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Capturing the moment…

We recently held another Photo Challenge over on our Facebook page, this time we were focusing on the best spring shots and as always we had an amazing response from our fans; however one photo in particular stood out from the crowd and that was taken by the very talented Michelle Sperling.

Michelle has kindly written a little about what she did to achieve her fantastic photo.

Photography is fun! The good news is children love to have fun too!!

I captured this shot when we were on a Teddy Bears picnic. The amazing tulips were just part of the game, little Izzy just had to find Mummy the smelliest one.

spring 1

I’m not big on staging. I prefer to enjoy the adventure of a shoot and just be ready to capture the shots as they appear. Kids and patience, I have found, are not overly compatible. “Izzy could you pose over there?” is never going to be a winner.

You don’t need to have the fanciest camera in the world to take great photos, just a good eye for composition and storytelling. A few tips to help; shoot from different angles, crouch down or even lie down to give a better perspective. Try to think about what you don’t want within your frame – it will encourage you to shoot closer and don’t expect your idea to pan out perfectly…children will normally come up with something much more creative than us adults!


To capture the moment of your little people that you will remember for a life time, the trick is to create the fun and join in – just don’t forget to take the photos!

We’ve created a Pinterest board with some of our other favourite spring shots, head on over and check it out!