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PhotoBox Birth Announcement cards

It’s no secret that welcoming a new baby into the family will take over all aspects of your life – not least, your camera roll and memory card! In fact, a survey found that new parents will snap an average of 780 photos of their little one before their first birthday! But what to do with all those photos? We’ve asked lifestyle, beauty and parenting blogger, Liza Prideaux, who welcomed little Renzo (brother to Vinny) into the world just a few months ago, to help us come up with some great ideas on making the most of your photos. Over to you, Liza!

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”Looking for creative ways to announce your newborns arrival to friends and family? I have the perfect solution for you and it’s no only going to be super personal to you but also very unique.

When I had my son Vinny I never really thought about ways to announce his arrival and ended up doing it by texting! These days we have so many different social media channels which is a modern way to announce, but how about we take things back and go even more old school but with an added twist? Birth announcement cards are the perfect way to share your exciting news with the family and it’s also a great way to show off your gorgeous little bundle.


Start making your birth announcement cards now

My son, Renzo, was born April 21st 2016, he is our second son and I couldn’t wait to share his birth with the world! We got these birth announcement cards printed for friends and family, and had such a positive response after we sent them out. When you first have your little one doesn’t everyone ask for photos?

With these cards you can add your own photos and really personalise your creation. Some things to consider adding to your card are; babies name, weight, gender, birth date and any other personal messages you’d like to share. These are all things that people usually like to ask when baby is born so it’s a great way to include all of this information and keep everyone up to date.

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PhotoBox makes it super easy for you to narrow down the card selection – there is such a huge variety to choose from which is great. You can select the gender, choose your own format and number of pictures you’d like to include and you can even add your own style and look to the card and personalise the design – perfect for busy new mums! Cards start from just 75p per card and you can buy them in packs of 10 or 20, up to 250 cards if you really want to go all out!

Check out the rest of the birth announcement card range here and start creating your birth announcement cards now!”

Keep an eye on our blog, as Liza will be sharing more of her top tips and creative ideas on how to document your baby’s first year.

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