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Loving the photos you’ve entered for our black & white photography competition. I’ve included a few in the montage below. For anyone yet to join in, I’ve put together a few tips to inspire you. Here goes….
Spot the potential
The secret to impressive black & white photography is mastering the skill of envisaging what will look great in monochrome. Why would an image look better in black & white? Well, in the absence of colour you concentrate on the composition and atmosphere of the shot. The same goes for sepia.

What works well
Black & white portraits are popular for a good reason. They flatter less than perfect supermodel skin. Also, as colourful clothing is no longer vying for your attention, you’re encouraged you to really focus of faces. This makes it a great medium for conveying emotion. Black & white landscapes and architecture look fantastic too, especially if the sky was pretty colourless anyway. Key elements to look for are strong shapes, repeating patterns, unusual textures and high contrast.




What’s not so hot?
Sometimes it’s the punchy colours that give an image its impact. For example, something that’s bright green and red would look pretty eye catching in colour, but in black & white these colours have a similar tone giving a flat looking image.

Think before you click
If you’ve yet to acquire the art of thinking in black & white remember digital photography is on your side. Many cameras have a black & white option so you can take your image and instantly see how it looks in monochrome. Remember though, if you take your photos in colour you’ll have far more flexibility when it comes to editing your photos to the precise monochrome effect you want.

Easy editing
In Photoshop alone you can convert colour to black & white in a number of different ways, all giving a slightly different effects. Just remember to keep a copy of your original file and you’ve got nothing to lose. You can also use our free photo editing software to convert some of your favourite colour photos to black & white or sepia. Have a play and see what we mean.

Now you’re definitely ready to enter our black & white photography competition! Just post your black & white photos on our Facebook wall before Midnight 29th July. Winner gets £50 credit to spend at PhotoBox.

Good luck

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