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Try Photo Books the instant way and you really can experience instant enjoyment of all your best memories!

We live in a world where we want everything now – from instant messaging and instant news feeds to instant coffee and instant results. We appreciate how precious your time is so we’re joining the ‘I want it now’ revolution with the instant way to create A4 Personalised Photo Books. Check it out and see what we mean!




The instant way is perfect for those of you who love to make photo books but don’t always have time. You just upload your photos and create your book instantly. It really is that simple. Those of you who have confessed to being faffers will find this saves you bags of time. You don’t need to take our word for it though, here’s what some of our PhotoBox Insiders have to say…


Just imagine your favourite holiday photos transformed into an album instantly. A yearbook of your favourite 2010 photos just like that. A photo book of your baby’s best moments or a Mother’s Day book created in a flash. Check out some videos to see it in action.

It’s really clever stuff that knows what order your photos were taken in and uses this default option if you don’t want to organise your photos. It recognises landscape and portrait shots to avoid heads being chopped off and uses different layouts to give you a beautifully design book. You remain firmly in the driving seat though. The moment your instant book is created you get to preview it. That means you can tweak the layout and add captions so your book is exactly the way you want it.

We know it’s about the right result not just instant results so give it a go and prepare to be amazed!

Please tell us what you think once you’ve tried it. More good news is that this is just the beginning of our book transformation – we’ve got more surprises to come.

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