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As usual we’ve been busy listening to what you have to say via our blog, Facebook fans page and on Twitter. From reading your comments it’s clear that some of you are feeling frustrated with the time it takes to upload your photos.

With more and more super duper mighty mega-pixel cameras around, file sizes are getting much bigger. Whilst these large files are great for producing high quality Poster Prints, sometimes they’re much bigger than we really need. This is why we’ve just launched our new Fast Upload, which is up to 5 times faster than our other upload methods and ideal for printing smaller photo prints and gifts.

Please give the new Fast Upload a go as we’d like to know what you think of it. We’re also keen to hear what you make of our other upload methods. Please tell us: your preferred upload method, typical file size, average number of photos per upload, if you’re still using our desktop uploader for PC or Mac, and how you feel about the upload speed. Be great if you could also say if you’re happy for us to contact you so we can chat about it further.

Here’s a round up of all our upload options to get you thinking:

• Easy upload
• Fast upoad
• Photo by photo
• Picasa
• Flickr
• Super Photos
• iPhoto

Ok, I’m off to upload some more photos for myself.

Here’s hoping for a sunny weekend

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  • Mr Worth says:

    Poor service. Unable to produce a simple photo album within 8 days meant for a mothers day present. Have left paying customer without a gift for mothers day.


  • Rob says:

    Your FTP service is awful – files frequently fail, I can’t delete files that are duplicated and If i upload using the normal upload tool ,the images don’t appear in the FTP interface if i wish to batch rename / sort, delete etc.

    Tried using different ISPs, OSes, FTP clients etc.

  • Tom says:

    I have to agree with Rob, your ftp service is truly awful. I have an enormous collection of wedding photos I want printing, but it’s taken me nearly a week and I’ve only managed to get 300 or so up there. The uploads frequently time-out and I have to re-start.

  • Kerry Murdock says:

    I’m trying to use the ftp service and it just won’t work. I also can’t see anything on the uploader page via a browser.

    It’s soo frustrating. I’ve got a brand new mac. And I’ve tried on firefox, safari and also using an ftp tool.


  • In reference to other comments…. OUCH!
    No need to use ftp wih the java uploads… plenty of options, and for a professional photographer – never had a problem.

    Cheer up people!

  • William Blower says:

    Sorry Ant but I agree with the other comments; ftp is awful but should be so easy. Java upload is slower and it means that I need to install java on my machine which may be a security risk.

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