Countdown to Mother’s Day – 3 Days to go

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Mother's day 2013, pic 1

Mother's day 2013, pic 1


So the countdown is on… 3 days until Mother’s Day, where breakfast in bed and a thoughtful gift are going to be expected up and down the country.

But at PhotoBox we thought we would start enjoying Mother’s Day early, by honouring all the wonderful mothers for everything they do.

On Facebook we have been honouring a Mother a Day since Monday, by finding inspirational mothers from science, television and film (so far) and sharing with you their parenting stories both joyful and some upsetting.

Life sometimes really isn’t easy for mothers. For example Michelle Heaton (British Pop Singer) who gave birth to her first daughter Faith Michelle, in January 2012. She has since had a double mastectomy and reconstructive breast surgery, whilst staying strong for her daughter and husband when knowing she also has a 30% chance of developing ovarian cancer. Unfortunately her daughter has been given a 50% chance of inheriting her mother’s mutated BRCA2 gene.


mother's day 2013, pic 2


But for the likes of Angelina Jolie who may not be going through such hard times, it must still be extremely tough looking after her biological children plus her adopted children. Although some may see her as controversial – it is clear that Jolie and her partner (Brad Pitt) do all they can to give underprivileged children and second lease of life, which cannot be questioned.


Mother's day 2013, pic 3


So if you’re interested in reading some more inspirational parenting stories then check out our Facebook page –

We also have a Mother’s Day Pinterest board that includes loads of great ideas to get you inspired for Mother’s Day, so check out our Pinterest to be inspired:

At last, but definitely not least we are getting involved with Mother’s Day on Twitter. Follow us at @PhotoBox and check out the Mother’s day hash tag #PBXMothersDay to get involved.



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