The Football Photo Wall by Alex Emery

A few weeks ago, a tweet came through to the PhotoBox account that intrigued us…


Alex had decorated an entire wall of photos, using PhotoBox prints and wanted to share it with us – but these weren’t just any photos, these were the 250 most iconic moments in football. We asked Alex to explain more about the project, and we thought we’d share his video as well…over to you, Alex!

”Photography is often under appreciated; I believe there is so much power in the ability to capture a single moment forever. A few months ago I came up with the idea to design my own wallpaper made up of individual photographs, something that I knew would be 100% unique.

I’m a Reading FC fan and have seen my club battle in the Championship and struggle in the Premier League, so having a constant reminder of Mikele Leigertwood surfing on a sea of supporters would make losing away to Sheffield Wednesday that little bit easier.

In the history of the game there have been thousands of iconic moments, so I knew choosing my final 252 would be a tough process but luckily my Facebook friends were a great help. The wall is covered in a range of different moments, from Bobby Moore lifting the World Cup for England to Lionel Messi’s debut, but the beauty lies in the fact that every photograph tells its own individual story. ”


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