch a new product, and this one is a corker! We care about your photos as much as you do, so we know that sometimes there are those really awesome photos that deserve something a little special… cue our new Framed Canvas Prints to take your photos to a whole new level of wow!

Framed Canvas Prints use the same high quality canvas as our Canvas Prints, but with a 5.4cm deep and 1.9cm wide wooden frame, think of it as eyeliner for your photographs! All the wood we use in our frames is responsibly sourced and FCS certified, which will help you feel not so bad about those thoughts you had about Christian Grey. The range comes in 3 different finishes & 8 different sizes from a not too small 30.5cm x 20.3cm, but we think a framed canvas looks better the bigger it is, and our 76.2cm x 50.8cm frame wouldn’t look out of place on the wall of the Tate.

A frame of this quality should really be reserved for your most special memories, but we won’t tell anyone if you use a snap of your cat with a cheese single on its head. We guarantee that all of your friends’ jaws will drop when they see how stunning your photos will look framed!